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Shelby & Bliss’ Sailor Jerry, Tattoo Parlour Shoot

Shelby & Bliss wanted their engagement shoot to take place in a tattoo parlour because Bliss is tattoo mad! “The inspiration for the shoot came mostly from Bliss’s amazing tattoos,” Shelby told me. “The tattoo parlor we shot in is where he gets his tattoo’s done. When I was in there with him we thought how cool it would be to do our engagment session in the parlor. We love the “Sailor Jerry” feel of the shop and decided to capture that between the two of us. Our photographer Jeremiah did an amazing job capturing it all! We love him and we love the pictures!”

Shelby wore a dress from Unique Vintage.

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Miya’s Natural & Arty Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography isn’t something I feature that often, but when I saw Miya’s session I instantly loved it. The genuine vibe of these images, coupled with the beautiful use of light…and of course Miya’s beautiful ink…made me swoon. Lots.

“Miya came to me wanting a boudoir shoot that was a little different… something a little more abstract and artsy, not just ‘here I am in my underwear!’ ” photographer Ariel told me.”So I thought of shooting through fabrics (to soften the image and give them some natural texture & color) & to use the tilt shift lens a bit.  I love how they turned out and Miya was super cool to shoot!”

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Jessica & Jason’s Halloween & Horror Wedding

Jessica & Jason were married at Grand Island Mansion in Sacramento. They both adore horror and so their Halloween themed wedding was held on the 30th October.

Their home is decorated with Halloween decorations all year long including a life size pirate that talks when you walk by him (!) so they actually brought a lot of items from their home to decorate the venue. They played Phantom of the Opera as the bride walked down the aisle and the majority of their guests dressed up for the reception party!

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Teaser: A Sense of Culture – A Photography Exhibition for the Museum of Reading

Not that many people realise this but I’m from Reading, a town about 40 miles out of London. I’ve never really done that much ‘stuff’ in my home town as to be honest, pretty much everything happens in London and that’s where about 90% of my contacts are. However when local photographer Neil Horne of Eye Imagine Photography called me and asked if I’d like to be included in an exhibition he was putting together for the Museum of Reading entitled ‘A Sense of Culture’, where he’d be photographing a selection of artists in the town…well I jumped at the chance. Hell, I went to this museum on primary school trips!

The shoot took place yesterday and here are just a few teaser pictures of what we got up to.

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Sabrina & Kenny’s Classy, Tattooed Wedding Day Shoot

“I have two main inspirations,” began newlywed Sabrina. “The late, great Bettie Page for one. I am a huge fan and have always looked up to and admired her as a person as well as of course her work as a model. I love her adorable bangs and have been wearing the “Bettie” bangs ever since I discovered her. Also, Audrey Hepburn has been very influential. I was actually named after her character in “Sabrina” the movie. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a love for fashion not to mention an all around classy gal!”

I couldn’t help but ask photographer Jessica Vallecorsa if I could share Sabrina & Kenny’s wedding day shoot when I found it online. Cute, tattooed bride + fairground + awesome wall. Love!

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A Sneak Peek of My Shoot For “London Tattoos” – A Forthcoming Book from Photographer Alex Macnaughton

About a week ago, I got an email from my friend Amma telling me about a new book she’d just heard about. London Tattoos, was being put together by photographer Alex Macnaughton with the aim to photograph and document the stories of a diverse collection of tattooed people in London. I figured I had nothing to loose and so quickly filled in the application form. “I’m not the most tattooed girl out there,” I thought, “but it’s always worth giving these things a go.”

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