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DIY Irish Wedding with an Outdoor Woodland Ceremony: Noel & Dee


Noel & Dee’s Cork wedding had a laid back, bohemian vibe and was held at Ballyvolane House. The ceremony was held outside in the woods. “The owners of Ballyvolane House, Justin & Jenny Green and their wedding coordinator Breffne McKenna organised our ceremony and reception flawlessly”, began the bride. “We didn’t have to worry or think about anything on the day as everything went so smoothly. Even when our celebrant didn’t show up, there was no issue as Justin stood in to conduct our ceremony in the woods. This made it even more special. Our guests didn’t know any different, and just assumed Justin was the celebrant until he came around during the reception with a tray of champagne. Some of the guests commented that we were really getting our money’s worth out of him! We can’t thank them enough for going above and beyond in every way.”


The ceremony was made even more personal by the musicians who performed, “Music for the ceremony was by my husband’s extremely talented musician friends, Craig O’Neill, Grainne Gormley, Sandra O’Halloran and Karen Jordan”, Dee explained. “They chose the music and I walked up the aisle to ‘Scarborough Fair’. During the hand tying they sang a very old Irish love song called ‘Eileen Aroon’ and we walked back down the aisle to Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’. All of these songs were so beautiful and haunting, it was so special to have them sing for us and we are eternally grateful. As Karen lives in Buenos Aires many a Skype practice session getting their harmonies right happened in preparation.”


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A Dirty Fabulous Circus Wedding: Caroline & Peter

Running her own vintage boutique, Dirty Fabulous, in Dublin, Caroline was in the perfect position to plan her DIY circus themed wedding. She and fiancé Peter knew from the outset that they wanted something fun and unusual, and they had the perfect place in mind to host it. “We go to flea markets at the Dublin Food Co-op building and we always loved it”, the bride began. “It’s not particularly pretty by any stretch of the imagination but it always has a lovely vibe. We were at the market one Sunday and we both said that if we were ever to get married that it would make an awesome venue. It just went from there really, it took me about 6 months to convince the co-op to let us do it and we didn’t have a back up plan if they said no.”

“We did everything ourselves and for about €5000 (with 120 guests!) using props from Dirty Fabulous” she continued. “We started the day with a 1940s girl band, The Bugle Babes, followed by a pre-wedding first dance to Cathy Davey & Neil Hannon singing a duet. Then we got married on stage, my brother dressed as a ring master reading Oscar Wilde, and as soon as we were pronounced husband and wife The Dublin City All Stars, a big brass band, marched in playing Louie Louie. They had never played at a wedding before and they are mostly kids and their parents but they learnt the song for us and it was AMAZING! Everyone went bananas! They then played for about thirty minutes while everyone went crazy. Oh and my husband sang a Fred Astaire song to me during our vows which was awesome.”

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A Simple & Beautiful Irish Wedding: Anna & Mirko

Anna & Mirko wanted a simple wedding with tons of personality. The day was held at Fallon & Byrne, a restaurant in the heart of Dublin.

“We met 12 years ago and we never talked much about marriage until two years ago”, wrote the bride. “I was getting dressed one Sunday morning and we were chatting away when he just came and out and said ‘Do you want to marry me?’ I didn’t realise it was a genuine question and replied ‘Ah yeah why not’. He grabbed me and we start jumping around in a circle laughing. Mirko was shouting ‘We are getting married!’ and I was like ‘Oh Really? Yay!!’ It was so funny and this situation sums us up really.”

“We were so relaxed about the whole situation and just wanted to keep it small with close family and friends”, she continued. “We managed to arrange everything and enjoy the organising stress-free. I think this helped us to get the most out of the day and enjoy every second.”

The ceremony was particularly important to this romantic pair. “The ceremony was held in Fallon & Byrne at 3.30, so everybody was in the room waiting for me at 3pm. I was a little late so didn’t really have to much time to think or get nervous. When I entered the room and looked at Mirko and all our family and friends my heart skipped a beat. It was so surreal and very emotional. It’s a memory I know I’ll never forget. The day went so fast like a dream, we really felt so over whelmed with happiness.”

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A Low Key Belfast Wedding & A Bride with Lilac Hair: Terri & Garreth

Ever since working on the Ice Cream Dream shoot, where Elbie wore a lilac wig, I’ve been a little obsessed with this colour hair. If I was ever in the market for a deviation from pink, it might have to be my next move. Anyway so, as you can imagine, I loved Terri, and her wedding to Garreth, just as soon as I saw it.

The day was split into three parts. The first, a ceremony at Belfast City Hall, was followed by lunch at Made In Belfast (who I’ve featured before – remember?) Then for the afternoon celebration and evening party, the wedding moved to The Secret Garden at Filthy McNasty’s.

“Our wedding was about one thing”, began the bride, “and that was Garrath and I having as much fun as possible with our friends and family. I laughed from the very start to the very end. We didn’t have flowers or hire cars. We used Star Wars music for the ceremony. There were no seating plans or formal photos, no cheesy DJ or decorations. We had our reception in a bar, the food was a buffet and there was no top table. We hired a greaser band that played all their own music and everyone had a ball! We did what we wanted to do regardless of tradition – we even went home to visit our dog. I broke my foot during the band, but barely noticed and still danced on tables and moshed all night long! If that’s not Rock n Roll then I don’t know what is!”

Jeez, I hope your foot is OK Terri!

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A Quirky Irish & Brazilian Wedding: Andrea & Paulo

The Irish wedding of Andrea & Paulo was held at Belfast City Hall. After the intimate ceremony the couple hosted a low key reception at Made in Belfast, a quirky restaurant in the Cathedral Quarter. The couple had just £6,000 to spend but managed to make the most of their budget by making unconventional choices.

“Paulo and I met in a place called Praia da Pipa, near Natal, in Northeast Brazil” Andrea explained. “I was backpacking on my summer holiday from teaching and he was on a surfing weekend away with his friends. He is originally from Fortaleza in Ceará, Brazil, where we now live, and I am originally from Northern Ireland so it proved quite serendipitous that we were both out on that particular evening! Neither of us big drinkers, we had been dragged out to socialise with friends and I caught his eye. He plucked up the courage to come ask me my name. We started to talk, and something changed for both of us, we just clicked! Between us we spoke enough Portuguese and English to find one another curiously interesting and since then we have never looked back. We have spent four years travelling back and forward between the UK and Brazil to spend time together, juggling work, study and family commitments along the way. Paulo proposed to me on my summer holiday in August 2010, he got down on one knee at sunset on the balcony of our apartment, it was so romantic! I was leaving to go back to the UK that night so it was very emotional too, I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to leave!”

“We are both pretty soulful individuals and like to do things differently, in our own way” she continued. “So when it came to our wedding neither of us wanted to get sucked into the commercial wedding machine and waste loads of money conforming to the wedding packages on offer in most conventional venues. The most important things to us were simply getting married, eating good food and sharing a relaxed, fun day with family and friends. The City Hall in Belfast is such a beautiful building and the staff there made the whole legal side of getting married so straightforward – an important factor for us in the midst of sorting out visa and immigration paperwork! I loved the idea of photos on the marble staircase and in the halls, with the added advantage of minimal cost in terms of the venue.”

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Clockwork Heart & Eyelash Dream: A Victorian Steampunk Shoot

Time travel. Steampunk. Victoriana. Turn of the century industrialism. If you love any of these things then you’re going to die over this shoot, sent over from Ireland by the fabulous Chemistry Photography.

“We put together this shoot with an amazing crew of 20 creatives including designer Alice Halliday (she’s the glowing goddess who designed Florence Welch’s infamous cape) and rockstar make-up artist Kathryn O’Neill (she rocks the wedding world and all the Irish mags)”, photographer Kait told me.

“I had been OBSESSING about steampunking out my iMac, my iPhone, and just about every electronic device I own for a few months. So when Kathryn contacted me and said she was dying to do a creative shoot together… it was the first idea that popped into my head. I had been waiting for a good excuse to buy steampunk goggles and a discombulating ray gun. If I were to get married again, I would definitely have a Steampunk wedding. All the elegant goodness of a vintage, Victorian wedding without sacrificing sass and quirk.”

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