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A Cinderella Themed Rockstar Wedding

I blogged Brittney & Chris’ state fair engagement session only two weeks ago, but I am even more excited to share their actual wedding with you today – especially because they got tattoo ‘rings’ done at their ceremony! Oh yes, how Rock n Roll is that!? They had a “</3” tattooed on their ring fingers (the internet symbol for a broken heart) by Jeff Brown from Hold Fast in Dallas, TX.

They really took their fairytale theme to the max with the photographer they booked, Fairy Tale Photography and the venue they chose, Fairy Tale Manor in Texas! “Rock n Roll Bride was definitely a big inspiration to keep thinking outside the box”, the couple explained. “We are already a little off as it is, so we just kept our personalities throughout each detail of the wedding. We had Fuzzy’s Tacos catering with margaritas in rainbow cups, a cereal bar, 100 calorie snacks as favors and pumpkins decorating the venue. Each member of the bridal party was given a Cinderella character pin in place of a boutonniere. A Cinderella theme with a ROCKSTAR twist!”

The Cinderella theme was carried out throughout the wedding from their awesome cake and the carved pumpkins to all the little details around the reception. The big kid in me loves it!

Brittney wore a one of a kind vintage dress from Circle Park Bridal, TX and for the reception, she chanced into the same Betsey Johnson dress and Toms that she wore for their engagement session. She chose not to have traditional flowers in favour of a sparkly faux flower spray bouquet.

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Mr & Mrs Tattooboy

Could these two be any more made for Rock n Roll Bride (and each other!) if they tried?! Seeing their tattoos-a-plenty and whole lot of love makes me a very happy blogger indeed. “These two cool kids are totally rockin’ with not only all of those tatts, but their playful spirits & genuine love for one another” photographer Christina told me. “But ohhhh hot damn, their rockin’ tattoos are flat glorious!!!! We were in tattoo heaven when we met up with them. I think I felt a little drool on my shirt. haha. With Matt being a tattoo artist they even have a few matching ones that they did themselves. They’re just too cute with their tom shoes & silly faces. We LOVE Kori & Matt! Their wedding is planned for this coming october and we can hardly wait, it’s gonna rock!”

I can hardly wait either. I can’t wait to see the photos and share them with you all.

Made for each other indeed…

“Matthew and I met in highschool,” the bride to be began. “Matt the quiet skater boy and me the funny, outgoing cheerleader. He was way too shy at that time to realize I had a thing for him. Years later we ran into each other, but now he was all grown up and hotter than ever (super tattooed, the way I like em). When I found out Matt was now a tattoo artist, I started making appointment after appointment with him, at this point in my life I only had a few tattoos. I knew what I wanted, and that was that shy sk8er boy turned super hot tattoo boy. After about 2 or 3 tattoo appointments with “my tattoo boy” he realized he wanted “his goofy ginger” about 50 tattoos later the rest is history. He is now teaching me to tattoo and letting me practice on him, funny how the tables have turned. We will soon be spending the rest of our lives as Mr &Mrs. Tattooboy♥”

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Blood Brothers Tattoo Studio, Mike Harris & Al Overdrive

OK, so I’m so bloomin’ impatient. My sleeve tattoo technically isn’t finished yet (I’ve got another 4 hours or so to go in 4 weeks time – I’m adding some more colour to the background and some more cupcakes and diamonds – yum) but I’ve waited 2 weeks already to share these pictures and I can’t do it anymore!

At my last session at the amazing Blood Brothers Tattoo Studios in Holloway Rd, London, photographer Al Overdrive offered to pop down and take a few photographs of me in pain/being brave/getting inked. Al won Tattoo Photographer of the Year this year and is pretty well known in the music and tattoo photography market, shooting for magazine like Skin Deep, Tattoo Master, Rock Sound and Terrorizer as well as shooting some pretty damn cool alternative weddings.

So while tattooist Mike Harris (I love him) went to work on me (so to speak!) Al snapped away. Aren’t these shots great?  I’d do have to say it wasn’t the most fun photo shoot I’ve ever done (ouchy) but the results are a great little memento to have. My facial expressions are priceless. I seem to go from pained smile to manic grin to an “I’ve had enough now thank you” look rather quickly!

Stay tuned for more in about 4 weeks when I have the final touches done…and I’ll have some even more exciting photographs to share with you then…and not just of me. Eeeek!

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Mexican Themed Wedding with a Tattoo Twist

Courtney & Dan got married at MGM signature patio, Las Vegas, and had their Rock n Rollin’ Reception at Diego’s restaurant in MGM. The couple both love Cinco De Mayo, collect hot sauce, their first date was at a Mexican restaurant and they love Mariachi bands, so the wedding has a slight Mexican theme.

Courtney originally had a traditional wedding dress, but a few days before she got on the plane to Vegas she went to the fitting to find her dress was to small. It was fate! Courtney knew there wasn’t going to be enough time to fix it, so she went to a prom shop in Philadelphia and found this gorgeous dress.

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