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As I’m now back from our mini marriversary break, I figured I may as well be back with a posting-vengeance.  Gareth is in the garden attempting to mow the lawn with an inherited, half lethal, slightly sparking lawnmower (thanks Mum) so to calm my nerves I may as well mow my way through this digital stack stuff in my ‘to blog’ list…seriously, I do have a list and it’s a long one!

I get sent a lot of engagement sessions and I don’t tend to post all off them as firstly there are so damn many (!) and secondly they can all end up looking a bit ‘same same’.  However when Emma sent these my way at the back end of last week, I knew I would share them with you.  All I can think about when I look at these is how blatant it is that this couple are head over heels in love with each other!  That doesn’t always come across in some of the photographs I see…but with these there’s no doubt in my mind.  Oh Christ, look how soppy I’m getting in my old age! 
I must also send you in the direction of another engagement session by the photographer behind these images, Daley Hake, for one main reason..this yellow balloon!

Thanks so much Emma & Tim, and good luck with all your wedding planning…I will be expecting to see some amazing wedding photographs in September!


Credit: Daley Hake

City Chic

I am loving these city chic engagements submitted by Scotty Perry from Think Photographics. What a cool, fun, gorgeous couple these guys are.  Joe’s suit is from a thrift store which automatically makes them awesome in my book!
I can’t wait to feature their wedding after it happens in May – I just know it’s going to be a good one!

Credit: Scotty Perry @ Think Photographics

Cute ‘n Curly

Today seems to be the day of featuring new photographers, well photographers who haven’t been zipping all around the blogosphere anyway!  Emily Porter literally just emailed me saying she’d never been featured on a blog before, so who am I to say no to showcasing some of her work!?

I chose to feature this engagement set as not only did she tell me it was ‘her favourite engagement shoot to date’ but this couple are beyond cute with their matching curly blond locks!

Credit: Emily Porter


Is this the greatest name for a company ever!? It conjures such cute, girly, pink ‘n glittery images in your head…but then when you check out their work – bam! you realise how wrong you were!

Siobhan & Darah are the photographers behind the modern, edgy, urban lens’.  Based in Philadelphia, they pride themselves on taking a fashiony, editorial approach to wedding photography, resulting in some pretty amazing images!  No one could accuse these guys of churning out the norm.

 Landa and Jeremy were the perfect couple for the girls to shoot – they wanted wedding photographs that were edgy and sexy, and isn’t that exactly what they got?!  I am in love with the Bridesmaids in particular – the mismatched black dresses are just one of my all time favourite bridesmaid dress choices!  Flattering and sexy, what’s not to love?

Credit: DollFace Studio

A Little Bit Of Vintage Paradise

Sometimes the hardest part of my ‘job’ is choosing which photographs to feature from a set I’m sent.  Seriously, this wedding is so beautiful and this couple are so photogenic I got the guilt for not being able to share every single image!  So I’ve stuck to some wicked details (peacock feathers yey!) and a small selection of my favourite portrait shots.  This couple are awesome and I love Shannon’s fur stole!
A huge Rock n Roll Bride thank you to Alisha of Oakstream Photography for giving me the exclusive on this amazing wedding (she hasn’t even posted them on her own blog yet, how lucky am I!?)

Credit: Oakstream Photography