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A Sunday Kind of Love – Lisa Devlin

I wanted to start this week’s post with a huge thank you to every single one of you for your kind words and comments on my ‘How to…not be a blogging pushover’ post. To everyone that stuck up for me and shared your love and passion for my little website – well wow, I’ve literally been blown away.

I decided to share this story with you today because I think it can only add further proof of my love of all my sponsors, of how they make my world go round and of my genuine feelings towards them (and theirs to me it would seem!) UK photographer Lisa Devlin has been a sponsor of Rock n Roll Bride for the past few months. Not only has this got her many a Rock n Roll wedding booking, but it has provided me with more eye candy to blog than I could ask for! With Lisa’s approval I wanted to share this card I received in the post this week. She also send me a little bag of treats including a Tatty Devine necklace! She knows me so well!

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Under the Spotlight – Newell Jones & Jones Photography

Anna & Aaron of Newell Jones & Jones Photography are one of those photographic teams you’ll come back to time after time. As soon as I discovered them I scoured their website almost religiously, impatient to see what they were all about. The Denver-based pair’s style is quintessentially Rock n Roll – fresh with a vintage, ethereal, nostalgic, organic, soft and dreamlike feel – subtle in its execution but dramatic when seen as a whole. I adore the photographs timeless feel, which will keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

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An Old Fashioned Love Affair

Anna & Ryan’s wedding was marvelously simple, rustic, old-fashioned romantic affair. Think prairie flowers, wheat, fabric streamers, ball jars and parasols. The round barn that was host to the event belongs to Anna’s family.

Anna’s dress was made by her Mum and was closely based on a design by an independent Italian designer named Mirit Weinstock who sends her clothes out to girls around the world to wear in self portraits to promote her clothing (check out the ‘birthday’ video on her homepage – it’s fab). Her hairpiece was by the always fabulous Which Goose.


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An Old Fashioned Love Affair


Anna & Ryan's wedding was marvelously simple, rustic, old-fashioned romantic affair. Think prairie flowers, wheat, fabric streamers, ball jars and parasols. The round barn that was host to the event belongs to Anna's family. Anna's dress was made by her Mum and was closely based on a design by an independent Italian designer named Mirit Weinstock who sends her clothes out to girls around the world to wear in self portraits to promote her clothing (check out the 'birthday' video on her homepage - it's fab). Her hairpiece was by the always fabulous Which Goose. After the ceremony (in which both Anna & Ryan only had one attendant each) there was a picnic lunch and after the picnic, everyone went to the couple's studio (they are also both photographers) to mingle. The reception was in a place called the Forum... an old theatre converted into a bar/event hall which was right across the street from their apartment/studio. Photographer Mysi described the reception vibe as being very much like a movie: amazing people... loud, happy and not a bit of drama. there was a moment during the last song of the night where about 30 of us danced while joined together in an enormous group hug (hard to breathe in there) and screamed the song ... when i realized i should be taking a photo of the spectacle, but i was too happy to watch from the outside. the best part of that was it wasn't forced or annoying or drunken or awkward. it was just joyous. Thanks so much to Mysi for all her hard work on this feature - she has also given me a sneak peek of her own wedding (they just got back from their honeymoon themselves) and it is beyond adorable so I hope I will be able to share those too soon! Credit: Soda Fountain Photography

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How To Blog – Originality & Connections

For a while now I have had a little nugget of an idea floating around my head, a teeny tiny musing that could turn into something if nurtured. I have been thinking of starting a mini series about ‘How to Blog’. I’d love to be able to share my experiences and hopefully impart some wisdom on others wanting to expand their blogging success. I’m primarily thinking about those who want to blog in order to share other people’s work and inspiration.

For this first instalment I want to draw attention to a small part of the whole affair that I feel is quite an important one. I am making reference to bloggers and photographers solely because this is what I know and this is the circle I move in, yet I hope the basic ideas can be transferred to your own preferred network.  Let me know what you think…


Credit: Erica Berger

Maybe you visit other blogs for inspiration for your own blog. Maybe you take daily trips around blog-land to network with other bloggers or hell, maybe you even sneak into other places to take weddings and images for your own blog. The internet is a big old vast universe and policing it is pretty much futile, but in my (relatively short) time as an online writer I have come to witness and be annoyed by the same thing over and over.

So here’s the story – photographer shoots a kick ass wedding. Photographer blogs said kick ass wedding. Blogger A picks up on the wedding and steals (because however you sugar coat it that is essentially what you’re doing) the images and posts them on their own blog, which is then seen by blogger B who steal the images from blogger A to put on their own website.
On the flipside we have scenario two – photographer shoots and blogs the kick ass wedding. Blogger A picks up on the wedding and emails the photographer asking permission to use the images on their site, with the appropriate credit of course. Photographer says they’d be delighted and sends the images over right away.
The difference? In scenario two a connection is established between the photographer and the blogger. This is social networking after all. For me, my blog has become more than just a place to post pretty pictures, it is a vehicle to connect with like minded individuals, to have a voice and to feel like my opinion is being heard and respected.
To others it may be a place where they want to show ‘the best of the best’ the most beautiful or the most sought after (in my case) weddings and photography for some kind of kudos. But by doing this you are essentially missing out the very best part of being a blogger. I’m not trying to come across all ‘peace and love’ but would my site be where it is today without making those vital connections with others online? The simple answer is ‘no’.

Sure, I could regurgitate what every other website or blog includes and have a very pretty site with all the most sought after weddings on, but would I have the loyal following I have today with such a method? I would not be distinctive, I would not have the online companionship and I would not have respect. I would not only be a carbon copy of everyone else but a lonely one at that. If Blog A is already doing something, why would anybody visit Blog B if all they did was re-post the same images?

A crude example but think of it like this. Jordan was a phenomenally successful glamour model over here in the UK. She made a fortune by taking her clothes off and being photographed falling out of clubs. In 2002 a TV show was broadcast called ‘Essex Wives’. The ‘star’ of the show was Jodie Marsh – an over the top, Jordon wannabe with big boobs and skimpy outfits. She prided herself on being new and different. She had real boobs whereas Jordon’s were fake after all! However essentially she was a complete carbon copy of the original.
Jodie had some fame and made some money being Jordon’s rival, but let’s look at them now. Jordon has a massively popular TV show, is breaking America and makes millions every minute with her various perfume, home ware, book and equestrian (I kid you not) lines whereas poor little Jodie did a series on MTV to find her a husband (which later was exposed to be a set up) and continues to desperately cling to fame with various stunts – her most recent being her new found lesbianism.
As I said before, a crude example yes but if you had to, who would you be? The original or the copycat?

The moral of the story? Be different, stand out, find your voice and make the connection!

If you like what you’ve read I’d love to continue with this series. Why not drop me an email with any questions you might have and I’ll try to work the answers into the next issue.

Edit: For some reason, I feel the need to justify myself to some particular people who think they have the right to come onto my site and slate me. If only these people would comment with real email addresses I could speak to them directly but I guess that’s just not their style. I am well aware that some people would rather hide behind a computer than make an actual connection.

Anyway…I hope that I have not come across here like I’m perfect or a know-it-all when it comes to how to make the best of blogging. I simply want to share my experiences as a blogger to hopefully impart whatever small wisdom I have on simple ideas. Yes, I will openly admit that in the past I have blogged things without speaking to photographers first. Back when I began Rock n Roll Bride I had no idea about etiquette or the ‘right’ way to credit or link to people. However since learning a little bit more and reaching out to people my relationship with others online has grown immensely, isn’t that what blogging is all about after all? My only wish with this post was to maybe help some other newbie bloggers along so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

As I have said before there are no rules. If you want to carry on and blog without getting consent, be my guest, but I promise you, you will be pretty lonely in blog-land.

Sharing The Link Love

Today is Sunday and although it seems strange to me that the whole world isn’t sat at home online (yes I am a total geek) it appears to be a slow day on the old world wide web.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to my wonderful sponsors – I quite frankly think every single one of these guys rock, and I am completely honoured to have them as a permanent feature of my site. Share the link love and have a little click over to their site’s if you’re at a Sunday loose end.


Erica Berger has that San Fran cool thing down to a T and she is hoping to soon bring her unique style to destination weddings as well. Her photography is second to none and I literally adore every single image she has ever shot! Her work is fresh, luminous and always makes me feel sunny and warm! I could browse her flickr stream all day long and always find something to make me smile.
Erica will be travelling to New York to spread some of her photographic happiness from July 28th to August 5th 2009.  If you are in New York (you lucky thing!) then she is offering photo shoots at $500 including all the edited photographs afterwards. How who wouldn’t want that!? ps I demand the photographs for blogging afterwards!


Tinywater are husband and wife team Caroline & Daniel who hail from Sacramento, California. They specialise in fabulously original, cutting edge, modern photography that never ceases to take my breath away. Not one of their photo shoots have ever bored me and no two are ever the same. If you haven’t checked their work out before you are most definitely missing out!


Robin Roemer worked for several years as a full time photographer and photo editor for MTV Networks. She has photographed music legends such as Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox and the B-52s and new artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Her wedding photography is fresh, clean and subtly spectacular – she truly captures a New York wedding at its best.


David McNeil was born in Scotland but now resides in Chiswick, West London. A close friend of mine, I have been lucky enough to see his wedding photography blossom from this teeny tiny idea of a thing right up to this all encoumpasing photographic style that is taking the UK wedding scene by storm and braking the mould of the traditional, dull wedding photographer (seriously if only he’d figured out his calling sooner – we would have totally had him shooting our wedding!) I am very lucky to have such a talented friend who has taken many a good photograph of even me! I cannot rave about David enough. Go check out his site, like now.


Wedding Paper Divas offer modern personalised stationary to a worldwide audience. Their process is sleek and simple and will surely make choosing your wedding stationary a dream. Wedding Paper Divas are currently offering 20% off all orders over $100..be sure to check it out if you’re still on the invitation hunt.


Abazias are the newest member of the Rock n Roll Bride family. Specialising in gorgeous diamonds from the affordable to the extortionate, you’ll be sure to find the diamond of your dreams right here.


Julia Boggio

If you haven’t seen Julia Boggio’s amazing work yet you really really need to.  You need this in your life!

Stark and even cold at times – almost technical perfection… yet other times it’s all fun, whimsy and play.  Julia produces work of true contrast and diversity.  

Credit: Julia Boggio