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A Glamorous Wedding with a Gothic Twist: Shep & Sarah

Shep & Sarah were married at Ettington Park Hotel, an elegant 4-star venue just outside Stratford Upon Avon. With its tranquil location and beautiful architecture it proved to be the perfect place for their glamorous and slightly gothic wedding. The exterior of the hotel was actually used as the setting for the 1963 film The Haunting.

“Neither of us liked the idea of an ‘off the shelf’ wedding, so although our wedding was small we wanted to look after the details that meant something to us”, explained Sarah. “These included the music and the decorations for the reception. I really enjoyed making the wedding stationery despite my totally uncharacteristic swearing at the printer! Shep is a classically trained guitarist and so he wrote and recorded the music played before and after the wedding ceremony itself. We also both chose the all the music for the reception.”

The celebrations started the day before the wedding with many of the family staying over at the hotel. “We stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding. Shep and I had separate suites and we had a private evening meal in the family chapel with our closest family who also stayed before the big day.”

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A Movie Themed Wedding: Amy & Phil

After knowing each other for 16 years the couple were keen to walk down the aisle as soon as Phil proposed! So after just a 6 month engagement, the couple were wed in a movie themed wedding in July. The bride wore a custom made dress and yes… her bridesmaids wore dresses made of Star Wars fabric!!

“Rock n Roll Bride was the site we kept looking at when we got engaged, and we especially loved the retro weddings – cassette tapes, dayglow, lego & zombies”, wrote the bride. “It took us a while to figure out our theme but in the end we went for a movie theme. We wanted it to be fun, a big party for everyone involved. Having George Clooney there (as a cardboard cut out) was awesome. Collecting all the objects to build our theme was really fun, and getting all the right people on board was really important. We’re so happy our photographer Mick was there to capture everything as he totally got the theme. I framed photos of Phil and I alongside photos of Hollywood couples (I was gutted I had to lose my Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes one!) and my dad surprised us with his on-theme Star Wars tie! One of our readings was a poem from the film Before Sunrise, I walked down the aisle to the score from Shopgirl and our exit music was the Jurassic Park theme!”

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A Simple, Sweet & Contemporary Wedding: Emma & Charlie

Emma & Charlie were hitched in style at The Crown Hotel in Dorset. Although their day didn’t end up as they first imagined it might, it was totally perfect.

“Our wedding was completely different to what we first had in mind,” Emma wrote. “We nearly got married in a church but instead had a civil ceremony, and I originally pictured myself in a short vintage dress but instead fell in love with a long, floaty contemporary one. But I think it turned out so much better.”

“Many elements of the day we did ourselves, it’s so much more satisfying and we saved loads of money doing it this way”, she continued. “One of the things I made myself was my wedding cake. I’ve been making celebration cakes for years and would love to start my own business – but when it came to my own cake it ran anything but smoothly and didn’t turn out ‘perfectly’ like I had hoped. But I loved it anyway – it was colourful, pretty and glittery – What more could you want?”

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An Art Deco Plaza Cinema Wedding: John & Aggie

Doesn’t John & Aggie’s wedding looks like it’s stepped right out of the 1920s? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an era executed quite so well in a real wedding of late. I am in awe! The wedding was held at the The Plaza Super Cinema & Variety Theatre in Stockport. The original art deco architecture and features remain which made it the perfect venue for their day. “Our venue was excellent value as the entire cinema including tea rooms can be hired for only £700”, explained the bride. “Their three course meal started at only £15 per head too. Plus it was great to support such a wonderful art deco gem that has been lovingly restored!”

“I have always been captivated by and idolised the 1920s it may have something to do with my namesake (Agatha Christie) but I just love anything art deco the geometric lines and silhouettes”, Aggie continued. “John and I got engaged in Marrakech on New Year’s eve 2011 and originally I had always said that I would run away and get married somewhere exotic on a beach and have a very simple wedding. But we soon realised that our families would be disappointed if we did this and that elderly relatives wouldn’t be able to join us. For a Valentine’s treat I dedicated to book us tickets at the Plaza cinema for a dinner and to then watch the designated valentines movie ‘an affair to remember’.  I’d always loved the Plaza since we discovers it year or so ago and we would occasionally pop in for afternoon tea in the tearooms. Seeing the Plaza at the Valentine’s night all decked out and with the lights a warm red made us think perhaps we could have our wedding there. We decided to track down Ted, the General manager, that night to enquire about the venue. Ted and his team were just brilliant with helping us to arrange the order of events and how things would work. They only had two dates remaining for the whole of 2012 – one in August which was already another of our friends’ wedding dates and the other which was Sunday 8th July – just four months away! We took it and decided that we had better get planning!”

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An After Show Party Themed Rock n Roll Wedding: Brett & Vicky

Brett & Vicky planned their Rock n Roll wedding for just £3,000. Yes, this pair crafted and saved their way to the perfect alternative music themed day for less than some brides spend on their dress! The couple were married in July in Darlington.

“To look at our wedding you might say it was very obviously ‘Rock n Roll’, what with the rock music themed stuff everywhere, but to us our wedding was just us“, explained Vicky. “It was the easiest and best party we have pulled off as we have some fabulous parties for any occasions! Our day was awesome, very laid back… it just went so fast! Brett was fabulous in front of the camera and Jade, our wedding photographer, made him feel so at ease. I love him so much for doing the photos, and love Jade for capturing my heart in the shots!”

“Our table names were music venues from around the world; places on our list to visit”, the bride continued when I asked about their reception decor. “We had martini glass centrepieces filled with purple gell balls, glass Coca Cola bottles with Olympic rings to support the Olympics obviously! We had ‘flowers’ made from guitar picks which was also what my bouquet was made of. I made about 60 record bowls (by heating up and bending records into shape) which we filled with fortune cookies and sweets. We also had rubber ducks dressed in wedding attire on the table! Our invitations were in the form of backstage passes as our theme was an after show party, and the show was our wedding which we named on the invite as ‘The Bells Toll Tour’ after a Metallica song. We went to see them also when I was pregnant with our 3rd baby rocker! Our eldest Kieran has cork boards full of all our gig tickets in his room!”

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A Trailer Trash Bridal Shoot with a Vintage Airstream

“Ever since I spent time travelling from Nashville to San Francisco last Autumn, I’ve benn obsessed with wanting to recreate vintage Americana!” wrote stylist Lynsey Le Keux. “This summer I had the pleasure of making it happen. I got together with some serious wedding industry talent including Sassy of Assassynation and Jo of The Couture Company. Our theme was ‘trailer trash chic’ which basically meant coney neck beers, dust-caked American cars, sweat smudged make up and broad blue skies. The aim was to portray unique bridal beauty against a backdrop of pure gritty trash… We wanted to inspire bridal styling outside of tradition and show our customers that they don’t have to follow convention to rock a wedding – bridal beauty is subjective and one thing all the collaborators agreed on was how much we loved customers who did things their way.”

So on a baking hot Summer’s day, the team gathered in Birmingham to shoot up a storm! Lynsey has laid her hands on a vintage airstream – that doubled as a tattoo parlour! “The airstream was provided by Greg, whose passion for his authentic vintage lifestyle covers every inch of his 1952 Airstream called “Clipper”. From the red glitter Italian leather tattoo chair to the original 50s pink flamingos, Greg’s trailer left us drooling with envy at the amazing business he’s built; Greg travels the worlds’ festivals and events inking his lucky customers original style Sailor Jerry tattoos.”

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