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A Jules Verne & Steampunk Inspired Bridal Fashion Editorial

This incredible fashion editorial was shot on the Creole Queen Paddlewheel for the winter issue of NOLA Wedding Guide. The shoot was inspired by Jules Verne, the 19th century and steampunk.

“Jules Verne’s novels were rich with extravagant voyages and adventures set in the romantic Victorian Era,” the team explained. “This was the era of the newly invented steam engine and through-railways and steamships, which opened up the opportunity for leisure travel and adventure for the first time.”

“What could be a better metaphor for wedding planning and a marriage than an extraordinary voyage? Isn’t that what you, the bride, is embarking upon? Your upcoming marriage is the beginning of a journey filled with delightful adventures, and of course romance!”

Check out the behind the scenes video too…

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An Undead Steampunk Wedding: Renee & Ian

So where do I begin trying to explain the awesomeness of Renee & Ian’s undead steampunk wedding? I think maybe the title gives away just how amazing this wedding is going to be doesn’t it?

The couple were married at Catalyst, a private live/work artist community in Chicago. “We actually had to ‘audition’ for the space,” Renee told me. “The members have a delicate relationship with the community and can’t risk any trouble. We had to prove to them over several months that we talented and responsible enough to be able to use their space. We had to foster a personal relationship with them before they would even consider us. It was tedious, but worth it in the end.”

“We gained some more wonderful friends for our already stellar collection, and the space allowed us freedom that traditional venues could not (like staying until 6am and coming back later in the week to help clean up).”

The bride made her dress herself from a 1880’s corset pattern. She tea stained dupioni silk and lace and designed the skirt and blouse herself. Her headpiece was a pair of vintage goggles that she bought from a flea market which Ian ‘steampunked’ by using random pieces including a magnifying glass that belonged to his Grandmother.

“We love Halloween and costumes!” the bride continued. “It’s truly the only time of year that we have any pictures together. We plan all year for it! We’re not really big on the institution of marriage. We partly decided to ‘make it official’ (though our love and commitment was official enough for us) because Ian’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the outlook was grim. We knew he would love to see us married. On a lighter note, Greg is doing very well these days in remission.”

“Our choice of theme started a bit of an uproar in our families. We were made fun of, called sacrilegious, and many of our family from WI didn’t show up (some for financial reasons, but I assume many of our very catholic family members just didn’t approve). We were asked to have a separate ‘family wedding’ in WI, but refused. Our wedding was going to be a celebration of our love, our way and a way for us to show our families that we are proud of who we are. We didn’t WANT to dis-include or hurt them, but we didn’t want to compromise ourselves on our day! In the end, the family that did show up really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

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A Carnival Destination Wedding in Trinidad and Tobago: Erin & John

“The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is not your usual destination wedding location…  Then again, we’re not your typical bride and groom,” wrote Erin & John. “First of all, we wanted to base our wedding and honeymoon around Carnival that happens every year in Trinidad.  It’s one of the world’s largest Carnival celebrations – and we wanted to be dressed in sequins, feathers, and not much else for our honeymoon celebration.  We invited our friends to come to Tobago the week before Carnival for our wedding.  We rented out all the villas at The Palms Villa Resort – and partied for a solid week leading up to our big day.  The following week, our friends followed us on our honeymoon…and danced with us in the streets of Trinidad!  How nice of Trinidad to throw us such a lovely wedding reception!”

The wedding day started with portraits on the beach, “Our photographer Angela Hubbard spent the morning following us around the small island of Tobago taking our photos on the beach, next to the colorful and whimsical architecture of Tobago, with goats, carrying chickens – you name it!  She captured such whimsical, beautiful, and silly moments… The photos are priceless.”

Erin wore an amazing Vera Wang gown and John designed his outfit himself.  “He wanted something just as unique and special,” continued Erin. “He succeeded, with custom made boots, hat, suit, and a vintage Louis Vuitton silk shirt.  John’s best friend and best man, his chocolate lab, Loki, couldn’t be there – but his life-sized cut-out was!  As for the rest of the bridal party, we gave loose guidelines – but really, it was all about us. With a few accessories like parasols for the bridesmaids and matching hats for the groomsmen – everything came together beautifully.”

“To end our special day, we lit Chinese wishing lanterns and sent them off into the night sky.  It was so beautiful (despite our worry that our wedding might forever be known as “the night we burned down Tobago”) and magical – that thinking back on it now, it hardly seems real…”

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A Steampunk Story

This steampunk themed bridal shoot was set up by Australian photographer Angelica Peady and Lea from Willow Tree Creative Services) in order to to showcase these fabulous gowns from Gallery Serpentine. The shoot was styled to complement the amazing venue they chose, the Lithgow State Mine Park – an old mining site in New South Wales.

“It is the story of a strong bride who is trying to navigate her own way to her wedding,” Angelica told me. “Her compass brakes and she is left to explore and find her way on her own. She has her british prototype WWII night vision goggles and her mason’s on acid amulet for protection, finally she finds her way to a steam train and made it to her wedding fashionably late.”

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Under the Spotlight – The Couture Company

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

On the look out for something different in your wedding dress? Well if you’re lucky enough to live near Birmingham, UK I may just have the answer for you! The Couture Company, situated in Birmingham’s uber trendy Custard Factory, was relaunched last September as a shop that specialises in both unique wedding dresses, corsets (Rawhide Corsets) and lingerie.

Photography Credit: Rebecca Parker Photography

Store owner Joanne tells us, “Clients can book a appointment (which is free and absolutely no obligation to order), and with that booking they get our undivided attention for a one to one appointment, we go through their ideas and plans for the wedding , and then get to work playing dress up , trying on gowns to get ideas about lines, shapes silhouettes and fabrics. We are not precious about our gowns that we are not willing to embrace each brides individuality, we are happy to input the clients ideas and discuss how we can make them work and bring them to life.  Its very inspiring meeting our clients and we draw on lots of ideas into the melting pot. Whether it is interpreting a clients idea of her gob-smacking gown or if its just to add a flash of colour or embellished jiggery pokery to an existing gown in our collection we embrace it all. We have designed many different styles of gowns in many different colours that is hard to pinpoint a particular style or type of gown….although we do particularly favour a nipped waist and a curved hip.”

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

Designer Joanne and her team will give clients their utmost attention, from your initial consultation to your final fitting, she works with each bride on a one to one basis, and will give you a vast choice of fabrics, colours, styles and detailing that you need for your dream gown. They work with the most beautiful fabrics from around the world, the smoothest Thai silks to the most Regal of Duchess Silk Satins and the most delicate of French laces, and also offer a number of fabric options to suit varying budgets. Joanne works with contemporary embroidery designers who can create the most  unique and exquisite embroidery designs to suit  each customer. Every gown and corset is handmade and created in house by Joanne and her team.

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

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Alena & Geoff’s Circus-Themed Costume Party Wedding

Alena & Geoff were married at The Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara. Their fancy dress, circus themed day was certainly a show-stopper, especially as the majority of their guests really got into the swing of it and made a real effort with their outfits. “We invited our guests to dress up, and that made them fully participate in all aspects of the circus/carnival wedding,” they told me. “We had 2 guests as ‘door clowns’ who checked people in, gave them clown noses and flags. We had a popcorn man in the lobby of the ceremony giving out popcorn bags. We borrowed huge circus banners from other friends and used them to decorate for the reception.”

The couple made a number of DIY items to go with their theme, but were keen to pass on to the readers of Rock n Roll Bride that there is no need to stress about the ‘little’ things on the run up to your big day. “We made flags for our guests, our own centerpieces, and other decorative touches. Don’t waste time on gifts or things you and others won’t care about though.” they explained. “We filled large vintage popcorn boxes with bottles of water, snacks, local things to do in town and directions to the event and had them given to our guests when they checked in at their hotels.”

Alena wore a custom made dress from Skingraft, Fluvog boots and a hair piece that she made herself from feathers, copper wire, a piece of gold veil and a costume jewellery blue brooch from her great grandmother.

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