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Indoor Forest Wedding Shoot


Wanting to do something different to the vintage-loving crowd, wedding photographer June Cochran opted to have her latest project shot inside, at night and with a warm cosy vibe. This idea but juxtaposed nicely with bright pops of colour and daring and edgy flower arrangements. “Pretty much every single stylized wedding shoot I’ve seen is at magic hour, outdoors in a field, and as vintage and pastel as it gets”, she writes. “That’s beautiful, but I wanted to shake it up and push it out it the box.”


“With the help of some amazing Colorado wedding vendors, we created a beautiful and modern idea for brides that rock. We were first inspired by an outdoor reception shot of a table with candles and brightly colored floral centerpieces. The theme took off from there by stepping outside of the typical outdoor, pastel palette, sunset, vintage style wedding shoots.”

“Our over arching theme was an Indoor night-time forest wedding with our base foundation being our venue, the romantic and highly popular Denver restaurant, Beatrice & Woodsley. This idea turned into reality and even included a custom designed wedding dress, made for just $100! This shoot was anything but typical, and everything magical.”

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Eccentric, Whimsical & Eclectic Homespun Wedding: Erik & Caitlin

eccentric vintage rainbow wedding_sharalee prang photography-154

I didn’t think people like this existed in real life. When I first laid eyes on Erik & Caitlin’s wedding images I was convinced it was a styled shoot with models. This couldn’t be an actual wedding, surely? But I was wrong and my heart whooped with joy.

eccentric vintage rainbow wedding_sharalee prang photography-1

The wedding took place in September at the bride’s parent’s home. The entire wedding cost less than $5000. (I know! As if it wasn’t amazing enough already, right?!) Caitlin designed her own dress (which was made by the mother of the groom and ended up costing only $190, including the veil!), wore $20 shoes (which she customised) and her floral headpiece was made by one of her bridesmaids an hour before the ceremony. The cakes were homemade, the flowers were grown and collected by friends and family and the invitations were hand painted and wax sealed by the bride. All the catering was done by the mother of the bride and the bride’s brother Matt acted as bartender. As you can probably imagine the couple also decorated the entire space themselves.

eccentric vintage rainbow wedding_sharalee prang photography-5

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Simple & Cozy London Knees Up: Lee & Lauren


Red flowing locks, a faux fur coat, deep red flowers in her hair… as soon as I spied the beautiful Lauren on photographer Emma Case’s blog I knew she was definitely a Rock n Roll bride. And then I saw the entire wedding and I literally couldn’t wait to get it up on these pages – as soon as possible!

Lee & Lauren were married in November at Stoke Newington Town Hall. They has their reception at The Artisan of Clerkenwell, a pub/restaurant in North East London. They did things their own way. They picked a non-traditional venue, they homemade as much as possible and only invited people that they really wanted to be there. This wedding was every bit the modern fairytale.


“Our inspiration just came naturally from the things we like; granny vintage, proper food, indie/rock n roll music, London, cameras, beer and above all a good ol’ knees up with our friends and family”, began the bride. “We didn’t set out to do anything ‘different’ really, but by knowing ourselves and what we really like, we knew that we wouldn’t shy away from things that might be considered a bit different either.  We just wanted to do things that we thought would make for a really good day for everyone. The atmosphere was the most important thing – we wanted people to drink lots, dance like mad and have a great time. We didn’t invite children partly because of the venue, but mainly because we wanted everyone to let their hair down. This decision possibly caused a few ripples but we both believe it was the right one.”


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Lakeside Polish Wedding: Martyna & Piotr

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

I can’t remember featuring a Polish wedding on my blog before, but if this is the kind of standards they’re setting, then I seriously should be posting more of them! There’s so much wedding gorgeousness in these images I can hardly contain myself.

Martyna & Piotr were married in Warsaw. The ceremony was held at Jablonna Palace and the reception was at U Różyca, a private farm just outside of the city and right by Lake Zegrzynski. The reception was basically one big party! Laid back, unpretentious and with everyone pitching in to help.

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

Seriously, stop it Martyna. You’re killing me with your fierceness.

The bride wore a daring but beautiful short dress by Bizuu and shoes by Aga Prus (she changed into Melissa sandals for dancing!) Her style was quirky yet timeless, elegant yet adventurous – and I for one can’t get enough of it. The pink sash with her bold bouquet is perfection and the giant floral hair wreath that she wore late into the evening added even more fun.

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

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Multicultural DIY Pub Wedding: Karolina & Juan

199Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

Karolina & Juan’s London wedding was informal and laid back but also reflected their multicultural heritage. The ceremony was held at Camden Town Hall, with the reception taking place at The Prince Albert pub, also in Camden. Karolina wore her Mother’s wedding dress from the 1970s and a floral wreath in her hair.

“We tried to keep everything very personal, making all the invites and art work ourselves,” began the bride. “We decorated the pub ourselves and we also tried to make it as relaxed as possible. The pub was the perfect cosy environment. We wanted to wedding to be near where we live in Camden, and for it to be true to the way we live our lives.”

92Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

“Our family is quite multicultural (Swedes, Germans, Colombians, Africans, Egyptians) so we had a few traditions from all the different cultures incorporated into the wedding. All the Swedish people from my side of the family sang a traditions Swedish drinking songs to the wedding party. My husband is Colombian so all the favours were traditional Colombian hats and there were many bottles of the traditional Colombian Spirit called Aguardiente being passed around all day. The DJ played a mixture of funk, soul and Salsa. We didn’t really have that many speeches planned, just my step dad and my husband then on the night it was open to other people who wanted to a few words. There was definitely little too much champagne flying around all morning and at breakfast. My sister also sang us down the aisle which was amazing.”

205Catwalk Wedding Photography, Rocknrollbride

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Neutral & Neon Bridal Style


Inspiration can hit you anywhere, and for wedding photographer Lindsay Hite of Readyluck, it came while flicking through a fashion magazine. “The trend neutral colors paired with neon in fashion really spoke to me”, she told me. “I love the almost surprising contrast between subtlety and outspokenness and was curious about how it would work in a bridal setting. I drew inspiration from far flung corners – from Lana del Rey’s flower crowns, to bright bold colors of childhood celebrations and vintage circuses.”


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