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A Hippy, Eco & Vintage Styled Shoot

This beautiful shoot with an eco hippy vibe tugs at my heart strings. Isn’t it just beautiful!? I die over the summery details – the coloured glass, the cute props (owls for the win!), the yummy confectionery and the stunning florals.

Photographer  Nikita Gross used digital, Holga and Polaroid photography to capture the whimsical and retro vibe of these shoot…and I’d say she’s done that perfectly! “We used tons of yellows and greens to keep with the natural vibe,” she explains. “All of the decor was found at local thrift stores.  Earlier this year myself and Jen Pritchard of Your Wedding by Jen created Cincinnati’s first Alternative wedding Expo, Love+Bash.  This is one of the table concepts from the show.”

Now excuse me, I’m off to lie in the sunshine and dream of this photo shoot…

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Pyucin & Dylan’s Sustainable, Eco-Vintage Wedding

Pyucin & Dylan were married at Shelldance Orchid Gardens, Pacifica, CA. It was important to them to pick a venue that they didn’t have to decorate themselves too much, as Pyucin explained, “When picking a venue, our goal was to keep it sustainable. We didn’t want to purchase a bunch of decor that would be thrown away the next day, and we wanted to make sure that the site represented who we are. Thus, we went in search of a unique site that was within our budget, and we were so happy when we discovered this little green house. The Shelldance Gardens is a non-profit organization so we were happy to contribute to a good cause, and, on top of that, the site is so beautiful that it barely required any extra decoration. It is so green and earthy – it really reflected our love for nature and the outdoors.”

Pyucin wore two dresses, a white one from The Limited and a traditional Burmese Gown, which was handmade in Burma. “The search for the perfect dress was somewhat hectic,” the bride told me. “I initially had a vision of wearing gold for my wedding, wanting to look like a goddess in the greenhouse. However, ordering the dress from Burma proved to be a challenge because communicating my design concept from The States was much more difficult than I thought. For my first dress, I thought I gave very clear visuals and directions on what I wanted, but the dress that they made was nothing like I had in mind. It was a very generous gift, but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing the dress on my wedding day. In a panic, I took my mother’s Burmese gown and made my SECOND dress. While this gown was better than the first, I couldn’t find the shade of gold I wanted, or, for that matter, the type of fabric I wanted. So the second dress became my back up dress, and I still kept my search for the perfect dress going. The THIRD gown was a gown that my florist promised me after she heard about my lack of luck in the dress department. She told me that the dress was close enough to gold in shade and it was very traditional and beautiful. Unfortunately when I saw the gown I just knew that it was too much for me…it was too fancy, too traditional – in a nutshell, not me.”

“Then just 10 days before my wedding, a family friend sent me the FOURTH gown, which was actually a bridesmaid gown that her daughter had worn. I had seen this seen dress before through email, but when I finally saw it in person, I knew it was my dress. When I put it on, all my doubts were gone because it was just exactly what I had searching for all along. The search for the white dress wasn’t as difficult. I wanted something simple and within our budget. I was looking at both Anthropologie’s and J Crew’s bridal collections, but then I came across The Limited’s wedding selection. This dress was Dylan’s pick and when I tried it on, it was perfect too!”

The wedding was a real family effort, and nearly everyone involved in the wedding was a friend or family member. “With the exception of the caterers, everyone involved in this wedding was a friend or a friend of a friend, which made the wedding very intimate,” Pyucin continued. “Our dear friend Dustin Garrison provided the music for the wedding. Dustin was also one of our groomsmen. He worked so hard to make playlists that would reflect our taste, and he was up late into the evening the night before our wedding, incorporating all the songs that Dylan and I added at the last minute.”

“The flowers were done by a family friend, Ei Hlaing. She made me such a gorgeous bouquet, making sure to incorporate all the different colors from both of my dresses. She also made us the garlands of flowers we placed around our neck during the ceremony as tradition in Burma.”

“My make-up was done by one of my best friends – make-up artist extraordinaire Devon Nespica. Devon is a freelance makeup artist for Lancôme and we have been great friends since our freshmen year of college. I showed her the look I wanted to achieve, and she showed up with all her brushes and talent, making me feel incredibly beautiful. I am sure it was stressful day for her to be both make-up artist and bridesmaid, but she certainly didn’t show it.”

The DIY elements can also be seen throughout this wedding. “My sister Ohmar made the little pennants for our cake topper. She took a piece of yarn and sewed the little triangles of fabric to it. We then attached the yarn to two chopsticks. It was so simple and yet so adorable. My other sister Thirii made our little paper mache people as the other part of the cake topper. She added a green bow tie for Dylan and some flowers on my hair. This project only took us an hour at max.”

“The centerpieces for the cocktail tables were also very simple and sustainable. I went to the local library and found hard cover vintage books for decorations. It was a bit harder to find library books that didn’t have the plastic library stickers on them, but it still didn’t take too long. We then went to the goodwill and found small glasswares to place single stems of flowers in. The total décor didn’t cost more than $15. My sisters also helped with the finger print tree. Dylan and I didn’t want a traditional guestbook, and we have been seeing these finger print trees everywhere. We wanted ours to be a bit different, so asked my sister Ohmar to add two little birdies on the branches, and these birdies became the trademark for our wedding. The birds were incorporated into every little detail including the wedding programs, the invites and the wedding cd/ favors.”

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Joli & Gary’s Amazing Backyard Wedding

Joli & Gary eloped in San Francisco. They had planned to have a big wedding party afterwards with their friends and family at a biker bar in Palm Springs, but then Joli got pregnant and everything changed. So 7 months pregant, the couple had a kick ass celebration in the backyard of their Los Angeles home. They described their  party as a celebration of  “Love, Freedom, Wild, Raw, Family, FUN, Village, Community!” and that’s exactly what it was.

The couple’s friends and family all pitched in to organise the fabulous event, “My Mom and I made the centerpieces from thrift store found bowls and succulent plants from Cactus Ranch,” Joli told me. We had a photo booth made by Gary’s Brother, at the party and so people were asked to leave the bride and groom photos of them. Gary and his Dad (and sometimes my Dad and Gary’s Brothers and best friends) did all the lighting, built a mounted video screen, re-seeded all the lawns, planted flowers and herbs in every available receptacle including Gary’s old Doc Martens, laid walking stones, and built a dance floor on our deck for the event complete with moving disco ball!”

Their friend and photographer Jonas Seaman had similarly amazing things to say about this awesome wedding when he initially emailed me. “Their backyard wedding party was pure balls out celebration. Joli was decked out in a beautiful white cotton hippy dress with a furry sleeveless coat, a peacock feather in her hair, feather earrings, and what I believe was a cross-section of a tree branch dangling from her necklace. Although part of the time she had moccasin boots on, she also spent a good amount of time barefoot with henna designed feet. Barefoot and pregnant.”

“They had a tented dance floor and full bar. They put up hand painted signs pointing to the backyard. They had flowers in a pair of combat boots. They had flowers coming out of old wine bottles and cactus plants for table settings. Even their daughter Charlie’s Barbie Dolls were out partying in a little Jacuzzi. The atmosphere was so fun, so unconventional, and so full of real unfiltered love.”

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Lauren & Tim’s Vegan & Eco-Conscious Wedding

It was important to Lauren & Tim to make their wedding as vegan as possible. This is how they live their lives so they wanted this reflected in the biggest day of their lives.

The wedding was held at Mt Keira Scout Camp, “We chose this site as we are both scouts”, Lauren told me. “It is a beautiful scout camp and I would go camping there as a young scout and see people getting married there. Ever since I have wanted to get married there. Mt Keira scout camp is beautiful. It is located about half way up Mt Keira which looks out over Wollongong to the ocean. It has a lovely, mystical, bushy setting with lovely old buildings and a peaceful feel. Followed the ceremony they had a reception in Lauren’s parent’s back garden.

Lauren’s dress was custom made by Vanesa Evans and was made of vegetarian silk. “Vanesa was fantastic and helped me transform my ideas into reality,” the bride continued. “She was very accommodating and willing to make something different. She went above and beyond. Highly recommended. We had difficulty sourcing vegetarian (peace) silk and unfortunately ended up having to get it from USA which didn’t really fit our enviro friendly plan. At times it would have been easy to give up on peace silk but Vanesa encouraged me to continue.”

“The bodice of the dress is a corset with two lace up sections at the back and a row of gorgeous, small, green buttons up the center back. The skirt of the dress was made up of multiple layers of fabric (using two different types of vegetarian silk fabric). The top of the dress was hand beaded with green, purple and ivory beads, in a pattern which retro circle matched our invite design and also a pleat on the bridesmaid dresses. This segment is detachable so I could transform later in the night to wear my beautiful felt bolero and necklace.”

Tim wore a vegan suit designed and made by A.J. Machete and Sons on Etsy and Lauren designed the bridesmaid’s dresses herself. “They were fairly simple baby doll style dresses with different tops to suit each of the girls. The colours were a ‘royal’ purple and kelly green. Each dress had a pleat at the front set to the left with a paler version of the main dress colour with the design from our invites screen printed on it.”

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Peace & Love – Allie & Bo’s 1970’s Bohemian Wedding

There are some weddings I see that are just so adorably gorgeous that I squeal a little bit with delight when I’m allowed to share them with you…and this baby needs to be shared! I just know you’re going to adore it as much as I do.

Allie & Bo’s wedding had a distinctive 1970’s hippy vibe – an era that they live and love in their everyday lives. The bohemian, DIY details make this day simply perfect for them.

As bride Allie explains, “I like to consider myself a modern day hippie with a bohemian bent. I wanted something sort of whimsical and vintage for my wedding. I grew up with stories from my grandmother of the passions of the hippie movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. She encouraged me to be original and taught me an appreciation of nature and an independent sense of style. Bo and I love to hike and camp and we eat locally grown food, so it was important for us to plan an environmentally friendly wedding.”

“For the perfect vintage-boho infusion, (and to honor my grandmother) I chose to wear her wedding dress, a 1970’s Gunny Sax Prairie style cotton dress. Bo wore jeans and a natural fiber vintage hippie shirt and love beads. We enjoy drum circles and our friends are musicians, so we thought it would be fun to have a reception reminiscent of folk festivals, laid back and personal. Our guests were invited to wear casual clothes (tee-shirts, jeans and bare feet were encourage) and bring their musical instruments. Even our pet Cavapoo, Jack, came along! Our wedding celebration was all about love, sharing and authentic people!”

“Our organic lifestyle guided our wedding choices, including: natural outdoor venue with “green” practices suitable for both the ceremony and reception; retro and vintage elements (the venue is a historic farm preserved from 1835, has a 1972 airstream; a 1950 Chevy truck and vintage barn) and simple, picnic style reception food from community farms and entertainment provided by guests in the style of a jam session.”

“Also freshly picked field flowers incorporated in my bridal bouquet and unique floral designs (we literally helped pick our flowers right off the property grounds!) and a fun and whimsical icons with a timeless message – like peace signs, vintage posters and ‘love rocks’ favors.”

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Carly & John’s Laid Back, Offbeat Wedding

Carly & John’s wedding had a laid back and simple vibe. It was important to them to keep their day genuine, and all their planning and thematic ideas really came about organically. The ceremony took place in Edogawa Japanese Gardens, East Gosford, Australia.

“We didn’t really have a theme, everything kinda just happened organically with us making decisions about venues, outfits and decorations as they came up,” Carly explained. “In the end it was a blend of colour, asian themes with a Rock n Roll twist. The wedding fully represented us as a couple. The ceremony was completely hand crafted for us by our celebrant Sarah Tolmie (love and life inspirations). Instead of the traditional ceremony Sarah started the ceremony with acknowledging aboriginals as the the traditional custodians of the land where we were married, followed by her sharing our story of how we met and how our love grew. She then read out why both of us love the other to our guests, and then instead of vows we used askings that would be the foundations of marriage and how we would strive to behave through out it.”

“Our reception was at Lizottes Restaurant, which is a local dinner/music venue,” the bride continued. “It was perfect for us, relaxed but still quite quirky and funky. I didn’t need to decorate the place too much as it already had awesome artworks on the walls.  We just added handmade table runners from this really cool asian styled material. No white table cloths for us! We used Lucky beer bottles as the vases and a friend of mine who is a florist created a bunch of native Australian flowers. All the flowers were native australian plants/flowers and even included gum drops. I wanted ther flowers to be natural and bright looking and definately wanted to steer clear of white roses.”

Carly wore a dress by Chrissy Wai-Ching, an offbeat designer from Seattle. Carly was able to help with the design process and Chrissy even made John’s tie to match.

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