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A Little Bit Of Happiness

This session is quite frankly gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that I don’t think my incessant ramblings can do it  justice. Therefore I won’t. Ramble that is. Just lookie and love what you see (eeek the chalkboard shots are to die for!)

Erica thank you so much for sharing this little bit of happiness.

Credit: Erica Berger

One Year On…

Good morning sunshine! Blimey it’s a scorcher here in England today…I am sweating away as I blog (nice!) Let’s get this party started shall we?

Julia & Neil got married a year ago but were never happy with their wedding photographs. They enlisted the help of a dream team of photographer Lauri Levenfeld of Zoom Photography, make up artist Stacy McClure and hair stylist Maria O’Rilley to finally give them the photographs they wanted on their one year anniversary…and oh did they! From the train station, to the graffiti wall and the beach to Chinatown – this whole shoot is pure San Fran cool.

Credit: Zoom Photography

Uncomplicated Drama

Right, I have been incredibly rock n roll today and fell asleep when I got back from work at 2pm..in my defence I do have to get up at 4am for my ‘day job’ so it’s not like I am totally pathetic! Anyway the result of which was I now have loooads of amazing stuff to catch up on so I better get going!

Sarah Yates is another one of my Twitter discoveries, and when I saw her website I was shocked that I hadn’t found her earlier.. .appalled (at myself!) almost. Her photography is soooo good. Check out Keenan & Sarah’s weddingfor example – modern, chic, editorial, fashionable – these are just some of the words that pop into my head and the photographs could literally be straight off the pages of a high fashion magazine.  Even though these are quite uncomplicated in colour (and we all know I am all about the super brights) these just totally work for me and are really dramatic in their simplicity.

Credit: Sarah Yates Photography

Erica Berger. I Love Her.

Erica Berger. I love her. I would move to San Fran just to be photographed by her. She has such a knack for rock n roll beauty…ahh I just love when she posts a new photo shoot. Actual genius.

Credit: Erica Berger

San Fran Stylish

These landed in my inbox approximatly 20 minutes ago and as soon as I laid eyes on them I emailed the photographer Natasha back saying “omg I have to have these!” I think it’s pretty obvious why right?!
The wedding took place in glorious and uber stylish San Francisco.  The Bride is in fact a fashion designer and can’t you tell from her amazing dress/shurg/shoe combo…and a Groom with black nail varnish? Rock and Rooooll!
Thanks Natasha!