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Intimate Georgia Elopement: Zack & Laura

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This laid back couple met online and spent their first dates huddled on Laura’s sofa, watching movies and eating food that she’d cooked. So needless to say when it came to their wedding they wanted to keep it as low key as possible too. “We have always been such an easy couple, lots of love and not much hassle of going overboard with things”, Laura explained. “His proposal a year after we met was perfect. We were in the mall and he pulled me into a photo booth and he proposed while the photos were being taken inside. It was perfect!”

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“Zack and I have wonderful families”, she continued. “His family is from Ohio, and mine from Florida, and without their support on our choice to marry alone I don’t think it would have gone so smoothly and stress-free as it did. We wanted to focus on us and our love rather than put together a big wedding. It all worked out perfectly for us. We love you family!”

The ceremony was held in front of Kehoe House in Columbia Square, Savannah, and afterwards they had a meal, just the two of them, at Olde Pink House. “They welcomed us and treated us like royalty!” Laura said. “We sat in huge leather chairs in front of a fireplace in the tavern as a piano was being played in the background!”

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Sweet Backyard Elopement: Nicole & Tom


When it came to planning their wedding, Nicole & Tom knew they didn’t want a big fuss. In fact a private elopement at home was just the ticket. They did everything themselves from the decor to the food for their small number of guests and the music. They set up a video camera for the ceremony to be livestreamed to their friends & family that couldn’t attend.


“The main inspiration for our wedding was my dad”, Nicole wrote. “We actually weren’t planning on getting married until 2013 but when my dad got sick, we decided not to wait and planned it all in three weeks. We had it in my parent’s backyard so he didn’t have to travel anywhere and it made for a nice backyard venue. Because he was so sick, we didn’t want to bombard him with all of our family and friends flying in so we came up with the idea to stream the wedding live on the internet for everyone to watch. We had our guests take pictures of themselves watching our wedding and they did fun things like dress up and drink champagne and such. It turned out fantastic and my dad was actually able to walk me down the pathway.”


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Crazy Las Vegas Elopement: Erik & Brooke


Erik & Brooke travelled from California to get married by Elvis at a wedding chapel in downtown Las Vegas (not photographed). After they sealed the deal, wedding photographer Laura of Top Banana Photography arrived to document a post-ceremony photo adventure. They firstly had shots taken around the downtown area, followed by Boulder City and finally the Hoover Dam.


“The type of couple that decides to get married in a wedding chapel is generally carefree and fun-loving; Brooke & Erik fit the bill perfectly”. wrote Laura. “I almost shrieked with excitement when I found out they had brought along Harold, the garden gnome from their yard. They also incorporated colorful sunglasses and bubbles to blow as additional props. We had decided on a few locations beforehand, but ultimately, we let serendipity be our guide.”


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Intimate Maui Elopement: Monica & Jason


With just $6500 to spend, Monica & Jason knew they wanted a small wedding. So instead of the going down the traditional route, they flew themselves and their daughter to Maui for an intimate beach wedding. “We didn’t have an actual budget in mind”, Monica began. “My parents gifted us $5000 to put towards our wedding and we spent a bit ourselves too. In total the wedding was around $6500, which doesn’t include our rings. What it did include was everything needed for the wedding plus return airfare from Vancouver BC for three of us, lodging in Maui and car rental. Our thoughts behind what we were going to spend was this: we wanted to have what made us happy within reason.”


They were married right on the beach by a local celebrant and they didn’t have an official reception. “We did however have a wonderful dinner at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a restaurant”, Monica explained. “This was a recommendation from our make up artist the morning of the wedding. It was a lovely dinner.”

“Our wedding was a secret! An elopement of sorts. Jason and I had been together for 13 years when we got married, and our daughter is 10. We knew we wanted to make things official but it just never happened. We started to consider making it happen sooner rather then later after my dad beat cancer. My parents had booked a trip to Maui and I asked Jason if he wanted to go with them and get married on the beach while we were there, to which he agreed.”


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Low Key Portland Elopement: Tyler & Revonna

park wedding In Essence Photography9

An intimate park ceremony, a trip to a cupcakery and a wedding that’s an unpretentious as they get. With just $4000, Tyler & Revonna were wed at Council Crest Park in Portland, OR with just their two best friends in attendance. Their low key ‘reception’ was at Jake’s Grill, a local restaurant which they both love. The bride even made her own wedding dress, headpiece and the dress that her bridesmaid wore.

“I saw the inspiration for my dress two years before I made it, in a store-front in Portland”, began the bride. “I found a bustier that fit me well and built the dress around it. My mother was concerned that the champagne color would ‘wash me out’, because of my fair complexion, but I reminded her that there was plenty of color on this body to counteract the beige. I made several veils, in vain, before deciding on a fascinator instead. I made it, but Autumn (my BFF) designed it.”

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“I made Autumn’s dress and fascinator first, using a corset as its base. I’m glad it fit, because we live 750 miles away from each other! I made our belts from the same pattern, to keep something similar. I found DIY tutorials for the boutonnière and bouquet online. I was pleased at how they all turned out although in retrospect I would have ommited my bouquet. I wanted to hold his hands, not my flowers. Plus, making them that morning stressed me out.”

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An $800 Fiesta Elopement: Carla & Nicholas

mexican fiesta elopement17

Yep, you read that right – Carla & Nicholas spent just $800 on their intimate fiesta elopement. In fact I had to double check they didn’t mean $8000 when I received their submission and that it wasn’t just a typo!

The elopement took place on 28th December at Madison County Courthouse. After they got engaged, the couple immediately started planning a big wedding, but after some time decided to instead elope the weekend after Christmas. All their family was in town for the holidays so it meant they could all be there to celebrate with a big family meal afterwards. The bride’s sister-in-law, Melanie, secretly hired wedding photographer Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios as a gift to capture their day. Everything else came in under the $800 budget.

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“Our family gathering after our ceremony was inspired by fiesta with a kick of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)”, Carla explained. “When we decided to do a courthouse wedding with a small family reception, I knew exactly where I wanted the reception. I love the look, the colors, the details, and atmosphere at Rosie’s Mexican Cantina. A fiesta theme just fit perfectly. Nick and are a little off the beaten path when it comes to what we enjoy and love in life and I have always been intrigued by and enjoyed the Mexican celebration Dia de los Muertos. We already had the family gathering together so why not honor loved ones who had passed on while we were at it?”

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