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Chris & Courtenay’s Pirate Ship Wedding

Chris & Courtenay had a “Book Nerd/Steampunk /Pirate/Sci-Fi” themed wedding which was held on The Hawaiian Chieftain, a historical replica of a 1880’s trading ship. “We really wanted the wedding to reflect who we were, and a celebration of what we loved about each other,” the couple told me. “We wanted to be able to have a killer party with our closest friends and family and not compromise our tastes and values. Our venue came complete with cannons (which they fired off for us in celebration!) The double edge of this was a headcount of under 40, which was great to us, but some people just assumed they would be invited who were acquaintances and we had to explain this wasn’t an everyone in the world kind-of affair.”

Courtenay wore a custom dress from Dark Garden Corsetry and shoes from Fluevog. “The Dress is a combination of Victorian and Indian influences, made out of silk dupioni in lavender/gold and a wedding sari from an Indian bridal store in Berkeley,” the bride continued. “I knew that a dress from a traditional bridal store was never going to feel right. Mostly because of all the beautiful dresses available at those places they were never going to fit my curvy 5’2” short waist-ed frame. Autumn at Dark Garden was able to perfectly capture and create my personality and vision into an awe inspiring corset and bustle skirted wedding dress.”

In keeping with their theme, the whole wedding party and a lot of the guests dressed the part too. The groom wore a suit inspired by the movies Firefly and Stardust made by Laurie Tavan at Daze of Laur. He even added a firearm and sword! The bridesmaid’s outfits were also from Dark Garden and the groomsmen wore outfits hired from Costumes on Haight, San Francisco. “Almost everyone who attended got dressed up to the nines and looked fantastic,”  Courtenay explained. “My father went out of his way to get a 1890s cowboy style outfit with beaver felt hat and classic oil cloth duster, he was so handsome. My sister got a beautiful Dark Garden corset, and my niece and nephews got into the act with pirate/Victorian style costumes. For the first hour and a half people kept coming up to me just in awe of how beautiful it was that day, mid 70s and sunny, it was truly magical.”

“I think the most Rock n Roll thing was us, how we approached the whole day with humor and a little literary wit,” the bride concluded. “If the wedding had to be a musical genre I would call it folk-punk, or Steam-folk. We set out to have an amazing day and it turned out better that you could ever imagine. We wanted to live the quote “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Because it was about us, not a huge affair with doves and dollar dances and stuff being thrown about, we were determined to avoid bad DJs, crazy relatives we’d never met before, flower girls, ring bearers, punch fountains, ballrooms, chicken or steak entrees, towering confections or bored guests who couldn’t wait to leave. There were casualties of this of course, hurt feelings, traditionalists, and others, but at the end of the day it was about Chris and Courtenay celebrating their lives together, be happy for them or not that’s all there is.”

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Annette & Chris’ Fancy Dress Victorian Circus Themed Wedding

Annette & Chris had a fancy dress/steampunk themed wedding in Liverpool. The bride wore a corset purchased from Corsets UK and a skirt from MTCoffinzUnderground on Etsy. “My dress wasn’t technically a ‘dress’ as it was a Corset and a separate skirt,” the bride told me. “I bought the white and black steel boned corset for around £60 and the skirt, which was described as a ‘Victorian Lace Gothic Ball Gown’, cost around £100.” She also wore Victorian-style black ankle boots which she hired from a fancy dress shop! Chris hired his unique outfit from a fancy dress shop too.

“The groom came up with the whole idea of a Victorian Circus themed wedding,” explained Annette. “We’re not ‘average’ kind of people and didn’t want to settle on an ‘average’ wedding, so it had to be fancy dress! Although we took our vows to each other seriously, we don’t believe a wedding should be a completely serious affair. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and have a massive party with all of your friends and family, which is what we did! I think that’s what makes us so Rock n Roll. Everyone said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, including their own!”

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Tessa & Keith’s Neo Victorian Wedding

Tessa & Keith are a little bit fabulous no? In fact any bride that wears a blue dress is all right in my book! “My inspiration came from our artistic backgrounds and aesthetic preferences”, the bride told me. “I am a crafter and burlesque performer. Keith is a visual artist. Together, we both had very strong opinions about how the wedding should look and feel. We settled on a neo-Victorian theme because of its elegance and refinement. I chose to wear blue instead of white because I wanted to be able to reuse my outfit, and I wanted a corset and a skirt instead of a dress because it was more versatile. The shade of blue we chose also suited the matron of honour and best woman well!”

“Our wedding party was intentionally kept very small so that we would not feel stressed about coordinating a lot of people on the big day. The preparation was extremely low key and relaxing. I would not have done it differently.”

The gorgeous blue dress is question was custom made by Morúa Designs in London (corset) and Recollections (bustle). With this Tessa wore shoes by Bordello to which she added Swaorvski crystals herself.

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Adrianna & Tim’s Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Adrianna & Tim’s wedding was inspired by the Victorian era. The wedding took place at Woman’s Club of Evanston in Evanston, IL and the bride and groom wore custom outfits to fit the theme of their day.

The couple made their own centrepieces and created the artwork for the tables. “This was a very Do-It-Yourself type of wedding so a lot of things we either made or found ourselves,” explained the groom. “We got lucky with a few of the men’s suits by finding a formal wear store that was going out of business that had some older grey cutaway tuxedos that they were trying to get rid of.”

“Our family helped us in making the flags, we designed and painted the centerpieces which were actually science gear from American Science and surplus, created the flower arrangements and decorated the hall ourselves. Luckily the Women’s club was a nearly perfect setting without any decorating so we didn’t have to do much to get it perfect.”

A short and sweet post to start today off, but I think you’ll agree this wedding was worth a feature for the images alone. Aren’t they fabulous? I just love how the style of photography matches the Victorian theme of the day!

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Mark & Fiona’s Snowy Steampunk Kinda Day

Mark & Fiona’s Steampunk inspired wedding took place at the Signet Library in Edinburgh in November. “We chose a Steampunk theme after Mark told Fiona her general day to day style was slightly Steampunk when he bought her a watch for Christmas in New York,” the couple explained. “Fiona had not heard of it, but looked it up and realised it was exactly what she was in her choice of films, clothes and even her writing (she’s an aspiring novelist).”

Fiona didn’t want to be a traditional bride, so chose a mini top hat instead by House of Nines Design instead of a veil. She explained, “Before I even chose my dress I’d decided I wanted a hat and it had to be a  House of Nines Design Hat.  I had it made specifically to my colours and my specification.  Trisha was a real pleasure to work with and a great help, sending me various samples to chose from.  Trisha is based in San Francisco and has previously made hats for Dita Von Teese, amongst others.” The bride’s dress was by Ian Stuart. She also wore handmade shoes from Beretrun Design and gloves byMetamorphDK on Etsy.

The couple also didn’t use any traditional wedding music and instead chose some of their favourite songs for the  ceremony. Music from Spirited Away and Stardust accompanied the couple’s recessional and processional and Led Zepplin’s Stairway To Heaven played on harp during the signing of the register. 

Finally, Fiona made all the women’s favours which were flavoured lip balms.  She had lots of fun the months before experimenting making different flavours, colours and styles and she said they were actually very easy to make.  Mark chose Lego key rings for the men’s favours.

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A Steam Punk Anniversary

I love anniversary shoots. I think they are not only a great way to document your years together after the wedding, but planning one gives you a great excuse to keep your toes tipped in the wedding/photo shoot/photography world! I’m already thinking of some cool ideas for mine and Gareth’s for our 3 year anniversary this April!

Wendy & Brian were celebrating 5 years of marriage and wanted to do a steam-punk styled shoot. Brian creates some really cool tie tacks, cuff-links and earrings etc and sells them on etsy, so it was also a good excuse to showcase some of his work. Photographer Katrina made the seating cards and all other paper goods, and she worked closely with Pazzobello Floral Design on the flowers and table settings. “I love how out of the box she was,” Katrina told me. “She incorporated gears and re-purposed pieces for the table arrangements and bouquet to really fit the theme.” The china was from Katrina’s Mother’s wedding china.

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