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Intimate Beach Ceremony in France: Anna & Jarrah

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 246

No matter how many weddings I feature, or how many cool, quirky and original décor and details I see, it is always the simple and emotional, small weddings, that really slay me. Elopements, intimate ceremonies, the great outdoors. Anna and Jarrah did exactly this, travelling from their home in Australia to a beach in France, with just their parents and very best friends in attendance.

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 090

“We wanted to include the elements of nature in our wedding”, began the bride. “Jarrah grew up in Margaret River and has surfed since he could walk and I’m a Perth girl who loves the beach and nature. We also wanted to make everyone feel a part of our day and we didn’t want the stress of a normal wedding. If we had the wedding at home it would have had the stress of inviting guests we don’t know. This way the parents were just happy to be a part of it and no stress was put on us.”

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 140

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Utah Mountains Elopement: Patrick & Trisha


Patrick and Trisha eloped in Utah, just off the Alpine Loop Road, in Provo Canyon above the Sundance Resort. They had just a few family members in attendance and the bride wore a short lace dress from H&M.


“The inspiration for our wedding was just a desire for a day centered on our union”, explained Trisha. “We just wanted to celebrate our love with a few members of our family! Our decision to elope is definitely what made our wedding unique. Marrying up in the mountains with a small intimate group made it particularly special. And keeping it a secret from most of our friends and relatives made it exciting too!”


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Intimate Elopement Inspiration

Joel Bedford Photography-0075

Are you planning to elope? If so, I hope this gorgeous shoot might inspire you. “I really wanted to showcase a different way to do a wedding”, wrote wedding photographer and driving force behind this session, Joel Bedford. “I pictured this lovely couple driving out into the middle of nowhere to recite their vows. The idea seemed so romantic to me: a red vintage sports car, a ballerina skirt and a couple in love.”

Joel Bedford Photography-0013

“My good friend Jasmine owns a bridal boutique and happened to have a Monique Lhuillier skirt that fit perfectly into the theme. I paired it with the bandeau top for a twist of romance. I think it’s such a lovely thought to pair something so high end with something laying around in your closet. Effortless romance! The rest was just chemistry between Alex and Samantha… that’s something you can’t make up.

Joel Bedford Photography-0038

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The Real “Non Wedding”, An Elopement at Home: Alicia & Phill

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-198

A lot of you will no doubt remember Whit and Colby’s ‘Non Wedding’ shoot by the incredible Brooke Davis. It was one of my most popular wedding features of all time, and weirdly, sparked quite a bit of debate. But to those that said it was an irrelevant shoot with no real meaning to actual brides and grooms – today I present to you Alicia and Phill. After seeing those images not only booked Brooke to shoot their elopement, but went for their very own ‘Non Wedding’ theme – a secret ceremony and a party in their own back garden. Inspiration is everywhere.

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-54

Having a small and personal wedding was important to these two and they only invited people that mean a lot to them and their relationship to take part in the day. “We were inspired by Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s wedding in Hawaii and of course the ‘Non Wedding’ shoot by Brooke!” Alicia began. “Everyone that was invited have either lived with us at one point or was there for the hardest parts of our relationship.”

“We had a secret ceremony. It was a Wednesday and we didn’t really care at all about traditions, we just wanted to be true to who we are as a couple, and not make a big stressful deal about it. We just wanted to peaceful say our vows without any nervousness of who would hear them.”  

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-67

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Nineties Grunge Elopement: Ashley & Chris


I was a grunge kid. Nirvana and Sonic Youth were my jam and ripped baggy jeans and chains around my neck were my attire of choice. So when I was sent this grunge inspired elopement by Tawnee of the wedding and events company Urban Shindigs and Sarah of photography duo Val and Sarah I couldn’t wait to relive my teenage years by sharing it with you all.


“We really wanted to incorporate things in a true 90s grunge fashion,” Sarah explained. “Not just black and studs. We wanted to bring the bright color from Nirvana t-shirts, torn off jackets and just the feeling of being laid back and in the moment and be reminded of a time when MTV actually played music videos.”


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Remote Coastal Elopement: Simon & Leanne

islay elopement_pete cranston-37

Planning a wedding is bloody hard work and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. I’m sure you’ve stressed a little over flower arrangements, worried if your bridesmaids will like their dresses or navigated your way through more family issues than you even knew you had. Big weddings are wonderful occasions but I’m yet to meet a couple who haven’t wondered at some point if that crazy idea to elope was really so crazy after all.

islay elopement_pete cranston-71

Simon and Leanne wanted to skip all that fuss and drama and so when they married in April, they decided to do just that – to elope on a beach with just a few witnesses in attendance. The ceremony was held on Saligo Beach, a private beach, on the Isle of Islay. “Raymond and Katherine are the kind couple who gave us the use of their own private beach for our ceremony and ‘after party’ picnic”, began the groom. “They treated us like close friends while we were there. Dr Rev Rob Barlow performed the ceremony. His wife Gwen was also there, and alongside Pete, our photographer, was the other witness. We had a truly spiritual service with an enigmatic magnetism that we couldn’t have wished more for.”

islay elopement_pete cranston-78

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