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Family-Focused, Fun Vegas Wedding with a Pizza Party Reception

Adelina and Aiden chose to make their April 2022 Vegas wedding family-focused as, prior to their celebration, neither of them had seen their families for over two years! “I cried tears of joy for weeks when New Zealand opened up for travel post-pandemic,” Adelina told us. “Initially we sped up our wedding and just thought we’d elope, but the guest list kept on growing. We had people join us from New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the UK.”

With no planned theme in mind, the order of the day was to bring the fun! They kept things super simple, booking a bouquet with Bloomsday and a Vegas- themed cake with the ubiquitous Cakedup Lv and let the rest flow naturally!

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Warm Winter Wedding with Viking Rings, Harry Potter and Kate Nash!

Araba and Jon’s warming winter wedding is guaranteed to make you smile, and that’s not something I say lightly. With a theme of ‘love and family (but also Harry Potter)’, if the photos don’t make you beam, the words from the lovely Jon will! When asked what makes their wedding particularly alternative, he answered “I married the greatest woman alive… also, Kate Nash played our reception and it was awesome!” And that is just the start, my friends.

After an emotional first look in the gardens of Malmesbury Abbey, Araba and Jon walked into their ceremony together, hand-in-hand. During their relaxed and joyous ceremony led by Mandy Churcher, they exchanged their rings, which both have incredible stories behind them: “Araba’s wedding ring was made from some melted down jewellery of her great grandmother, who she is named after, whilst my ring was a Viking oath ring dug up on the other side of London! It’s over a millennium old, from around the same time as King Athleston, who is buried in the Abbey where we got married.” Cool, huh?

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