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Johanna & Ryan had some pretty damn awesome portraits taken at their wedding…much love to the faaaabulous Tinywater Photography (as always, I heart them!) It looks like there was a lot of hilarity to be had…

Be sure to click the thumbnails below to get the full effect of brilliance, the mini pictures really do not do these justice!

Credit: Tinywater Photography

I Can Sing A Rainbow!

Oh hello beautiful shoes…hello gorgeous felt flowers!

I am so glad the Bride convinced her photographer Lara Hanon to submit these gorgeous images to me..where would I be without them? Well my day would be even more grey that the sky outside right now (boo).
The Princess Lasertron bouquet, corsages (they gave every guest one as a favour in fact) and bouttonieres reeeally set the whole thing off don’t they? Super bright, super sunny, super cute.

ps awesome Groom Style! Chad is rockin’ his mismatched look!

Love love love… Thanks so much Lara!

Credit: Lara Hanon Photography

Beachy, Sunny Engagements

I will most definitely be sharing some more of Marianne Wilson’s photography in future, especially when her images look like these! Aren’t the couple so cute? Their personalities are really shown off in these photographs don’t you think?

Credit: Marianne Wilson

A Rose Amongst Thorns!

I have a confession..not only did I google myself (I know right, shameful!) but it took me to page on The Knot(gaah!) Good news is that my voyage into uninspired-ville was not in vain. The link I followed took me to this ‘omg awesome’ 50’s rock n roll style wedding and introduced me to Imaginative Studios.  Hurrah!
If you too are brave enough to visit The Knot and all their unoriginal beauty then clicky here for more of this fan-bloody-tastic wedding. A true rose amongst thorns – check out all the amazing details!