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Barcelona Garden Wedding with a Navy Theme: Julieta & Christian

Barcelona tattoo wedding_f2studio-112

For their June wedding, Julieta & Christian wanted a day that was laid-back, fun and stress-free. They opted for a garden setting and a party late into the night. The couple both have a passion for music, but Christian particularly who is in a band and loves nothing more than to go to gigs or play one of his nine guitars with his friends. Clearly the music and the entertainment was going to play a big role in this celebration.

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The wedding was held at La Masia Blanca Can Badia, a few kilometres from Barcelona and right on the coast. The bride, a chef, had a very strong idea of how she wanted the wedding to look and feel. Obviously she took control of all the food and drink but instead of doing everything by herself she asked her friends who are set designers and stylists to help. Mary & Lydia of Malgenio Workshop pulled together all the décor and paper goods.

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A Simple Bridal Shoot on the Barcelona Hills

April in Barcelona. Teresa and film photographer Miguel Varona headed away from the city and up the hills to Montseny natural park to shoot a set of simple bridal portraits. “It wasn’t the perfect day”, wrote Miquel. “The sun didn’t shine, but the atmosphere we had was perfect to recreate the special moments for a bride on her wedding day.”

“Teresa wore a leather jacket a boots with her simple dress. ‘Why not mix tradition and simplicity?’ I thought. ‘Why not show that tradition is compatible with personality?'”

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