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Thursday Treats – 1st March 2012: Sneaky the Sneakiest Sneak of all the Peeks

Photography Credit: Devlin Photos

Well you know me, I couldn’t resist just one more sneak peek from my Vegas shoot with Gala & Nubby, this time from our second photographer Lisa Devlin. Jeez I literally can’t wait to share the rest! We will be doing so from next Monday so be sure to pop by to all our blogs because we’ll all have different shots to share!

I ain’t gonna lie – coming back from a trip to a Google Reader with over 1000 unread blog posts (and it actually only says 1000 because that’s the highest number the counter goes to… Christ knows how many were actually in there!) was a daunting prospect and a bit of a moutain to climb. BUT I promised you a damn good selection of Treats upon my return from Vegas didn’t I, so I hope these were worth the wait!

How the devil have you been by the way? Did you miss me? What you been up to? I demand that you tell me all!

Confessions of a fan girl – so funny! come on, we’ve all been there!
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Kite themed wedding ideas
Indiana Jones wedding inspo sounds strange but it totally works!
Make your own sweet stationery set
♥ Chic St. Augustine Wedding  – love the shots of them lying down on the gold sparkles!
♥ Victorian railroad museum wedding
Handmade violet wedding
Sweet Savannah wedding

Photography Credit: Our Labor Of Love

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There’s a Big Wide World Out There

In the Smilebooth at the Airplanes & Blazers party with Gala & Nubby

I’m going to get a little philosophical today as I’m still inhabiting my post-Vegas glow. It’s a world where everything is neon, over-sized and delivered with a smile and it’s one that, honestly, taught me a lot. I didn’t expect that crazy city to have such a profound effect on me, nor for it to make me re-evaluate how I run my business (hell, I just went to have a good time!) but it really truly did. Now forgive me if this offends anyone (!) but when landing back at Heathrow on Sunday I was immediately reminded as to just how small this little island of ours is – and I’m not just talking geographically.

A short but sweet post for today (hey, I’m still on Vegas-time and its 5am for me as I write this!) but what I really wanted to say was that there’s a big wiiiiide world out there, one where the bitching, the mean comments and the cliques don’t exist… one where it doesn’t matter if this person doesn’t like you or that person thinks what you’re doing is wrong. All this stuff felt very, very insignificant while I was running around causing chaos with my friends or shooting in deserted ghost towns with the most incredible light I’ve ever seen (more on this soon!) It’s certainly a world I want to visit more and more as my career progresses and I’d encourage you to think about doing it too.

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The Inspirations: Gala Darling

Photography Credit: Lydia Hudgens

Whenever I’m asked about who my favourite blogger is or where I find my inspiration, Gala Darling‘s name always comes up. It’s hard to explain exactly how I felt when I first discovered her blog, then called iCING, back in 2009 – here was a girl, very much like me (well we both had pink hair and tattoos!) who was making a massive name her herself in the blogging world, but doing it her own way and with such inimitable style and sparkle – something I very much wished I could one day to do too.

I was lucky enough to meet Gala when I was in LA last August. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s just as beautiful and wonderful (OK actually more so) in real life as she is online. I’m thrilled to share this interview with you all today. I hope you find her as inspiring as I do!

…And if this article isn’t enough, you can find more Gala-stalking on my blog here.

Gala & me in LA

Hi Gala, for those GreenRoom-ers who might not have been introduced to you before, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I started my blog in 2006. It seemed like the perfect job to me, as I was able to harness my love of writing, pretty pictures & being online ALL DAY LONG! So, though I started this blog 5 years ago, I’ve actually been writing on the internet since 1996. I had a slew of online journals & diaries, containing varying degrees of embarrassment! Though it just seemed like time-wasting fun back then, doing so much writing, essentially in public, really taught me a lot about writing for an audience & learning the best ways to interact with them. All those lessons have stood me in really good stead for what I’m doing now!

Before I made the jump to being a full-time blogger, though, I worked a million odd jobs, looking for something that would keep my interest. I sold newspaper advertising, worked in a bank, worked in a bookshop, managed a Lush Cosmetics store, & plenty of other things!

One of the many thing that I find so inspiring about you is how you’ve made the transition from being ‘just’ a blogger to other projects. Can you tell us a little about them and how they came about?

Yeah, I’m very lucky in that my blog has opened up a lot of opportunities for me! I think it’s really important to put yourself out there — otherwise, how will anyone know you exist, so they can offer you something wonderful?! In addition to writing for my blog, I do quite a lot of public speaking, appear in the odd campaign for some brand or another, wrestle with my inbox & work on any of the other 3,000 top secret projects I have bubbling away!

Gala modelling for Coach – Photography Credit: Reed Krakoff

Being a blogger is anything but ‘regular’ but what is a ‘normal’ day at work for Gala Darling?

I wake up at 7am & my husband & I take our dogs for a walk. Once they’re home & fed, I kiss my husband goodbye at the door & he goes uptown to work. Then I spend the day working, which can mean a lot of things. I either sit in my office at home, writing, or go to a nearby cafe & work there for a change of scenery. I have meetings & appointments during the day, too, & then go to the gym every evening!

I find that my brain is sharpest first thing in the morning, so I get my best writing done then. The afternoon is usually reserved for dealing with email, other projects or general administrative stuff.

Gala & Mike’s wedding, 2011 – Photography Credit: Chloe Rice

Can you tell us about your manifesto, Radical Self Love? Also what made you shift the focus of your blog from being mostly fashion-led to this?

Radical self love is about learning how to be good to ourselves, & learning how to fall in love with ourselves as well. It’s something the majority of us are never taught & I think it leaves us really ill-equipped to deal with some of the realities of life. If you don’t love or respect yourself, your relationships will suffer, your career will be a wreck, & your health probably won’t be too fabulous either. These things combined make a perfect storm of unhappiness!

I think that when we are taught a few tricks around how to love ourselves more, & how to appreciate ourselves, that can spark an internal revolution where we start to raise our standards & behave more like the people we always wanted to be. This can only be a positive thing! Sharing my experiences with other women & hearing about their own journeys towards self love & self acceptance is so important to me, & something I think I’ll always be working on.

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Gala & Nubby in Paris

It’s not often that I post a non-wedding photo shoot, but when I found out that two of my favourite bloggers Gala Darling & Nubby Twiglet were off to Paris, and that while they were there they were doing a photo shoot with one of my favourite photographers, well I couldn’t help but ask them all if I could blog the photos too.

(note: technically there are some wedding elements in this…Nubby got married in Vegas last September and the white sequin dress was her wedding dress!)

“Gala and I met online after she linked to one of my Parisian Trash the Dress photos shoots that you featured on Rock n Roll Bride,” photographer Juliane Berry told me. “When I heard she and Nubby were coming to Paris, I suggested doing a photo shoot. The shoot was a collaboration between Gala, Nubby and I. My vision for Gala’s photos was vintage with vivid colours.  She liked the idea and brought the most perfect vintage dresses and hats for the shoot.  For Nubby, I visualized a lot of black and white with red.  I even brought along a red beret for her to wear for a few shots.”

Gala continued the story, “Nubby & I had an incredible time in Paris & I think it shows in the pictures! It was Nubby’s first time in Europe, & we really wanted to commemorate the experience with a fantastic set (or two… or three!) of photos.”

“Our aim was to capture our individual styles in a very Parisian setting!  Nubby is very minimalist cyborg, while I am more of a psychedelic lady who lunches, & we wanted some photographic evidence!”

“We shot all over the place: in front of brightly-coloured doors in Le Marais, sprawled on the polka-dot carpet at our hotel (Hotel du Petit Moulin), jumping on our bed (naughty girls!) & in parks of all kinds…”

“We owe Juliane a massive debt of gratitude for taking the day to hang out with us.  We had so much fun, we couldn’t have had a better time.  She is just so chill & up for anything.  We walked around Le Marais, stopping whenever inspiration struck & talking up a storm!  Even better, we absolutely LOVE the pictures. She made us feel so comfortable, which makes shooting so much more fun & the images feel like “us”, as opposed to some weird awkward posed nonsense!”

“Juliane has been emailing me regularly with even more pictures from our day together, & they fill me with so much happiness!  It’s like getting a little treasure every time I check my inbox.  She spoiled us rotten… After our experience, I now want to do a session in every city I visit!  Sure beats your average tourist snaps!”

How awesome huh? I know what I want to do on my next trip to Paris. More photos! (you remember my epic Parisan shoot right?!)

For more photos from the shoot, be sure to hop over to Gala & Nubby‘s blogs.

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