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Cheap and Cheerful Farm Wedding: Lynne & Danielle

Wedding and portrait photography by Emma Lucy

Lynne and Danielle were married in a marquee on Hengest Farm in Surrey. The wedding took place in May but as we all know, the British weather is anything but predicable and they had hailstones! Although they had to make some last minute changes, it didn’t put too much of a dampener on the day, they still threw an almighty party and had the best time ever.

Wedding and portrait photography by Emma Lucy

“Our wedding was cheap, cheerful and full of love with a bit of red, white and blue thrown in”, began Danielle. “A few things didn’t go to plan like the van for setting up was cancelled the morning of, we discovered the marquee was broken with 14 hours to go, there was a hailstorm and my father-in-law ended up in hospital after being bitten by a dog. Oh, and torrential rain for an outside ceremony meant a last minute plan change. But it was all worth it. I had a genuine heart-in-mouth moment of when seeing Lynne the first time and seeing everybody we love in one place and having a ruddy good laugh was amazing!”

Wedding and portrait photography by Emma Lucy

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Colourful Rustic Farm Wedding: Hannah & Kristie


Hannah and Kristie were married at Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA. Their laid back May celebration was one that perfectly reflected them as a couple. “Kristie’s from Virginia and I’m a New England girl through-and-through”, explained Hannah, “so we wanted to find a happy balance that would allow all our friends and family to feel comfortable and have a good time. Elegant, rustic, authentic, quirky, and comfortable were all words we threw around during the planning process.”


“I joke a lot that our wedding was crowd-funded, but seriously! Family members, friends, and friends-of-friends really came through to help us. They arranged our flowers, did my make up, make 150 truffles from scratch, helped with DIY projects, played live music during the ceremony, DJed the whole reception, bartended at the last minute, carpooled, ran errands, and make sure we were eating and sleeping and happy. One of them even get ordained online so they could marry us. This wedding would never have gotten off the ground without them!”


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Multi-Coloured Farm Wedding: James & Sally


James and Sally spent just £6000 on their multi-coloured farm wedding in May. It was a wedding full of love, laugher and a damn good time. Their official ceremony took place at Southampton Registry Office but they had a humanist blessing at Green Pastures Farm in Hampshire where they also hosted their reception later that day.

Sally wore a second-hand dress which she bought from Oxfam Bridal and the groom’s outfit was also from the high street. Instead of hiring caterers they asked their guests to each bring a dish for the lunchtime buffet. After lunch they arranged for a vintage ice cream van from by Bluebelle the vintage ice cream & cupcake van to serve dessert. It was a big surprise for the guests and also made for some great photo ops.


“Our theme kind of evolved as we planned everything and the wedding ended up with a kind of folksy, countryside village fete feel, which was perfect”, explained Sally. “We didn’t choose any particular colour scheme because we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to one or two colours, but again, as things came together we found ourselves with a bright, rainbow colours for everything.”

“Our friend Martin performed the ceremony in the barn which he made both hilarious and extremely touching. It was amazing to be surrounded by loved ones, family and friends all under one (barn) roof laughing at Martin’s jokes with the sound of birds nesting in the rafters, it completely set the tone for the rest of the day.”


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DIY Farm Wedding for £800: Jon & Alex

DIY Wedding_ Taylor Barnes Photography-55

I am always so incredibly inspired when I see weddings where the budget was small. Far from it seeming like the couple had to make compromises, the ones I get to share always seem to prove that a small budget doesn’t have to mean a budget-looking wedding. In my opinion it is actually often the weddings with the smaller budgets that seem to have the most heart, the most personal details and the most inspiring ideas.

DIY Wedding_ Taylor Barnes Photography-23

Jon and Alex had a budget of £2000 for their wedding but wait for it… only spent £800! A big reason for this was that the wedding was held on the bride’s parent’s farm and they helped out with the cost of the marquee. Their professional photographer was a friend (always handy!) which also clearly saved them a big chunk of change. They decided not to have any flowers, Alex’s sister in law made some cupcakes and her mother did all the catering. Instead of hiring an expensive wedding car Alex drove herself to the wedding in her own Ford Fiesta!

DIY Wedding_ Taylor Barnes Photography-27

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Rustic Farmhouse Wedding: Emma & Trevor


Emma & Trevor’s farmhouse wedding took place in February. Their venue, Donington Park Farmhouse, an amazing space in Derbyshire, really set the theme of the day. The couple wanted the décor they chose to suit the surroundings, and so the wedding evolved into a rustic inspired theme. They had natural elements such as stone and exposed brick, key vintage pieces on the tables and wildflowers.


“Because the venue was a farmhouse, we had lots of exposed brick and natural materials, so our theme evolved into a kind of rustic, vintage style with the antique inkwells and bottles, old doilies and dried wheat and lavender”, Emma explained. “I hate the concept of a ‘vintage wedding’ (having been to a few wedding fairs along those lines that just felt really contrived) but in this case it really suited the place. I can honestly say we weren’t looking for total co-ordination, and we went with our gut instinct on what we liked. Because the venue was so amazing we actually had very little décor in the end.”


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Shabby Chic & Antique Goat Farm Wedding: Amber & Kevin

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 050

Amber & Kevin were married at The Goat Farm, a 19th century building that is now an art centre in Atlanta. They went for an antique and retro vibe whilst keeping their décor ideas sympathetic to the farm location.

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 097

“Kevin and I both love antiques and would joke about how much we enjoyed antique shopping together early in our relationship”, began the bride. “So we knew the wedding had to have an antique vibe. We bought lots of old stuff for it! I guess our theme was quite shabby chic. I went on a week long junk trip searching for the just the right pieces. I bought junk and turned it into something spectacular. I built speciality tables and we even created a bar from old pallets to use during the cocktail hour”

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 065

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