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Who Needs Flowers?

Why not go for a cotton bouquet instead? Or instead of carrying flowers why not hang them in aĀ curtain styleee?

Credit: New York Weddings via Pretty Pretty Paper

Sweet, Personal, Stylish

I love this sweet, personal wedding.Ā Ā Katie emailed me saying she didn’t think her wedding was ‘offbeat enough’ but I wholly disagree!Ā  Certainly being a Rock ‘n Roll Bride is not about trying to make your wedding as ‘cool’ as possible, it’s about doing it your way – doing what you love…and they certainly did!Ā  All these gorgeous details are what make this wedding so gorgeous.

Katie writes: Ā “We got married on a farm in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA on August 23rd.Our photographer was Ken Stabile. My favorite photos took of us where down the road at beautiful Ashintully Gardens. He used infrared film, holga & diana cameras as well as digital.

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Oh No…

Oh no..I’ve found a new photographer that seems to have photographed so many wicked Rock ‘n Roll weddings that I am going to have to spend hours trawling through his blog to get all the best ones for you..it’s a hard lifeĀ I tell ya!

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I will very rarely blatantly steal a wedding off someone another blog to feature on my own, but I do think this one is worth it.

I want these converse trainers too – I know they’re boys ones but like that matters!


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Tec’s Own Day

RememberĀ Tec Petaja? I blogged about this gorgeous wedding he shot a while back?Ā  Well in my perusal of Jose Villa’sĀ wicked blogĀ I discovered the man’s own and uber uber stylish wedding…and well, it’d just be criminal not to share the wealth…

The Bride, Chelsea, wore Claire PettiboneĀ (the same designer who has just launched thatĀ very fabulous, and fantastically named RockĀ n Roll BrideĀ Collection).

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Lil Pixie Chic

Are you freakin’Ā  kidding me with these images!?Ā I am in love..and I actually want to be this girl..she’s just like a cute little pixie

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