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Voyeur Boudoir

Shall we get a little bit sexy on a Friday afternoon? I think so…

Yvonne Lynch is a photographer from NYC (who by the way will be in LA this month building up her portfolio) who specialises in “modern, hipster, raw boudoir shoots”.
Yvonne is passionate about making her clients feel good about themselves and will make the shoots as tame or as racy as you like! I chose these (slightly tamer should we say) beautiful images to share with you as they remind me of a naughty voyeur shoot…but without nipples on show!

Credit: Yvonne Lynch

Give Me Moore!

Seriously Kelly Moore’s ‘Give Me Moore’ photo shoots are amazing!

Credit: Kelly Moore Photography

Pin Up Stylee Boudoir

Just one more for today I think, lets end the day with some sexy, retro glamour shall we?  Boudoir shoots are flirty, fun, sexy, confidence-building and a fabulous gift to your hubby-to-be (and yourself for that matter!) so if you’ve been thinking about it then I say go for it!

See you tomorrow you gorgeous people

Credit: Imaginative Studios

Small Town Art Scene

Just a quickie to get you going this morning…
These were send to me by Emily Garrick who flew to Texas for this fabulous shoot.

She describes her experience:
It really centers around a small town art scene. I flew to Texas for this wedding and had no idea where I was going to shoot. Luckily I stumbled anon a vibrant local art scene downtown and took advantage of it for the portraits. I was super lucky to have a bride & groom willing to try anything. Jarett & Julie are very southern, very polite & sweet, but with a southern rock edge to them. It was a treat to work with them and have them trust me completely. I also loved the contrast of his formal tux & her dress with the pin up girl.

Cute huh!?

Credit: Emily G Photography


One hella sexy dress + one subtly placed tattoo on show = Rock n Roll Bride!

Credit: Pat Dy

Seriously Sexy

Oh Balls!
I was totally going to log off my computer right about now and go spend some quality time with the husband..but then I found these!
I hope you appreciate all the time, effort and love I give you!

Seriously cute (doggy) but at the same time seriously sexy (the second photograph!)

Credit: Fuller Edge