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Fun South African Farm Wedding: Lauren & Mike


Lauren and Mike’s South African wedding was held on a farm. The day had a rustic and whimsical vibe, but overall they just wanted everyone to have fun. “We wanted to keep the wedding simple, but with attention to detail”, the bride explained. “We wanted everything to be personal, especially the ceremony.


“We originally wanted an outdoor ceremony, beneath a chandelier decorated tree, beside the brook but the weather had other ideas! The day before was a glorious day, but alas I woke up at 6am to the sound of rain, a howling wind and a freezing cold bedroom! Our wedding had to be moved inside at the last minute because the weather continued to trick us throughout the morning.”

“Not everything went as planned on the day but I wouldn’t change a thing about it,” she concluded. “It was perfect.”


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Colourful Rustic Farm Wedding: Hannah & Kristie


Hannah and Kristie were married at Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA. Their laid back May celebration was one that perfectly reflected them as a couple. “Kristie’s from Virginia and I’m a New England girl through-and-through”, explained Hannah, “so we wanted to find a happy balance that would allow all our friends and family to feel comfortable and have a good time. Elegant, rustic, authentic, quirky, and comfortable were all words we threw around during the planning process.”


“I joke a lot that our wedding was crowd-funded, but seriously! Family members, friends, and friends-of-friends really came through to help us. They arranged our flowers, did my make up, make 150 truffles from scratch, helped with DIY projects, played live music during the ceremony, DJed the whole reception, bartended at the last minute, carpooled, ran errands, and make sure we were eating and sleeping and happy. One of them even get ordained online so they could marry us. This wedding would never have gotten off the ground without them!”


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Playful Cornish Wedding: Emily & Matt

Matt & Emily by Amanda Wilcher-53

Emily and Matt were married at the beautiful Trelowarren in Cornwall. These self-catering cottages provided the perfect backdrop to their laid back outdoor wedding. The bride wore an Isabel Marant gown and Chanel sandals. She hand-stitched her own veil.

“I had never dreamed about a big wedding”, Emily began. “The only thought I had ever really had was for it to be outside, like in the American movies I grew up watching (not that our wedding particularly ended up like that!) So that was a good starting point which inspired our choice of venue, the stunning Trelowarren Estate. We both wanted to get married in Cornwall which is where we live now. We love it here so much so it felt like the perfect place. We chose Trelowarren as it had a beautiful lawn in the courtyard of an old chapel. This is where we had the ceremony in front of a magnolia tree. The area is also very woodlandy which reminded me of where I grew up in Herefordshire.”

Matt & Emily by Amanda Wilcher-24

“As we wanted an outdoor ceremony this also lead to us choosing a Humanist ceremony, although I think we would have chosen one anyway. We had been to our friends humanist wedding and felt it was the most beautiful ceremony we had ever witnessed. It was so personal and unique to the couple and filled with humour and love. We also wrote our own vows which at first seemed daunting but in reality was much easier and something we will always remember. Matt’s a big music lover and chose some incredible lyrics for his vows which encapsulated how he felt.”

Matt & Emily by Amanda Wilcher-22

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Candy Coloured Youth Hostel Wedding: Rachel & Neil

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0885

Rachel and Neil were married at Derwentwater Youth Hostel in April. Having a small budget of just £5000 didn’t stop this couple going all out though. The bride wore two dresses, the rooms were was filled with amazingly creative décor ideas and they even had a bouncy castle! The whole day was orchestrated by the bride who had a very clear vision of what she wanted the day to be like.

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0707

“I basically created a large version of our living room!” she laughed. “Neil coined the phrase ‘Rach-fest’, as I tend to take the lead where décor is concerned (he apparently assumes the role of quality control), and I seem to have fairly specific (albeit questionable) taste. I pretty much just went for everything that I liked rather than commit to a coherent theme. There were a lot of doilies and chintzy charity shop trinkets, mish-mashed with not so dainty floral decorations. The True Romance reference just sort of happened as a result of my hen party theme and a mild obsession shared between me and my maid of honour. Luckily it all seemed to tie together quite well!”

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0717

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Powerful Mt Warning Wedding, 100 Bridesmaids & Flower Crowns for all: Polly & Jamie


People often ask me if I ever get bored of blogging about weddings. I can see why because usually once you’ve been doing something – anything – for as long as I have been doing this, it’s natural to think that you might start to become a little ‘over’ it. So while I’m not going to pretend that I’m always thrilled, overjoyed and amazed by every wedding that graces my inbox, I can safely say that I am probably as far from ‘over’ this job as I could be… especially when I get sent images like Polly and Jamie’s wedding to drool over.

I had actual butterflies browsing through these last week. I might have even held my breath. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able see why and in actual fact this might be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Yes, I said ever.


Jamie and I met at the foot of another mountain, Mt Taranaki, at a festival in New Zealand”, began the bride. “I was trying to work out how to put up my tent and Jamie was returning from the toilets. Ever the knight in shining armour he offered to help me and I asked if we could pencil in a ‘pash and dash’ later in the night. On the final day of the festival our paths collided again and we escaped from the festival barefoot and found some random person’s tent where we made love like wild animals. We then dragged a single mattress into a clearing in the woods and made love until the sun came up. We’d fallen in for each other. The next day I flew back home and five weeks later Jamie moved to Australia and we started our life together. Four years later he proposed at the foot of Mt Warning and six months after that we tied the knot in the same place.”


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Colourful Seattle Elopement: Kayleigh & Jason


If there’s one thing I’m never seen without, its something bright and colourful on top of my head. And as the weather gets warmer, I’m rocking my flower crown collection as often as possible – the bigger and brighter the better I say! So it goes without saying really that I was pretty darn excited when I saw Kayleigh’s bridal ensemble. I know that if I was getting married now, I’d so be wearing something like this. Also, be sure to check out her amazing nail art. Daaaamn this girl’s got style!


Kayleigh & Jason were married in Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, with just Jason’s children and his best friend there as witnesses. “I’ve always felt that weddings are a bit of a show for others and having both been previously married, we wanted our wedding to be focused completely on our love and family alone”, explained the bride. “Becoming a family unit is a private thing for us, we wanted my husband’s children and our best friend to be the only ones in attendance. We tried to plan as much as we could but even the location of the ceremony wasn’t settled on until the day before!  We wanted a laid back, go with the flow, let’s go to the park and get hitched on a Monday type day. We wanted it to be intimate and romantic and personal, I think we achieved that.”


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