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Happy, Fuss-Free, San Diego Elopement

Cassidi and Lauren fell in love with San Diego two years ago after visiting for a birthday getaway. Since they’d planned their wedding to be just the two of them, they thought that traveling to somewhere they loved would be fun. “The two family weddings we’d been to together inspired us to start away from tradition,” they explained.

They were surprised by how easy and stress-free wedding planning could be. “It always sounded like such a stressful ordeal from stories we’d heard, but we just didn’t get too wrapped up in expectations and let things fall into place – it could not have been more perfect.” They kept things simple; a quick ceremony in the gardens of the courthouse, followed by running around their favourite spots with photographer Jasmine taking photos and eating pizza. They wore high street, non-wedding dresses. There was no seating plan to agonise over, no decor to tie together. They just had a spontaneous day to celebrate their love for one another.

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Lucys’ Love Party: An Eclectic, Kitsch Wedding Inspired by Queer Club Nights, Pizza and Cabaret

Collectively known as ‘The Lucys’ – Lucy K and Lucy J met in London at a Hercules and Love Affair gig through mutual friends. When it came to planning their September wedding, they touched on their shared interests; queer club nights, cabaret, vintage tea parties and pizza, to name but a few!

With a £15,000 budget, they had so much fun planning their wedding. “We always knew we weren’t going to have a traditional wedding,” explained Lucy K, “expressing our personalities and coming up with touches that were as individual as us was our favourite part. We just put things together that we liked, really, and didn’t worry about what ‘went’ together. We planned the whole thing in just nine months, which was probably quite stressful for a DIY day – a year might’ve been better!”

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Colourful, Homely, Backyard Wedding

Nadine and Evy met each other five years ago and during a collaboration at work, a spark lit between them. At first they didn’t know what happened and what to do with these feelings for each other, as both of them never had feelings for another woman before. It was a delicate situation, but they said yes to the butterflies and they just went for it.

For their wedding day, they wanted for their guests to feel at home, welcome and relaxed. The held it in their own backyard – their ‘safe haven’ – in May 2019, and spent €6000 to make their daydreams a reality. They started collecting things, like trinkets and ornaments, a year in advance which not only helped spread the cost, but they really enjoyed keeping an eye out with their big day in mind. They filled the day with things they loved – from the rainbow confetti and pompoms their guests showered them with after they said their “I Dos”, to the kids’ face painting booth during the reception – every decision they made had to represent either of them in some way!

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