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Having a Festival Wedding? Check out FabulousWedFest!

Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe

Are you having a festival themed wedding? 2012 was certainly the year that this idea exploded into weddings, but it would appear it isn’t going anywhere during 2013 either!

This festival-inspired wedding shoot was pulled together by wedding photographer Becky Joiner and  Muddifords Court in order to promote their latest venture, the FabulousWedFest wedding show which is taking place on 16th March. Shot in and around the venue itself, and using suppliers that will actually be exhibiting at the fair, this shoot shows that festival weddings are far from over. It’s clearly a theme that we’re going to see gaining popularity in 2013 and beyond. Wellies at the ready guys!

Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe

“The inspiration behind this photo shoot was to create festival inspired event in a day”. wrote Becky. “I aimed to conjure up the feeling of wilderness, fun, freedom, love, glamour, magical, party, music, creativeness as an eclectic mix and represent it in the photographs.”

“I totally loved creating this shoot as I had the freedom to create the whole look. The dresses from Alexandra King were particularly great as they helped to showcase the idea that wedding can be whatever you want it to be. I also took some of the shots on an old 35 mm film camera as I wanted the pictures to look a bit dirty, grungy and most of all festivally!”


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Vintage Wedding at the Royal Observatory: Sarah & Paul

andreellisonphotographyrocknrollbride- (63 of 106)

Sarah & Paul and were married in September at the royal observatory – Queen’s House in Greenwich. They went for a English vintage theme with a twist. It reflected the things they love in their everyday lives.

andreellisonphotographyrocknrollbride- (28 of 106)

“The wedding theme was English vintage as I am big into my vintage clothing and music so things needed to be pretty but with an eccentric twist”, wrote the bride. “I didn’t want it to be a Cath Kidston wet dream and neither did I feel that an out-and-out rocking festival would have suited us so we went for something in between! I love typography and so that was instantly worked into our invites and other paper goods (I made the majority using pretty parchment card and downloading fonts from the internet).”

andreellisonphotographyrocknrollbride- (84 of 106)

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Multicultural DIY Pub Wedding: Karolina & Juan

199Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

Karolina & Juan’s London wedding was informal and laid back but also reflected their multicultural heritage. The ceremony was held at Camden Town Hall, with the reception taking place at The Prince Albert pub, also in Camden. Karolina wore her Mother’s wedding dress from the 1970s and a floral wreath in her hair.

“We tried to keep everything very personal, making all the invites and art work ourselves,” began the bride. “We decorated the pub ourselves and we also tried to make it as relaxed as possible. The pub was the perfect cosy environment. We wanted to wedding to be near where we live in Camden, and for it to be true to the way we live our lives.”

92Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

“Our family is quite multicultural (Swedes, Germans, Colombians, Africans, Egyptians) so we had a few traditions from all the different cultures incorporated into the wedding. All the Swedish people from my side of the family sang a traditions Swedish drinking songs to the wedding party. My husband is Colombian so all the favours were traditional Colombian hats and there were many bottles of the traditional Colombian Spirit called Aguardiente being passed around all day. The DJ played a mixture of funk, soul and Salsa. We didn’t really have that many speeches planned, just my step dad and my husband then on the night it was open to other people who wanted to a few words. There was definitely little too much champagne flying around all morning and at breakfast. My sister also sang us down the aisle which was amazing.”

205Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

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Geeky, Gamer & Pixel Themed Wedding: Hannah & Iwan

geeky gamer wedding london wedding photographer _ www.laurababb.co.uk-33

Being a wedding photographer herself, and seeing so many amazing weddings in her working life, newlywed Hannah Millard had a lot of people asking her what she was going to do for her own wedding. She actually found it quite difficult making the initial decisions – inspiration overload and all that! But once they realised what was really important – the fact that they were getting married and that they loved each other more than anything – the rest of the decisions came pretty easily! The couple spent just £3500 on their wedding and it was perfect.

geeky gamer wedding london wedding photographer _ www.laurababb.co.uk-24

“Oh my Goodness! I can’t believe that after reading Rock n Roll Bride for so long, and having some of my work up on these awesome pages, I am finally writing about my own day. Being a wedding photographer, when I told people I was engaged they always said things like ‘You must have seen so many ideas’ and ‘You’ll know what to do for your day’… and those things were only half true. I’ve shot some amazing and varied weddings and seen some great ideas, but when it came to our day I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I knew that we would be financing it all ourselves and couldn’t afford much. In fact our wedding was very nearly an elopement. We were within moments of booking an intimate ceremony with just us and two witnesses, prepared to sacrifice having a party and just wanting to be married. It might sound strange but I think that deciding that we would have been content to do it in such a low-key way helped us come to the decision to make more of it. Every extra thing would be a bonus and we would get to share it with our friends and family.”

geeky gamer wedding london wedding photographer _ www.laurababb.co.uk-15

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Swinging Sixties Sunshine Wedding: Kara & Gary

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 202

The swinging sixties were the inspiration for Kara & Gary’s October wedding. That, and giant yellow balloons! The ceremony was held at the impressive Sefton Park Palm House and the reception was at The Hard Days Night Hotel. With the wedding taking place in Liverpool, The Beatles also played a vital role with them cropping up throughout the decor, on the cakes and even as the entertainment!

“Our theme was sixties sunshine!” began the bride. “Lots of bright sunshine yellow, lots of eyeliner & backcombing; daisies, vinyl records, a big red bus and some very skinny pants! Our wedding literally took shape because I saw and fell in love with a buttonhole made of billy balls online. I had never seen them before and I thought they were so fab I needed to have them! That was what started it all. I had picked my buttonholes and everything else would just need to fall into place! In the end the huge yellow balloons carried this round pop of sunshine through the wedding, and the bridesmaids wore a nice splash of yellow too!”

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 129

“Our wedding rocked because it wasn’t too rigidly tied to a theme and we went with what made us happy. If we liked something enough, it made the cut, whether it made sense or not! We love music so vinyl records featured heavily. We love Liverpool so we booked a Beatles cover band and our wedding favours were little hand stitched lambananas (synonymous with Liverpool and ever so cute! I didn’t care that half of the guests were from Yorkshire & had no clue what they were!)”

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 336

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Pretty Pastel DIY Wedding: Joey & Mike

Lisa Jane Photography

I’m definitely not only of those girly girls. I favour a bold and modern aesthetic over pretty pastels any day. But Joey & Mike’s wedding slayed me when it landed in my inbox recently. And ‘pretty’ is really the only word I can use to best describe what I saw.

This cute and quirky couple were married in London, at Marylebone Town Hall. They had their low key and casual reception at Hardy’s Brasserie. This stylish bride wore a short short white lace dress from Minna, who specialise in vintage or handmade gowns and use ethically sourced materials as much as possible. She carried a pink hydrangea bouquet.

Lisa Jane Photography

The couple did a lot of the set up themselves. The vegan cakes on offer were all homemade and included a chocolate cake with gold leaf (made by the bride), violet & blackberry cupcakes and fruit tart (made by the bridesmaids) Victoria sponge (made by mother of the bride) and coconut macaroons (made by bride’s Grandmother). The flowers were all bought from New Covent Garden Flower Market the day before the wedding, and were arranged last thing before they all went to bed. They spent no more than £150 on all the blooms. Their stationery was also designed by a friend.

Lisa Jane Photography

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