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Under the Spotlight – Honeymoon Ideas from Mahlatini

Having trouble deciding where to go on your honeymoon? Maybe you fancy laying on the beach in the Maldives but your husband-to-be wants to safari it around Kenya? Well Mahlatini are here to help. Their flexible and eclectic honeymoon options are perfect for people that want something different.

Mahlatini offer a range of holiday and honeymoon choices. Their ‘twin centre’ honeymoon packages specialise in holidays with two or locations included.

“These holidays are growing in popularity and Africa in particular lends itself to providing a diversity of experiences in one trip,” they explain, “Honeymooners in particular are drawn to twin centre safari and beach honeymoons which combine an action packed safari or city break with perhaps a week spent on a nearby beach to relax and soak up the sun. Twin Centre Holidays also suit families because parents can add to the yearly beach holiday with an educational and fun cultural and wildlife experience.”

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Honeymoon Help – Helping you Plan a USA Road Trip!

Photography Credit: David McNeil

Hello Kat,

Hope you are keeping well!!! I see you have been very busy and it’s not even Feb yet!!!!!
I have to thank you again for blogging the wedding. We’ve been married now for 5 months but I still go to your blog religiously everyday! David has also been amazing and used one of my pics for the link to his website which just makes me grin like a cheshire cat!!!!!! (You can she Shalma & Leo’s wedding here!)

We’re planning our honeymoon at the moment. We decided not to do the honeymoon straight after the wedding for a number of reasons, money, timing and I didn’t want to peek too much in all the excitement and have nothing to look forward to.

Have you got any tips on all things honeymooney? How to get the best deals, where to go, how to get upgraded rooms and flights!!!! Any wisdom of yours will be greatly appreciated!!!!


I love to get emails from you, my darling readers. Although I get a lot (and I mean a lot!) of messages everyday I do try my hardest to reply and help out everyone that takes the time to email me. However, as I’ve said many times before, I’m certainly not an expert in all aspects of wedding day planning (after all, I’ve only done it once myself!) yet what I do have is a crack team of experts on hand to help out and guest write their little asses off to help you.

For Shalma’s dilemma I called upon the expertise of the fabulous Emma Gibbs of The Honeymoon Project.

♥  ♥  ♥

Ah, upgrades, that all-important honeymoon question! The key to getting upgrades is to tell absolutely everyone that it’s your honeymoon – so if you email a hotel or make a reservation, add a note saying “this is for our honeymoon”, and drop it into conversation every time you check in. Hotel upgrades are pretty standard for honeymooners – we arranged our honeymoon independently and were upgraded everywhere we stayed. Unfortunately, bagging a flight upgrade isn’t quite so easy. If you book your tickets through an agent then do let them know it’s your honeymoon and they will probably add a note to your booking, which might help. Otherwise, it’s really a case of letting the check-in staff know (but they will hear it a lot, so may not play ball); dressing relatively smartly and having a frequent flyer card can also help. Failing that, most airlines will let you pre-book a bottle of champagne to enjoy when you get on board, so you can always do that just to make the economy experience feel a little bit swankier.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco by Alain Picard

September is a fantastic time to hit America’s West Coast – though the weather in San Fran is notoriously fickle so remember to pack a jumper or two just in case. The main thing is to decide is where to fly in and out of – you can then get an open-jaw ticket so that you don’t have to double back on yourselves. Shop around online for the best deals, and it’s also worth checking with travel agents like Trailfinders as they might be able to offer a good combined price for your flights and initial hotel stay.

Napa Valley by Mark Leary

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Under the Spotlight – Sawday’s Canopy & Stars

Another one of my goals for 2011 is to actually have a holiday with Gareth (are you reading this buster!?) With us both being workaholics plus parent’s to two very needy Maine Coons, the idea of us actually making the time to go away seems like more of a daunting task than to most – can you believe the last holiday we had together was our honeymoon…THREE years ago?!

Anyway, when Canopy & Stars emailed me before Christmas…well, it was like all my Christmases had come at once. They offer the perfect solution to our little dilemma – the mini-moon. But these are not any old generic short break, oh no – Canopy & Stars offer holiday’s under the stars (talk about getting away from it all!) but I’m not talking about  muddy fields, communal showers and sharing your tent with an ants nest (eugh.) This my dears is glamping – glamorous camping at its very best!

Canopy & Stars offer a number of different and unique locations and places to stay all around the UK, from super glamorous French imported Gypsy caravans in the Scottish borders and a luxury log cabin in the Lake District and prices start from just £120 for a weekend! They are also introducing new locations all the time. I’m particularly excited about The Treehouse at Harptree Court, available from June 2011. It looks AMAZING!

Here’s some of their glamping locations that I’m just dying to visit…seriously. I’m there!

Sapperton Yurt (The Cotswolds)

I have always wanted to stay in a yurt and Sapperton is one of the most glam I’ve seen. I’m loving the interior decor and the fire! Surrounded by woodland, Sapperton comes complete with a double bed, a wood burner, gorgeous rugs, your own private decking area and even a roll top bath. This place sounds more luxurious than my house!

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You might remember Tim & Merrill’s self-engagement shoot (and here) or their ridiculously amazing wedding. If so, you’ll be just as excited to see their ‘Honeyversary’ shoot as I was yesterday. The couple are photographers and have just been married over a year. As they moved to New York pretty much straight after their wedding they never had time for a honeymoon so they decided to take a trip to Palm Springs this month.

They stayed at  Ace Hotel and Swim Club, a wonderfully retro cool and chic place, a style which they incorporated into the style of the photographs? “We love the mid century feel that Palm Springs has” Merrill explained. “All of the houses look so cool and the decorations are so retro-cool! While we were there we swam in the pool for hours on end, bought out all the records at the thrift stores, and of course, we did a photo shoot!”

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Under the Spotlight – Buy Our Honeymoon


So you’re almost ready to tie the knot and you’re getting into that fun bit amongst all the stress where you decide what you want to do for your gift registry. With many couples already living together before getting hitched, not everybody wants or needs new pots and pans plus in these cash strapped times, we can’t all afford the honeymoon of our dreams.

The solution? 

Well I’m really excited to share with you the awesome Buy Our Honeymoon who have all the answers you need. The UK based company (although they do serve happy couples from all over the world) are the perfect antidote to the mundane registry ideas – your guests can pitch in for as much or as little as they want and buy you fabulous treats ranging from breakfast in bed and bottles of champagne right up to a first class flight or a room upgrade!

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