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Fairytale Proposal

This video is entitled ‘The best marriage proposal in world history.’ I’m not convinced. I would seriously die of embarrassment if I was this girl, but if you’re after the fairytale dream then I guess can’t get much better than this! I dare you not to cringe as you watch this..I bet you can’t.

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Fairytale Proposal

A Surreal Fairytale

Russian Photographer Catherine Alechinsky has send me a selection of her wonderfully surreal, fairytale-like images.  These remind me of the sort of images you’d find illustrating a fantasy story. I’m going start with this cute couple…I love her hairband, she reminds me of a sweet little doll or Alice in Wonderland or something. I have looked at a lot of Russian photographers work recently (more to come) and their style is just so different to anything you see if the UK or the US. It’s almost weird…gorgeously weird though!

Thanks to Catherine for sending me these and to reader Chanelle for drawing my attention to her work.


Credit: Foto 5