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A Wedding of Two Halves: Jen & Steve {Part One}


It’s unusual that I’ll split a wedding into two parts, but as Jen and Steve had two very distinctive and very different wedding days I feel it’s only fair to give both of them equal air time! Their celebrations kicked off with an intimate legal ceremony at Brighton register office… with an Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators as their only witnesses!


“Our wedding was a game of two halves. . . and of two weddings”, the bride began, “We did not want to be married by religion or the state, but had to legally. So, we decided to get the legal bit done in our home town of Brighton at the registry office on our ten year anniversary. No one knew apart from Simon our photographer, it was a total secret. We wanted it to be fun and informal and didn’t take this part too seriously, so it seemed fitting to have the legends that are Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley to be our witnesses to complete the farce and to which family and friends could not get upset over. It worked perfectly. We had a magical time with a most irreverent ceremony full of laughter and fun, poked two fingers up at the establishment and then went to the pub for a drink and on to Brighton pier for some photos!”


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Low Key Spanish Elopement: Satu & John


Over the past few weeks I’ve been interviewed by three major media outlets about the rise of low key weddings (Grazia, The Daily Mail and the BBC). A number of celebrities have recently tied the knot in uncharacteristically understated ways (Keira being the latest) which has prompted the mainstream media interest, but as any Rock n Roll bride will know this is really nothing new. Planning your wedding in your own way has been something I’ve championed ever since this blog began waaaay back in 2007 and I’m honoured to have featured so many beautiful, small and honest weddings over the years. Of course I am thrilled that the mainstream are finally starting to sit up and take notice though – catch up guys!


Finnish Satu and John’s gorgeous Spanish wedding was held up in the Marbella hills.”We are a nature and animal loving couple so we wanted to celebrate our vows in a beautiful surroundings on the hills”, began the bride. “It totally reflects our lifestyle. The wedding was in April and that time of the year is so beautiful in Southern Spain. The nature is at it’s best, still fresh and green with pleasant temperatures and soft sunlight. Our photographer, David de BiasĂ­, really beautifully captured that in the photos. We loved that our location was so secluded and that our dog, who is most definitely a member of our family, could take part in the ceremony.”


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Intimate Icelandic Elopement: Sophia & James

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 101

There’s something so incredibly romantic about eloping. Running off, declaring your undying forever love and completely forgoing tradition to do something just for the two of you. Well, as soon as I laid eyes on Sophia & James’ wedding, posted in a private photographer’s group that I’m a member of with the caption “I wish I shot this wedding. I think this is just so beautiful. In fact it’s probably one of the most stunning weddings I’ve seen in a while…” I just knew I had to feature it. Thankfully wedding photographers Nordica Photography had the same idea because as soon as I asked for it they said they were literally about to submit it! Oh when the heavens collide…

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 122

Wedding bloggers love a quirky detail. We love to showcase new, creative, inventive and unique wedding styling ideas… but sometimes, even more than that, I just really love to share weddings like this. It’s simple, it’s raw, it’s unapologetically honest. It’s real love and real life… The picturesque Icelandic landscapes undoubtedly make these images sing, but really, when you’ve got a backdrop like this at your disposal what more could you possibly want?

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 118

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A Touch of Vegas: Chelsea & Mike

las vegas retro destination wedding gaby j photography 43

Chelsea & Mike wanted to marry in Las Vegas but without doing the typical cheesy Vegas wedding thing. So instead of being married by Elvis, they opted for a simple ceremony (not photographed) at Little Church of the West, followed by a photo session around downtown Vegas with photographer Gaby J. “Our wedding them was ‘a touch of Vegas’, explained the bride. “We didn’t want to go all out with an over the top Vegas style wedding equipped with an Elvis pastor. So we opted for something more subtle. I had my blue suede shoes and my bridesmaids wore gold sequin dresses.”

las vegas retro destination wedding gaby j photography 52

“The most important thing for me was the photos”, she continued. “So we picked our location based on how they would look in the pictures and Gaby J was the perfect fit. I wanted unique wedding photos and we’d originally picked the neon boneyard and the desert as locations but with Gaby’s help we found even more unique places to shoot like The Pink Motel and Fremont St.”

las vegas retro destination wedding gaby j photography 118

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Colourful Seattle Elopement: Kayleigh & Jason


If there’s one thing I’m never seen without, its something bright and colourful on top of my head. And as the weather gets warmer, I’m rocking my flower crown collection as often as possible – the bigger and brighter the better I say! So it goes without saying really that I was pretty darn excited when I saw Kayleigh’s bridal ensemble. I know that if I was getting married now, I’d so be wearing something like this. Also, be sure to check out her amazing nail art. Daaaamn this girl’s got style!


Kayleigh & Jason were married in Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, with just Jason’s children and his best friend there as witnesses. “I’ve always felt that weddings are a bit of a show for others and having both been previously married, we wanted our wedding to be focused completely on our love and family alone”, explained the bride. “Becoming a family unit is a private thing for us, we wanted my husband’s children and our best friend to be the only ones in attendance. We tried to plan as much as we could but even the location of the ceremony wasn’t settled on until the day before!  We wanted a laid back, go with the flow, let’s go to the park and get hitched on a Monday type day. We wanted it to be intimate and romantic and personal, I think we achieved that.”


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Mojave Desert Elopement Planned in Six Weeks: Ceri & PC

Ceri and PC Desert Wedding 44

What could be more romantic than running off with your fiancé and your BFFs and getting married in the middle of the desert? Well, that’s exactly what Ceri & PC did and I’m thrilled to have been allowed to share a sneaky peek of this super private and intimate wedding with you today. The ceremony took place in the Mojave desert just outside Joshua Tree, California, and afterwards they had a small ‘reception’ at Villa dei Fiori, a house they’d rented for the trip.

Ceri and PC Desert Wedding 36

“PC and I secretly eloped and got married in the the middle of the Mojave desert on October 26th last year”, wrote Ceri who lives in Oxford with her now-husband. “We planned it in six weeks, he officially proposed two days before, and we only had six guests, two of whom we flew out with us to Los Angeles (my sister and PC’s best woman). We’d originally planned (and I mean that in the vaguest sense) to get married in a field near our house in Oxford this August. Instead when we moved in together last June, I immediately left to go on tour in Asia (I’m an actor/puppeteer) and when I got home PC went away to Norway for six weeks (he runs international festivals. We’re, um… pretty good at long distance relationships!) The day he got back in August he mentioned casually in the kitchen that our friend Brooke was moving to LA with her husband Mags and that she had an ministers licence from the internet…”

Ceri and PC Desert Wedding 8

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