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A Sunday Kind of Love: Looking Forward

Seeing double? Photo nicked from Alexa Kent’s Instragram

On Friday Gareth & I packed up the car (again!) and drove down to Brighton (again!) for another School of Rock blogging workshop. The event was fabulous, my class were ace, and the whole thing left me with a warm n fuzzy feeling inside. As we drove away that night (slightly topped up with the celebratory after-workshop-wines – don’t worry Gareth was driving!) I turned to him and gushed away about how incredibly blessed I feel. Like, how is this my life? As someone who tentatively dipped her little toe into the blogosphere all those years ago, I can’t quite believe that people now line up to come and hear me speak about my journey. Like seriously… this is nutso. Even Darren Rowse of Problogger is singing my praises. Yeah no big deal or anything…

The ‘R’ keychains that the School of Rock students have taken home, made by the super fabulous Finest Imaginary

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The Power of Positivity: What’s the Nicest Thing That’s Been Said to you Recently?

Yesterday’s School of Rock was magical. We were a room full of girls (and er… Gareth – although I don’t think he minded at all!) chatting about business, blogging and everything in between. I left on a total high, feeling proud of the little space I was able to create and excited to have made a gaggle of new friends.

One of the topics at my workshops that always sparks the most debate and questions is that of dealing with online negativity. I don’t hold back when I’m asked about it. In fact I have very strong feelings on the matter and unashamedly honest about the whole thing.

But you know what, sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the bad things that happen and sweep the good stuff under the carpet. I mean, if I asked you what the last mean thing someone said to you was I’m sure you could recall it quickly, but if I asked about the last compliment or bit of praise you received, I bet it would be harder for you to remember right?

Which is why I’m a huge advocate for writing any positive messages down and saving any lovely emails or that tweets I get. In fact I have a whole folder on my computer where I stash all this loveliness. It’s the most positive, sparkly, rainbow-fueled folder of happiness ever! Then, when I’m having a down day, a quick read of a couple of those lovely things puts me right back on my positive track.

So today, I thought I’d share with you some of the lovely tweets I’ve received over the last few hours about yesterday’s School of Rock. I’m gonna keep riding that positive wave as long as I can!

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Brand New Date for the School of Rock Workshop: Brighton – SECOND DATE!

So this is an unusual turn of events! On Monday we launched the latest School of Rock event in Brighton. Within 2 minutes 2 spaces had sold… within 5 minutes 6 spaces had sold… within 11 minutes 9 spaces had sold… within an hour and 45 minutes we were sold out! HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS.

I’ve since had a huge number of people messaging and emailing me to ask if they could pleeease be put on a reserve list in case anybody pulls out. In fact so many of you have asked that that we’ve decided to take the illogical decision to host a second Brighton workshop the week after!

The drill will be as before. The event will be held at The Ginger Dog in Kemptown from 1.30-5.30pm on Friday 31st August. To read more about exactly what the course covers as well as to see more photos and a video from the last event, check out the previous blog post.

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Brand New Date for the School of Rock Workshop: Brighton!

It’s a huge cliché but I really have been truely blown away by the response to my School of Rock blogging workshops so far. Each event has sold out quicker than the last, with the most recent one being off the market within 8 hours! You guys really do know how to flatter me.

I know I keep saying this too, but the last event, at Curradine Barns in the West Midlands has got to have been my favourite yet. The venue was stunning, the group that attended were awesome and we even got fed an amazing 3 course meal (all made in house by their head chef) afterwards! Triple win!

I still get ridiculously nervous before each event and I always worry about getting my words out in the right order. I’ve got a secret to share… when I was about to start talking at this last event my mind literally went blank. Like… there was nothing there. NADDA. Somehow I managed to assemble some thoughts and get stuck in though. I hope no one noticed (although I’ve kinda given the game away now huh?)

I couldn’t do it without Gareth by my side. Not only to answer the techy questions that I suck at answering, but to pick up the slack when I start to babble (it happens!) Plus he pulls funny faces which amuses us all…

I don’t half make some funny faces myself when I’m talking though do I?! Emma said it’s because I’m ‘super involved and passionate’ about what I’m saying… I think it’s more likely that I’m just an over-expressive doof.

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Brand New Date for the School of Rock Workshop: West Midlands!

It’s that time again…time to announce a brand new School of Rock date and venue!

The next event will be taking place on Thursday 28th June 2012 at Curradine Barns in Shrawley, Worcestershire (about 50 minutes drive from Birmingham). The 4 hour workshop will be from 1.30pm-5.30pm (no early mornings thank you very much!) and afterwards you’re all invited to have food, drinks and more blogging chats with Gareth & me over a complementary meal being put on by the Curradine Barns team!

The workshop is all about the art of blogging. Most of the topics discussed will have relevance for anyone who has a blog, whether you’re wanting to be a professional blogger, someone who blogs to support their business (i.e. you’re a wedding photographer/stationer/caterer with a blog) or you just want to blog for fun! The course isn’t specifically aimed at people with wedding-related blogs although most of the examples (and secrets!) I share will probably be related to the wedding industry.

The course will cover the following topics:

♥ How I started Rock n Roll Bride and built readership (and tips on how you can do the same) ♥ Finding your own voice and showcasing your personality ♥ Knowing what to blog about and finding inspiration ♥ Leveraging social media ♥ How I turned my blog into a full time business, advertising and how to make money from your blog ♥ Branding and thinking about yourself as a brand ♥ How to get featured on professional wedding blogs ♥ Dealing with the not so nice bits of blogging ♥ Plenty of time for your questions…

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

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School of Rock Blogging Workshop at Muddifords Court, Devon

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

This week Gareth & I trotted off to Muddifords Court in Devon to host a School of Rock blogging workshop. As always I was super nervous on the drive down, but once we arrived and met Becky, Nicky & Pip my mind was put at ease. They were all so utterly lovely and made us feel extremely welcome!

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

My four hour presentation went super quickly and, if I do say so myself, pretty swimmingly. There were so many questions which always makes me happy, and the attendees were all smiling, scribbling notes and nodding along with what I was saying which is always a good sign I reckon!

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

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