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Homespun Vintage Inspired Wedding with the Brides in Jeans

The love of basketball brought Justine and Mathilde together, and following a chilled proposal dancing in their pyjamas, the couple wanted a wedding that reflected their relaxed vibe.

They told us, “We wanted a ‘like at home’ theme with a somewhat vintage spirit, where we would have the impression of inviting our guests to our home.” They had a civil ceremony first, choosing relaxed matching jeans and Converse – and asking everyone else to come in jeans too – saving their dresses and finery for their outdoor ceremony.

For their reception, Justine and Mathilde hunted for décor that would create the perfect atmosphere, to ensure they and their guests felt at home. They explained, “We hunted down lots of old furniture, carpets, lamps etc. We had a very precise idea of ​​what we wanted – Bohemian and mismatched – and everyone helped us get that result! The unity of our day was partly thanks to this mixture of all walks of life coming together as one. We also asked our guests to wear the same colour, which further demonstrates the unity, celebrating our love and the moment when all the people we love were in the same place.”

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Colourful, Homely, Backyard Wedding

Nadine and Evy met each other five years ago and during a collaboration at work, a spark lit between them. At first they didn’t know what happened and what to do with these feelings for each other, as both of them never had feelings for another woman before. It was a delicate situation, but they said yes to the butterflies and they just went for it.

For their wedding day, they wanted for their guests to feel at home, welcome and relaxed. The held it in their own backyard – their ‘safe haven’ – in May 2019, and spent €6000 to make their daydreams a reality. They started collecting things, like trinkets and ornaments, a year in advance which not only helped spread the cost, but they really enjoyed keeping an eye out with their big day in mind. They filled the day with things they loved – from the rainbow confetti and pompoms their guests showered them with after they said their “I Dos”, to the kids’ face painting booth during the reception – every decision they made had to represent either of them in some way!

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