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A Music Themed Wedding : Lucy & Allan

Lucy & Allan met in their teens (Lucy was 15 and Allan was 16) and although it took them 10 whole years to finally admit that they liked each other, they had no doubts when it came to getting married. “Al was so nervous on the wedding day that the venue opened the bar early and gave him a shot of vodka!” Lucy laughed. “I was the total opposite. I had no doubts, jitters or cold feet, I just wanted to be Mrs King.”

“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. Nothing went wrong, everyone had a good time and everyone danced until the wee small hours. It was the best day of our lives. We decided early on that our day would be music orientated with a great band, music themed table names and a DJ who would play our kind of music and not the usual cheese you get at a lot of weddings”, Lucy told me. “We chose our band for one reason, they can play every Beatles song ever written and to absolute perfection. Plus we gave them a pretty huge list of other songs to learn which they did without complaining! They were so good we had guests approaching them for their own weddings and parties. In the evening our DJ had everyone up on the dancefloor and didn’t bat an eyelid at requests for Wolfmother and the Specials.”

The wedding was held at Nurstead Court, Meopham. To add to the musical theme, the couple named their tables after songs that reminded them of different points though out their relationship. “It was nice explaining the table names to the guests”, Lucy continued. “It was great to share the stories behind the songs with our family and friends.”

“Our wedding really was the most amazing day of our lives”, she said in closing. “It sounds so cliche but it was absolutely perfect. Nothing went wrong, everyone had an amazing time and we all danced into the wee small hours. We wouldn’t change a single thing.”

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Pin Wheels, Paper Flags, Tattoos & Love: Christina & Paul

I’ve been having a sordid love affair with Matt Miller’s photography for a few years now. I’ve tried to quit it but then he keeps luring me back with emails like “Heygirl, you’re gonna LOVE this wedding!” and then I’m right back again…all smitten and stuff.

That’s exactly what happened when I saw Christina & Paul’s epic wedding. I’ve died and gone to Rock n Roll wedding heaven.

“We don’t know any other way”, Christina told me when I asked her about why they had a Rock n Roll wedding. “We make all of our decisions based on the lives that we have formed for ourselves, and for better or for worse, we have spent that time trying to tow the line between ‘punk’ and ‘traditional.’ Sometimes one side wins and one side loses, luckily they came together to create a great amalgamation for our wedding to let both sides of our characters shine. We really wanted to center our wedding around just having a good old fashioned Rock n Roll time. The majority of our guests were friends, so that alone gave it a youthful (and heavily tattooed) vibe. We picked lots of oldies soul music to which guests of every single age range loved dancing to.”

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Tattoos, Skulls & Baroque n Roll!: Rachael & Aaron

I’ve been looking forward to seeing and blogging Rachael & Aaron’s wedding for so long! So we first met when they came to a party I hosted for my blog readers. We were all nervous (especially me who had 200 people to talk to!) but I loved sharing paint pot cocktails with them and hearing about their wedding plans. Our paths crossed a number of times after that; at wedding fairs, at my blogging workshop and of course on Twitter! Rachael is probably one of my most loyal and awesome twitter followers! We spoke online so much they I really felt like I was a part of their wedding. That’s one of the most rewarding things for a wedding blogger like me!

So needless to say I was literally dying with anticipation as their wedding drew closer. Luckily, they booked the amazing Lisa Jane to photograph their day, so I knew their wedding photographs would tell their story amazingly… even though I wasn’t there, I get a huge sense of who these two are as a couple from Lisa’s images.

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A Rustic, Dainty & Slightly Chaotic Winery Wedding: Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt’s wedding is one I definitely wish I’d been at. The bride rocking a hipflask in her garter, a kid called Milo Bear (isn’t that the coolest name for a child ever?!) a mashed potato bar (trumps a dessert bar any day!) and a fancy dress party to end the night on a high.

The bride told me all about their wedding, held at Talon Winery, Kentucky. “I didn’t pick a color scheme. I didn’t make my sister & friends wear some awful dress they would NEVER use again. I rocked a garter flask filled with bourbon all night (drained that) and I wore bad ass boots that I will wear for YEARS instead of heels I wouldn’t get much use out of.”

“Our close friend Nathan got ordained so he could marry us. Both my mom & dad walked me down the aisle – to Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zero’s ‘Home’. Matt & Milo walked out to Sigur Ros ‘Hoppipolla’. Our wedding vows were non traditional and teetered on the edge of stand up comedy. For dinner we served fried chicken & waffles, shrimp-n-grits, ratatouille, mashed potato bar(!), several selections of salads & lotsa veggies for my vegetarian butt!”

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Rock and Roll Americana & Kitsch: Jennifer & Ryan

On a warm day in March, Jennifer & Ryan married in an Americana inspired wedding. “We have always had a bit of an obsession with America,” the bride told me. “It all started after we first visited New York together five years ago and fell hard-and-fast in love with the people, the shopping, the bars, and the food (hello blueberry pancake stacks!) We had originally planned to get married in New York, but when we found out that not all of our guests would be able to make it across the pond we decided to bring a slice of New York to the wedding!”

“All of our tables were themed after our favourite places in NYC – Trash & Vaudeville, Fun City Tattoo, the Trailer Park Lounge, Rodeo Bar, Big Daddy’s Diner, and the Velvet Lounge. We made miniature menus for place cards on the ‘Big Daddy’s table’, and one of our close friends spent several hours painstakingly engraving names into a hefty piece of wood for the ‘Rodeo Bar’ table plan!”

The couple handmade a lot of the details in order that they would perfectly fit into the vision they had for their day. “It has always been our dream to drive from New York to San Francisco in a beat up old 1950s caddy, stopping off at every diner, dive bar and motel on Route 66, so we decided that is exactly what we would do for our honeymoon,” Jennifer continued. “We thought we’d play on this for our wedding post box, and fashioned a DIY US mailbox from a chrome breadbin, some red foam (for the flag) and some old off cuts of wood (for the post and stand). As we have a habit of always taking things too far, we also invested in some astroturf for the ‘lawn’, an armful of plastic flowers for decoration, and (of course) a miniature white picket fence! We also flew a flock of pink plastic flamingos in from Baltimore to complete the set-up! As an alternative to a traditional guestbook, guests were handed postcards we’d collected from the states which they wrote on and then popped in the mailbox! I also made brooches for all of the ladies using red glitter fimo which I shaped into hearts, baked, and then edged with ivory pearls (all 1500 of them were glued on individually!)”

The bride wore a custom made dress from The Couture Company in Birmingham, with Vivienne Westwood shoes. However it wasn’t only the bride who looked the rockabilly part. The couple asked their guests to come dressed to fit the wedding theme too. Jennifer explained, “We told all of our guests that the theme of the wedding was ‘rock n roll with a kitsch twist’, and suggested watching ‘Cry-Baby’ for outfit inspiration! Everyone rocked up dolled up to the nines and looked incredible!”

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Kat & Gareth by Made You Look Studios – Who, by the way, you totally need to book for your Rock n Roll wedding…(Just Sayin’)

Apologies, you’re about to see a lot of photos of me & Gareth being soppy, silly and cute in New York… but I guess that’s what happens when the Made You Look girls shoot you. It’s nigh on impossible to cut them down because they are all. so. good. This is by far both Gareth & my favourite shoots we’ve done together. In fact I will definitely be getting some many of these babies printed to plaster our house with.

There was an interesting discussion going on on my facebook page earlier this week about the amount of personal vs wedding stuff I post on my blog. I know not everyone is interested in seeing my face (!) but I know many of you are! I like to try to offer as broad a range of inspiration as possible – some will be relevant to you, some not. However if these shots inspire at least one of you for your own engagement or anniversary shoot (or hell, even give you some new fashion or make up ideas) then I’m happy. If not, no worries, because we’ve now got these awesome photos of us to treasure forever!

I’m wearing…

Outfit One

♄ Black & white striped Nanette Lepore dress
♄ Upper Street Ballet Flats (designed by me!)
♄ Heart headband by Janine Basil on etsy / Flower headband from Lisa Harris Jewellery
♄ H&M ring
♄ Patrica Field skull bracelet

Outfit Two

♄ Nanette Lepore Jacy Pleated Floral-Print Skirt
♄ Jimmy Choo Tokyo hi tops
♄ H&M white vest
♄ Furla candy handbag in silver glitter (limited edition for Christmas 2011)
♄ Forever 21 colour block necklace
♄ Forever 21 bangles

These photos are the perfect reminder of our trip to New York and I’m thrilled with the results. They not only show our love, but how much fun we had (and of course our ridiculous personalities!)

Gareth’s face cracks. me. up in this one…

Gareth does a good epic jump!

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