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Retro 1960s Wedding with a Moroccan Vibe: Jo & Aki

Jo, a taxidermist, & Aki, a web designer, were married at Byzantium, a quirky bar and restaurant in Bristol. The Moroccan decor added an interesting touch to the celebration. The room was decorated with Moroccan lanterns, pipe cleaner animal and personalised cocktail stirrers. Some friends made them a guest list tree surrounded by candles and glass beads, flowers and fairy lights. Jo made some taxidermy through her company Death & Glory Taxidermy.

“I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of very talented people”, explained the bride. “It’s very easy to get caught up with the idea of doing everything yourself but if you’ve got people around you that can (and want to) help, then let them! In the end our photographer (Noel was already a professional wedding photographer – handy!), invitation designer, guestbook tree makers, band, ‘priest’ and florist were all friends. It made the whole day much more personal and special and really helped us get the most out of our budget.”

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Taxidermy, Tattoos & A Cute Log Cabin: Kari & Bryce

Kari & Bryce choose Southern Alberta Pioneer Memorial Building, a beautiful log cabin situated, unbelievably, in the inner city of Calgary as their wedding venue. It’s on a park ridge by Elbow River and provided a prime location that didn’t feel like it was slap bang in the middle of an urban area. “We had the ceremony and reception at there”, explained the bride. “Bryce and I lived in the same neighbourhood for 5 years and we walked around there a lot. Once we found out that anyone could rent it out for functions, we contacted them right away about having our wedding there. By that time we had already been engaged for over 3 years, so we were happy that we finally found something that was right for us. It is spectacular! You can walk through paths just behind it along the ridge and it feels like you aren’t in the city anymore. It is really quite perfect, and a fantastic price.”

The couple then planned their wedding theme around the venue. It was important to them to have a wedding that was authentically their taste, but that was also sympathetic to the spectacular surroundings. “Our theme was based around our venue”, Kari continued. “Classic, old fashioned and simple. It was as if we got married on a ranch and picked flowers from the garden and threw on our Sunday best. We handmade all the stationery and painted milk glass vases, blackboard signs, picture frames and blackboard menus. We also felt that flowers were a big waste of money, so found a flower market that sells all their weekly stock on a Saturday. We weren’t picky as to the types of flowers we had so we got all of the reception décor flowers for $25! We spent a little more on flowers for the bouquets because I had specific ideas on what I wanted to make. In total we spent just under $150 on flowers for the whole wedding. I also hand made all the boutonnieres myself.”

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“Beauty & The Beast” A Taxidermy Engagement Shoot: Mckenzie & Alex

For their engagement shoot, Mckenzie & Alex wanted something unique. They wanted something that screamed ‘them’ and showed their quirky side. They came up with the taxidermy concept after visiting a museum and falling in love with how they looked and the artistry behind each one.

“We were initially going to try and shoot them in the museum but then we found out that we could actually rent the animals!” photographer Michelle told me. “I then came up with the idea of shooting them in a simplistic urban setting to add a little bit of surrealism to the concept.”

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Giant Nests, Smoke Machines & A Bath of Feathers – An Advanced Flash Workshop at The Photography Farm

The second Photography Farm (remember the first one which I took part in?) took place earlier this month. The subject was advanced flash techniques and using off-camera flash. Organiser Lisa Devlin invited Adam Bronkhorst of Viva Photography, an expert in the field, to teach the latest ‘farmers’ all about using it in their own work.

As part of the experience the students were treated to another amazing styled shoot set up by Hannah of The Tea Set. The inspiration for the shoot was a dark gothic winter vibe, as Lisa explained, “We always knew this Farm was going to have a very different feel to the last one. This time we were exploring advanced flash techniques as opposed to working with available light and it would be a night shoot in the winter. So I got to thinking gothic and got to pinning.”

“The look also started with our couple, the beautiful Martina and Leslie. Martina has great strong features and hair the colour of swan feathers. Once we found the right dresses from the amazing Hope and Harlequin the direction started to be winter/gothic/nordic/gypsy/feathers.”

“We went to The Farm with our awesome stylist Hannah from The Tea Set and after discussing shooting down with the couple laying on the floor, the idea of a big giant nest out in the woods was born. When I saw the Bird of Paradise Hat from Jane Taylor Millinery it was the perfect finishing touch, it is a work of art. Hannah and Jayne once again worked their magic and came up with sets that translated the theme through antique taxidermy, fire, food and a brace of pheasants.”

Isn’t the vibe of these shots just incredible? If you are interested in taking part in the next Advanced Flash workshop at The Photography Farm, it will be taking place between 3st January and 2nd February 2012 and the next Engagement & Wedding farm will be taking place between the 13th-15th March (which I’ll be speaking at).

The price for both two & a half day workshops is just £950 and accommodation and all meals are included. For further info or to book your place, Lisa can be contacted via email or by phone on 01273 231047.

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Taxidermy, Skulls, Vintage Furs & THE Most Awesome Apartment Ever = The Feather Love London Workshop

Oh my…where do I even begin? I feel so terribly ineloquent as it comes to writing the experience of the Feather Love London Workshop. Like the words don’t know how to clump themselves together in my mind to make coherent sentences…So you know what, I’ve decided not to go through the teeny details of the day. Instead I plan to inwardly digest everything I soaked up from Noa & guest speaker Emma Case that day and (probably) come back to you later with a grand old revelation.

If not, I know you’re going to just die over the styled shoot we put together as part of the workshop. Bet you haven’t seen a wedding like this before!

The whole event was a visual feast (hello, the apartment we rented was amazing and the Ava Event Styling team did a bad ass job with our table for the photo shoot.) We also drank beer, danced, ate amazing Turkish food and put the (photography) world to rights. It was quite simply a day of true inspiration and one I was honoured to be asked to be a part of.

Some of my utter favourite suppliers came on board to help Emma Case and I pull this little event together (be sure to show them some love – linked at the end of this post) and my looovely lovely intern Roo and her just as adorable fiance Lamb came to act as our models. This was their first time being professionally photographed so I thought I’d ask Roo to write a few words on her experience because I bet many of you brides and grooms-to-be a nervous about having your photos taken right?

Well after looking at the amazing (seriously I need a thesaurus) job Noa & Emma did in shooting our lovely couple I know that if you get the right photographer for you, you ain’t got nothin’ to worry about babydoll!

Ps Roo you are the cutest ever. I love this photo of you so so much beautiful girl!

Roo writes, “I am one of those irritating women that sees a photo of herself – any photo of herself – and finds something wrong with it. There’s a page on Facebook called “de-tagging photos of yourself because you look like a goat” – and you can bet that I’m a proud member. I’ve never felt comfortable posing for photographs, or even being anywhere near a camera. My mind can’t fathom anybody wanting to commit my image to print, digital or otherwise. I felt that this didn’t bode so well for me on my wedding day, so when Kat offered Lamb and I the opportunity to model for Noa & co. at the Feather Love Artists’ Workshop, I figured that practice would/could make perfect.”

“I wasn’t wrong; I dote on both Noa and Emma’s work for totally different reasons, and I do think that fact helped me loosen up for the lens. When you admire the person shooting you, you trust them implicitly to make you look f*cking fantastic – and the results speak for themselves. It’s worth duly noting this, because if you’re not bowled over by a photographer’s portfolio, then you’re not going to be a bowled over bride (or groom). There’s no getting around the voyeurism of photography, but in this instance it didn’t feel intrusive, it felt right. There was an unspoken connection between us all that bound us striving for the same artistic result. Noa and Emma let their personalities ooze into their shoots, and instead of feeling overwhelmed, we felt involved. We felt beautiful, important, and as was documented so perfectly, we felt more in love than ever.”

So…Is your mind blown yet? This has got to be another one of my favourites from the day. Ahhh it’s all just so beautiful!

The workshop attendees and suppliers. What a good looking bunch we are. I love you guys!

More photos of the styled shoot after the jump!

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