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Mod meets Moghul – Indian Culture & 1960s Mods: Aelia & Stuart

James Melia Photography_4350

Describing their wedding as “Mod meets Moghul – a theme based on the sharpness of the Mod culture coupled with the glamour and colour from the Rajasthani era in India”, Aelia & Stuart were married at Kedleston Hall in Derby. They chose this space because it perfectly encompassed both of their cultures, which was really important to them. Aelia explains, “Asian weddings are notorious for being huge, but we didn’t want that. We wanted everyone there to truly feel part of the wedding. This was going to be a party for our nearest and dearest. We set out to find a unique venue to capture both our sides, tall order! We looked everywhere: gallery spaces, sculpture gardens, castles – the lot. We were losing hope until we came across a beautiful National Trust site in Derby. It was stunning and we fell in love with it straight away. Not only could we pretty much use the whole house for our ceremony, reception, dinner and dancing but it was closed to the public and it had a history steeped in the Rajasthani era as the owner was the Viceroy to India. Perfect! I had the Indian side covered and Stu had the design and architecture by Robert Adams covered. We couldn’t believe our luck.”

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“Our inspiration stemmed from our two cultures: India and the Mod scene of the 60s”, Aelia continued. “Our profession as graphic designers also played a huge roll in making it a well designed wedding. My religion is Islam and Stu’s is, well… Jedi! We actually asked the string quartet to learn the ‘Ceremony Song’ from Star Wars so I could walk down the aisle to it! We both also have a love for geometric forms, and coincidently Islamic art is full of it so this naturally became the motif for all our stationery and paper goods.”

“Our next step was to secure the food. There was no question about it, we were to have curry for dinner. It was pretty much demanded by my friends and family. An Asian wedding isn’t complete unless you have a good curry. Five Rivers surpassed all our expectations. But this was a wedding of two halves, and instead of having canapés with drinks at the reception, we decided to have a tea party with copious amounts of cake, finger sandwiches and posh tea. This was kept a secret and I wish I’d been there to see everyone walk into the great kitchen to see a table running down the centre of the room with a mad hatter style party and a Choccywoccydoodah cake.”

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A Big Vintage Tea Party: Alastair & Lee


I’m lucky enough to get to blog a lot of gay weddings, and whenever I do I never really like to make a big ‘thing’ about the fact that is it one. To me, a wedding is a wedding and love is love and whether it’s a guy and a girl, two girls or two dudes getting hitched makes not a damn bit of difference. But with Lee & Alistair’s wedding, I just can’t help but make a point of how happy it makes me to see these two guys getting married. It’s so utterly clear from these photos how much in love they are, and I’m so bloody chuffed to be able to share their story with you today.


“One of the grooms, Lee, had a series of health problems in the 12 months leading up to the wedding, eventually leading to a major operation & having part of his kidney removed due to a cancerous tumor,” they began. “Throughout that time Alastair & Lee’s closest friends gathered to help rehabilitate Lee back to normal health so as well as sharing in our wedding, it was also a big thank you to everyone for all the love and support they’d given in the year leading up to the big day.”


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Eco-Conscious & Locally Sourced DIY Wedding: Clare & Aslam

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-160

Not wanting to do things by halves, Clare & Aslam had three weddings. The firs two were Muslim celebrations, and this one was their western wedding. Having three whole weddings to plan, the couple kept this event low key and budget friendly. They DIYed a lot and spent just £5000 on the day. “We tried to do everything second hand or hand made as I hate waste and am a big environmentalist”, Clare explained. The wedding was held at Hyde Barn in the Cotswolds.

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-106h

“Although my husband and I live and breathe south and east London now, I grew up climbing trees and then later on, going to big raves and technivals in the beautiful countryside here”, Claire continued. “So it is as much my hometown as it could be. Aslam and I are basically big kids so when we had our pro pics taken we ran into the garden and climbed trees and messed around, the venue was perfect for this. The venue actually hadn’t even been built when we booked it! But for that reason we saved a lot of money. Risky, but worth it. Because they were a new venue they pretty much let us do what we wanted. And seeing as I wanted to throw a childlike homespun DIY shoe-gaze/punk/rock festival style kid’s party with bubbles and story books, masks and games as well as accommodate a naughty french bulldog – a blank canvas like this was ideal.”

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-123

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Quirky English Countryside Wedding: Sarah & James

Creative quirky english wedding_Jessica Roberts-106

For their late summer wedding Sarah & James wanted something relaxed, quirky and quintessentially English  So they opted for a tea party style reception in the Suffolk countryside. The wedding was held at Otley Hall, a 16th Century moated hall surrounded by 10 acres of gardens and which has been voted one of the top 20 Historic Houses in the UK.

“We don’t like conform to the traditional”, began Sarah, “so we didn’t go for the big bank busting do to show off and invite hundreds of people we didn’t know. We wanted a day to celebrate our love for each other and to share it with the people we cared for. It was a day to show who we were as a couple in a setting that suited our individuality and to have a celebration! I suppose you could say our inspiration came from a collection of things we liked; we wanted it to be a celebration of us.”

Creative quirky english wedding_Jessica Roberts-201

“Our theme was English country garden party with a vintage homemade feel. There wasn’t a specific colour palette, but we decided to go with blue scale for the wedding parties’ attire. We decorated the space ourselves including a sweet stand for jars of sweets made by James’ dad, with handmade doily cones (made by James!) I customised the stand with bunting to match the bunting around the room and outside space made by my sister Aime.”

Creative quirky english wedding_Jessica Roberts-142

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Weeklong Scottish Wedding: Bex & Santi


With family flying in from England, Thailand and the USA for their Scottish wedding, Bex & Santi really wanted to make their wedding something special. So they started with having a weeklong event, hosted at Crear, a farm house near Tarbert in Argyll. “We actually got married on 20th January but with our families travelling from all over we rented the house for a whole week (18th-24th) and everyone stayed there with us”, Bex began. “We wanted to spend as little as possible, which ended up being about £10,000 but that did include the rental of Crear for 19 people for a whole week! I think my amazing mother needs a special mention here as she was ‘head of catering’ for the entire week at Crear and did all the menu planning and shopping for up to 30 people every day!”


Bex wore a 1950s style wedding dress from Just Gorgeous Bridal Studio in Crawshawbooth which was actually two dresses made into one. “The dress and the lace overlay top were actually two separate pieces made by different designers.The dress was made by LouLou and the lace top was made by Ellis. I then took the dress and the top to a fantastic seamstress, Natalie Murphy, based in Rawtenstall, Rossendale (01706223132) who carefully beaded the lace top, added some layers of silk organza to the skirt and made various alterations to make it all fit perfectly. Combining two separate pieces and having alterations made by Natalie gave me a unique dress that was exactly what I wanted.”

Despite not having any Scottish connections himself, Santi wore a kilt. Bex’s bridesmaid was her best friend – her dog Luna! “She said she didn’t want a dress and that her beautiful brindle coat was enough of a statement”, she laughed. “But I did lovingly craft her a wedding collar on a new cream lead. Oh and diamanté encrusted name tag!”


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A Fashion-Forward Backyard Wedding with Special Guest Craig David!: Theo & Lisa

Theo & Lisa Wedding_ o&c-0076

When Theo & Lisa started an online campaign to get Craig David to perform at their August wedding, they never really thought they’d pull it off. But if you don’t ask you don’t get and all that…and with the help of their YouTube video that went viral, Mr David did in fact show up to the wedding and perform to their astonished guests! “We met in Oceana nightclub”, began Theo. “Lisa thought I really had the movement of a dancer! Craig David’s music brought us together and having him there at the wedding was literally a dream come true.”

Theo & Lisa Wedding_ o&c-0017

“Our wedding was inspired by everything we love”, continued Lisa. “Music, fashion, friends and family. It really was a giant party. We didn’t want anyone to pay for anything apart from their travel there. For us, this was a party to celebrate everything our incredible friends and family have done for us over the years. We had a free bar which was one of the best things we did. The wedding was held in my dad’s back garden and we also had a camping village at the bottom of the garden where 90% of our guests camped-including myself and Theo! We sent a ‘tent tag’ with our invites, and asked everyone to deliver a tent to our house one week before the wedding. We then put them all up so they were ready for everyone when they arrived!”

Theo & Lisa Wedding_ o&c-0068

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