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Neon Sweeties & Steaming Light

Teresa & Brian’s beautiful outdoor wedding is one worth stopping for. Be sure to check out all these gorgeous images in full, especially the adorable one of Teresa through Brian’s heart-shaped fingers. Aww.
I am completely loving her dress, their ring shot is making me crave neon coloured sweeties and all the portraits with the streaming light make me wanna get up and dance a little bit, how about you?

As always, thanks to Jessica for sharing the wedding love.


Credit: Jessica Purvis

Cotton Mill Bridal

Hurrah! another set of images from Wei Quek. This gorgeous shoot took place at the cotton mill near Dallas, a location that made for some fabulous textures and light. The dress is by Nicole Miller.

Credit: Photobolic

Sucked In!


This happened last time. I thought ‘ooh I’ll guess go see what Kelly Moore has been up to’ and suddenly I’m sucked into a world of way-too-amazing-photo shoots! I have to share this one as well…I’m sure you understand why!

Credit: Kelly Moore Photography

The Crack Of Dawn

I’m convinced that California has a whole different sun to the one we have here in the UK. Is this light amazing or what?
This post wedding shoot was shot at the crack if dawn (hence the amazing dewy, dawny, early morning light) and actually almost makes me want to do a photo shoot at stupid o’clock in the morning just in case we could get anything as remotely fabulous as these!

Credit: Beki Dawn Photography

Do It Yourself!

OK I am officially blown away by this couple and this wedding. It bright and it’s fun and it looks like a wedding I would have loved to be at!

Nicola & Ben got hitched at Tithe Barn, Hampshire and did as much DIY as was feasible.  This included all the invites, the favours, the decorations (yes, Martha Pom Poms… all 450 of them!), the table plan, the order of the day booklets…

Nicola says
It was well worth the extra effort when we saw all our hard work come together on the day
and I have to agree – the result is quite frankly spectacular, gorgeous and inspiring,. Plus I am sooo jealous of Nicola’s amazing Candy Anthony dress & petticoat (and her veil which she made herself for the grand total of £1.50!)

The couple also had a cine film wedding video that I can’t wait to see (and share with you of course) when they get it back.

Clicky here for their slideshow