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Completely Casual White on White South African Wedding: Kyle & Lauren

Kyle & Lauren Scott Fiona Clair Photography-237

Kyle and Lauren wanted a completely casual wedding and that meant no DIY! “How do people find the time?!” Lauren laughed, “We both work very stressful full time jobs and as much as I would have loved to do a variety of cute and quirky crafty bits, we simply did not have the time.” This attitude filtered through to the rest of their wedding with the simple cocktail style tables, the finger food and the bring your own bar.

Kyle & Lauren Scott Fiona Clair Photography-147

“We wanted the entire wedding to be more like a party than a wedding”, she continued. “We wanted to keep the traditional stuff to a minimal and if we did anything traditional, like cutting the cake, we wanted to do it with a twist (we cut it with an axe!) For the¬†furniture, we opted for cocktail tables and lounge areas rather than the staple long or round tables. This meant that there were no seating placements and everyone could sit where they wanted to.”

Kyle & Lauren Scott Fiona Clair Photography-43

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Ribbons & Rainbows – A Candy Coloured Wedding: Angelo & Candice

A Erna Loock Photography CANDICE AND ANGELO-142

For their March wedding, South Africans¬†Angelo & Candice wanted a colourful day that oozed fun…so a rainbow theme it was! “Angelo and I are generally out of the box thinkers and the ‘same old same old’ wedding¬†d√©cor¬†was not what we wanted”, began the bride. “We knew we wanted colour and fun and we went from there. There were a few elements I needed to ‘sell’ to my parents but they went with most of my ideas (thankfully). Angelo and I are both involved in film and TV (Angelo is an actor and I am a Junior Creative Producer) so a strong film element had to be prevalent in our day. We had popcorn holding up our table numbers and a picture of a clapper board on our invites.”

A Erna Loock Photography CANDICE AND ANGELO-37

Candice’s gorgeous custom wedding gown was made by a¬†costume¬†designer,¬†Julita de Wet¬†and her shoes were from¬†Nine West.¬†She wanted her bridesmaids to be¬†comfortable¬†but colourful and stylish so instead of stuffy bridesmaid’s dresses they wore maxi skirts – each in a different colour – and white tank tops. They all carried giant paper flowers instead of bouquets.

A Erna Loock Photography CANDICE AND ANGELO-13

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Sweet Yet Edgy South African Wedding: Darren & Taryn

72-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

Darren & Taryn were married on 03/03/13 and 3 minutes past 3… and although they had a limited budget, they created a wedding that was both sweet and beautiful but edgy and fun! “We chose all the 3’s¬†because¬†we loved the symbolism of the energy surrounding the number”, explained the bride. “In numerology the energy of the number 3 is optimistic and fun-loving, and strives to uplift and colour its surroundings. They tend to be the ‘joker’, have a wonderful sense of humour and are very charismatic.”

68-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

“We try not to take ourselves seriously and so when it came to tying the knot after a year of engagement bliss and totally stress-free planning, we knew our day would be filled with the people and things that reflected our separate personalities and us as a couple.¬†We chose a beautiful venue off the trodden path of wedding venues in the Muldersdrift area of Johannesburg, which could not have been more perfect for what we had envisioned for us. Since we are of different faiths (my husband is Jewish and I am Catholic), the little quaint brookylaced gazebo, complete with bunting, on the edge of the picturesque dam was absolutely ideal for the intimate ceremony. We had it performed by a non-denominational minister in the presence of our immediate family and closest friends.”

2-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

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Picnic Wedding in South Africa: Steven & Demi


What could be more blissful than a picnic on a bright Summer’s day? And as the weather in South Africa is¬†notoriously¬†glorious in December that’s exactly what¬†Steven & Demi chose to do for their wedding. The venue was¬†Solms Delta Wine Estate¬†in Franschhoek.

“In our¬†hearts we really wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere at our wedding”,¬†explained¬†the bride. “A place where people felt free to kick off their shoes and be themselves. This definitely gave a sense of freedom and fun to our wedding. It was not a stiff, pretentious event but rather a special and ‘real-deal’ celebration of our commitment and the value of others in our lives.”


Demi went for a simple, elegant and almost innocent bridal look. I adore her long flowing hair, fuss free and minimal make up and carefree wedding gown. She wore ballet flats to begin with but for most of the day she ran around bare foot.¬†“I ran around in bare feet all day which was one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding”, she continued. ” Steven said he best moment was seeing me walk down the aisle.”


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A Pants Wedding!?!?: Candice & Mark

88 Pants wedding Fun photoshoot

Describing their day to me as a ‘pants themed wedding’ didn’t fill me with the utmost confidence about what Candice & Mark’s South African shindig might look like… but I’m pleased to report that my fears were unfounded. Pants themed weddings rock!

19 Pants wedding Getting ready

“I suppose I should start with where ‘pants’ comes from?”, began the bride. “I picked up the nickname ‘Candi-pants’ from an agency I was working at, it stuck! Then, when I started dating Mark I called him ‘Monkey-pants’! Needless to say it was a mouthful and now it’s just ‘Pants’. Our first date was hugely unusual, quirky and our-kind-of-romantic which set the tone for our relationship. Pants managed to completely surprise me with the engagement, I always joked that I would just¬†know,¬†as he is terrible at keeping surprises (his expressions always give him away). He proposed on Christmas Eve, while we were cruising down the Nile in Egypt.”

42 Pants wedding Ceremony

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A Sexy South African Winter Wedding: Tertius & Melissa

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s going to be full on winter soon. I personally don’t mind when it starts to get all icy and crisp outside – it’s the perfect excuse to wear something knitted and cute, order a¬†ridiculous¬†sounding coffee drink (Cream! Caramel! Sugar!¬†Marshmallows!) and snuggle up close with your lover. Perfect.

Plus we get to see weddings like¬†Tertius & Melissa’s…

The wedding took place at Oakfield Farm in South Africa. The ceremony was held in the onsite chapel, and the reception in the homestead. For the decor, the couple went for a dramatic look with deep reds and earthy tones.¬†“I’m not fond of the idea of ‘colour schemes’, but I love textures so we went for the earthy feel with just a little dash red”, explained the bride.” We added deep red roses and the bridesmaids wore red jackets. The rest we left up to mother nature!”

But you know what, I know you guys, and you’re all waiting for me to tell you about about Melissa’s amazing backless ¬†wedding dress aren’t you!? Oh go on then…

“I’ve always known I wanted a long-sleeved wedding¬†dress, so when the time came I knew what I wanted, but the only problem was there wasn’t a single long-sleeved¬†dress in any bridal shop. So instead I made my own. I had the basic design idea down and then went to see Peter Bondisio who made it all come to life! And what a masterpiece it was! My taste has always been somewhat unique and sometimes a little way out and my wedding wasn’t going to be any different. I decided to go for some dramatic red lips and nails. I chose this because I felt nothing embodies a real woman quite as much as red nails and¬†fiery¬†lips, and a wedding day is the day that allows a woman to be just that; 100% pure woman!”

And holy moly lady you look seriously sexy! Lucky Tertius…

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