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I couldn’t very well have a day of posting about The Philippines and not include MangoRED now could I? I’ve got part two of Jason & Lloyda’s ridiculous engagement session – ridiculous in a good way you understand! High fashion eat your heart out! The props used here put everyone else to shame don’t they? Hello! They used an actual giant paper boat for their shipwrecked senario.


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An Engagement Session on Steriods

Part two of today’s love for The Philippines comes in the form of these stunning images sent by Jeffroger Kho. Arthur & Sheilan are one seriously cool couple and I am nuts about that purple dress!

Jeffroger described this session as ‘an engagement session on steriods’ and I certainly have to agree. It’s not everyday a photographer shoots a couple in a spooky, abandoned house that looks like it belongs on an Asian horror movie set or on a windswept beach standing in a box and wrapped in clingfilm! These shots seriously wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue and I am smitten.


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Elegant & Quirky

I’m having a bit of a Philippines love fest today because as many of you will know I seem to adore everything that comes out of that country. The photographic style is so elegant yet so quirky, so fashion-let but so personal. Love love love.

I’m starting off with newbie photographer Joey Boquiren who sent me Filmore & Margaux’ engagement session…now tell me I’m wrong! Super stylish yet super sweet and personal right? Faaabulous


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A Mystical Fairytale

Anyone that has been reading Rock n Roll Bride for some time now will know that I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the MangoRED boys. The brothers from The Philippines never fail to blow me away with the ingenious eye behind on every shoot or wedding they capture.

How is photography like this even possible?! I literally have no words…


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