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I was so incredible honoured when blog reader Cécile sent me this drawing that she’d done of Gareth & me. As photographer Christine who took the original photograph said when I showed it to her, “It takes me straight back to that moment! It makes my heart smile so much! Wow such a talent that Cécile is”.

Thank you Cécile for the beautiful gift. You can see more of her gorgeous work via her own website La Belette Rose.

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Goth Adventures in Prague with La Carmina & Go with Oh!

Disclaimer: I’m going to try and not make this post just a boring “er, wanna look at my holiday snaps” kinda blog post. Try I sad…

One of my goals for 2012 was to push myself out of my comfort zone more, and to travel as much as possible. I’ve never been a huge traveller, but I strongly felt that in order to broaden my horizons and provide more well rounded and interesting blog topics that starting to do more of it was important. So when Japanese travel and goth fashion blogger La Carmina, who I’ve spoken to online for the past 4+ years, asked if I wanted to join her in Prague for a few days I disregarded my feelings of trepidation and nerves and said hell yes!

The trip was sponsored by Go with Oh who own rental apartments all over Europe. We were on the top floor of a gorgeous gothic-esque looking apartment building and despite the disruptive stag do over the corridor it was perfect! This was the apartment we stayed in. It was huge – a massive bedroom, two bathrooms, a reception area, a kitchen/lounge and an outside terrace! Especially after just getting back from New York and being hauled up in a teeny apartment, I felt like we were living like kings queens!

We had a view over the Vltava river and it was just a 10 minute hop skip and jump over the water to Old Town.

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School of Rock Blogging Workshop at Muddifords Court, Devon

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

This week Gareth & I trotted off to Muddifords Court in Devon to host a School of Rock blogging workshop. As always I was super nervous on the drive down, but once we arrived and met Becky, Nicky & Pip my mind was put at ease. They were all so utterly lovely and made us feel extremely welcome!

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

My four hour presentation went super quickly and, if I do say so myself, pretty swimmingly. There were so many questions which always makes me happy, and the attendees were all smiling, scribbling notes and nodding along with what I was saying which is always a good sign I reckon!

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

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Start Each Day Like it’s your Birthday…

Via J Jump Jennifer

Except today when I’ll be extra specially in the party spirit because it actually is my birthday! Woohooo 28 today.

My plans basically revolve around hoping that Gareth has something in the realms of utter spoiling under this sleeve (no pressure G-man…)

I have a feeling 28 is going to be a very exciting year indeed. Be sure to pop by later today for a super cute ombre cake DIY! My birthday gift to you.

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Mark Niemierko’s Valentine’s Party at Spencer Hart, London

Kat and Gareth Williams from Rock N Roll Bride

Last week Gareth & I were lucky enough to be invited to my friend Mark Niemierko’s annual Valentine’s party, this year held at Spencer Hart Tailors located on Saville Row in Mayfair (read: too posh for us, how the hell did we get invited?!). I wore a vintage pink 1950s prom dress for the occasion which I had picked up from my favourite vintage shop in all the land, Frock n Roll.

I love Mark more than words. He comments “My annual Valentine’s party allows the wedding industry a night off, to let their hair down and celebrate the hard work we’ve all put in.  As well as to look forward to the weddings in the year ahead.  A few previous Niemierko Grooms have chosen to wear Spencer Hart suits on their wedding day, upon visiting their new flagship store I instantly thought this would make a great party venue.  Perfectly located directly opposite one of my favourite hotels, Claridge’s, and diagonally opposite Vera Wang.  Brook Street is fast becoming a must visit location for all Brides and Grooms.”


..See, told you…posh…( ps i love how you can always easily spot me in a crowd haha!)

Gareth’s dream is to one day be able own one of the beauties on display.

As a little V-day treat, I thought you might like to see some photos (hello pink lighting – I like to think Mark did this in my honour…!) and the fabulous video. I was even interviewed for this one.

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