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Palm Springs DIY Desert Wedding: Rob & Diana

Diana & Rob-040

Rob and Diana chose the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to host their wedding back in March. Their day was simple and elegant but with an added dash of sparkle! “Our wedding had a desert chic theme!” wrote the bride. “The otherworldly modern feel of the natural desert offset by a palette of mixed metallics. We did a lot of DIY. I had a serious staff of dedicated friends – we crafted every weekend for four months! I even flew my future mother-in-law out from New York to help – she had great handwriting for all the personalized gift bags from her days teaching kindergarten. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know exactly what its going to look like when you are done, if you can dream it do it!”

Diana & Rob-003

“We made everything very personal – from integrating graphic design from my mom to having our friends help design the altar and flowers and do the DJing. Let’s just say any wedding that requires a roll of chicken wire, eight cans of spray paint, a mosh pit, and my father-in-law dropping it to Wu Tang Clan is not the norm.  It was what we know of the music scene we grew up in: community, loyalty, and never taking ourselves too seriously.”

Diana & Rob-008

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Bollywood Palm Springs Wedding: Carla & Daniel


Using influences from around the world, Carla & Daniel wanted their Palm Springs wedding to be eclectic but relaxed.

“We really wanted our wedding to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere that reflected how we connect a couple”, explained the bride. “I work in the wedding industry myself and so people assumed that as soon as we were engaged I’d have every detail planned, but it was actually the exact opposite! All I knew was that I wanted something different for our wedding and I knew just the people for the job. My sister and I launched our own wedding business, Wedding Collectibles, a few years ago. Our event design & planners Sugar & Fluff were some of the first contacts and friends that we made when we first started.”


The venue was Alcazar Hotel in Palm Springs. With a passion for Bollywood, Carla asked her stylists if this would work as a theme and they seamlessly incorporated it in with the Spanish and Moroccan vibe of the space. “We decided to do a weekend getaway for close family and friends in Palm Springs,” Carla continued. “Guest flew in from all over the world and it was a great weekend for everyone to bond and enjoy the weekend wedding festivities.”


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A Modern Wedding at The Viceroy, Palm Springs: Melaina & Tim

I think I say this every time I feature a Palm Springs wedding but oh boy is this place on my holiday wish list… I’m also now pretty set on staying at The Viceroy after seeing this wedding. In fact I couldn’t think of a more perfect venue for a modern wedding with black, grey and yellow accents.

“We wanted an intimate destination wedding for around 50 of our friends and family in Palm Springs and the Viceroy had the perfect feel”, began Melaina, the bride. “Not to mention that our colors yellow, grey and black were in the decor already. An outdoor wedding was important to us and we didn’t want something stuffy or too traditional. The reading we chose for our ceremony was, The Owl and the Pussycat, and as our recessional music we walked out to ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello which is from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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An Old School Rock n Roll Wedding at The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs: Tasha & Curtis

Ahh Palm Springs you are on my travel wish list for sure, and seeing weddings like Tasha & Curtis’ makes me yearn for your palm trees even more.

The wedding was held at the achingly cool Ace Hotel in June. “I’d describe our wedding theme as 1970s Rock n Roll”, explained the bride. “Curtis is much more traditional than I am (shockingly – he has long hair and tattoos covering most of his body!) so we wanted to find a way to use the traditional ceremony but make it feel really personal and our own. We had our parents walk in at the front of the wedding party, then all of our ‘Allies’, as we called them, came in separately (no boy/girl pairs – they each stand alone in awesomeness) and then we came in together. The wedding party walked in to a string quartet version of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and we walked in together to Citizen Cope’s ‘Somehow’. We had a good friend as our officiant and instead of having my dad ‘give me away’, we had a question/response where my parents accepted Curtis into their family and his parents accepted me into theirs. It was really beautiful. We also had a call and response where our guests ‘gave us away’ to each other!”

For the reception decor the couple went all out with coming up with something creative. ” I loved the table settings – horseshoes, vintage books, milkglass vases with billy balls, mason jars with candles and these amazing rope number signs that one of my Maid of Honor’s made (I had two!) Plus i’m obsessed with the placecards. We made them by picking out old casettes specifically per guest and I used a vintage label maker to put their names on them.”

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A Nature-Loving Palm Springs Wedding: Kelly & Ken

 Ahh Palm Springs… one day I will be in you. But for now, I’ll have to make do with lusting over Kelly & Ken’s incredible wedding. Is everyone in Palm Springs as effortlessly cool as these two?

The wedding was held on the Bob Melk Estate, a privately owned home. “Ken and I met and bonded because of music”, Kelly told me. “We fell in love through creating music together, so it’s a huge part of our whole story. One of our favorite songs ‘Albatross’ by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. It has followed us through our courtship and became our processional song.”

The day had a laid back vibe, one which was perfect for the Palm Springs location. Kelly continued, “Our inspiration was to take what was natural about Palm Springs and the desert but to not overplay it. We wanted it to be very ‘us’ i.e. LOW MAINTENANCE. All the touches were pretty subtle and we utilized materials that were natural for that environment. Lots of succulents & stones, and tons of my favorite elements that I work with in my art work: metal and wood. Ken and I are pretty casual people, and love the outdoors but we’re both also very much into the style and music of the 60s and 70s, so we really wanted to combine our love of nature and our love of retro California style.”

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An Intimate Palm Springs Wedding with just 10 Guests: Berrit & Daniel

Berrit & Daniel had just 8 (well 10 including their photographer Marianne Wilson and her assistant!) guests for their super intimate wedding in Palm Springs. By keeping the numbers so small they were able to pay real attention to all the wedding details in order to create an utterly stunning celebration. The wedding was held at a private house called Silver Orchid.

The couple traveled from Germany, where they live, to be married in California on a Friday evening. They had a florist come in and set up an archway and chair for the ceremony as well as a little dinner set up out on the lawn that was catered (mini milkshakes and all) by Chef KK.

“You can probably imagine the chaos-scenario with the whole family in good old cold Germany when we told them we’d decided to have a very small, intimate and perfect wedding, with only our closest friends, in sunny Califoria!” wrote Berrit. “We have never regretted it though! Most of our family members didn’t know we smoked or that I am tattooed. They loved the wedding photos by Marianne Wilson but that was a bit of a shock for them! So, our very private Rock n Roll lifestyle was then made public (at least to the family at home) at the very best day of our lives.”

“The best and most intimate part of our wedding was the fact that a close friend, Alex (I featured his own wedding on Rock n Roll Bride two years ago in fact!) made a licence to become our officiant! No one else could have done a more personal marriage ceremony than him”

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