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Beautiful Boudoir {NSFW}

What lady doesn’t want to feel super sexy just before her wedding (or any time in her life for that matter!) This gal certainly knows how to ‘bring it’ – loving the leopard print bra, the ruffled knickers, the guitar and of course the tattoos. Ooh err Misses!

ps the photos after the jump have some serious sexiness going on and may not be safe for work


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Thursday Treats – 03rd Dec 2009


Credit: Lucas Brown

Why hello December, you snuck up on us real fast didn’t you?! I’m not quite ready to get proper festive just yet, but here’s my usual¬†conglomerate of candy sweetness to keep you going until I am.

‚ô• How had I let¬†Clich√© magazine pass me by?! Plus my friend Lara Jade (well online friend… I like to fantasise that we are actually¬†buddies) is thrice featured! So much swoon
‚ô• I may not be ready for Crimbo yet but I’m sure some of you would like help with your shopping. This is the definitive playgirl shopping¬†list
‚ô• DIY engagement shoot. I love.
‚ô• Valentino. Yes please.
‚ô• A simple yet and wonderful seaside wedding
‚ô• Girlie, ruffled, gorgeous
‚ô• The Groom style to beat all groom style. Three words – Velvet. Teal. Jacket.
‚ô• Take your blog to a whole new level
‚ô• I want to eat this
‚ô• Freakin’ kick ass wedding polaroids (via a desert fete)
♥ What cool and awesome reception details!
‚ô• Beautiful 1920’s inspired wedding shoot
♥ 17 crazily gorgeous and completely unique business card ideas (via Princess Lasertron)
‚ô• OMG this dress! I can’t wait to see more of this wedding…
‚ô• Cinematic & awe-inspiring shoot
‚ô• Hee hee! Tea cup with little legs!
‚ô• UK photographers, Tino & Pip are desperate for an awesome Rock n Roll couple’s wedding to shoot. Therefore they are offering half price coverage to a deserving and rockin’ couple!
‚ô• This is not a new article, but a friend of mine sent this to me to cheer me up. Feeling jealous of other people’s¬†success and inadequate with what I’m doing with Rock n Roll Bride is part of the job of trying to make a success of your own business I guess! Don’t be different, be unique! (Thanks Andri – mwah)
‚ô• If you are still on the hunt for quirky, unique & adorable bridesmaid dresses then look no further than Quail Bridal. I am currently having a love affair with the teal ‘toasting’ dress
‚ô• I love these authentic vintage touches
‚ô• I just had to share this image shot by The Nichols¬†from Sarah & Jaime’s wedding. After pink, this shade of green is my favourite colour ever.¬†For the full report head over to Green Wedding Shoes later today.


‚ô• Shhh! An incognito New York Photographer is running a photo shoot contest. Incognito because they are keeping their identity a secret so not so influence the entries they receive. They say,
In an effort to only attract the most creative, I have decided to remain anonymous. I do not want contestants going to my website for inspiration on what they think I may be looking for. I want them to be creative and original. I realize that this is unorthodox, but I truly believe this will enable me to find the type of contestants I seek.

I would love it if a Rock n Roll couple won this. Come on you can do it!

The Mold Breakers Contest

‚ô• Living TV are still on the look out for a Rock n Roll couple to take part in the next series of Four Weddings. If you’re in the UK and getting hitched between now and March then get in touch! For anyone who hasn’t seen the show before, here’s the info from the production team:

We are casting for the second series of ‚ÄúFour weddings‚ÄĚ which see‚Äôs 4 brides attending each others‚Äô weddings as guests and they will judge & score the day as a whole based on four categories, The Dress, The Food, The Venue and The Overall Experience. The scores are not disclosed amongst the other brides until after all the weddings when it will be revealed whose wedding has been judged the best! The bride with the highest score at the end of the show will win a Luxury dream honeymoon.
We would really love a real variety of weddings celebrating different cultures and personal interests.We would love to include a gothic wedding or burlesque wedding, however we’re open to all sorts of weddings.This wedding would need to be taking place in December, January or February.


♥  I love posting videos to make you happieee

You may have seen this – it’s all over the internet, but my husband showed it to me on Tuesday and I melted (and laughed!)

Super 8 is super awesome huh?

Renee & Bob from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

Time Lapse is cool 

Jason and Anna Wedding Timelapse from Jason Ball on Vimeo.

You will love or hate this. I can’t help but love it (Thanks Dana!)¬†

‚ô• Love love love…this week’s mutal link love goes to…

Gerber + Scarpelli
Segerius Bruce Photography
Tino & Pip
J+C Photography
Shannon Nicole Smith
Dixie Pixel

Two Sides to the Story

Allison & Gabe’s wedding day started like every other – excitable, elegant, stylish and full of lurrrrve – then night fell and the chaos and fun of¬†rock star¬†proportions ensued!¬†I love how the couple’s attire¬†matches their mood – beginning of the day – excited, demure¬†and¬†classy (I adore Allison’s simple dress which she got on sale in Bloomingdale’s), ¬†end of the night¬†–¬†ruffled and rocking the hell out (and again I adore Allison’s dress – which she actually made herself – she bought a basic tutu from Etsy but the rest was all her own work!) In fact it wasn’t just the bride who changed¬†– the whole wedding party got changed (the women from pastels¬†into black¬†ruffles – again make by the bride from tutu’s found on Etsy – and¬†the men¬†into dinner suits) for the massive party at the end of the night!

IMG_7927 copy 1

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Midnight Picnic

This midnight picnic shoot makes me smile inside. The shoot took place on the couple’s 3 year anniversary and as photographer Holly explains, it’s “a visual display of¬† the idealistic, unrealistic, visionary,¬† dreamy, Utopian, whimsical,¬† starry-eyed love.” I like that!


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