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Eco-Friendly Brighton Wedding : Matt & Brig


Matt and Brig wanted their Brighton wedding to have a real community feel. It was also super important to them that it was eco-friendly and they used local suppliers as much as possible. “We met 15 years ago but at the time we were both with other partners”, Brig explained. “Matt was the carpenter on an eco self build house that I was about to live in. Our kids were the same ages. We lost contact for about 10 years and then bumped into each other at Patchfest and we hung out for a while…4 years later we were married. Matt proposed on the Brighton Wheel on November 5th 2012.”


“Everyone contributed to our wedding”, she continued. “It all came together really well. All our lovely friends made it work so well. We asked everyone to bring food, decorations and love and they all did. It was amazing to see how much our friends love us. After our ceremony at the Brighton Registry office we had a traditional handfasting ceremony at our local community church. Handfasting is a pagan ritual and we celebrated the four elements and promised personal vows to each other with our four children as our witnesses with a wonderful humanist celebrant called River. Instead of rings, we exchanged silver bracelets which signify that our hands are fasted together forever.”


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Eco-Conscious & Locally Sourced DIY Wedding: Clare & Aslam

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-160

Not wanting to do things by halves, Clare & Aslam had three weddings. The firs two were Muslim celebrations, and this one was their western wedding. Having three whole weddings to plan, the couple kept this event low key and budget friendly. They DIYed a lot and spent just ÂŁ5000 on the day. “We tried to do everything second hand or hand made as I hate waste and am a big environmentalist”, Clare explained. The wedding was held at Hyde Barn in the Cotswolds.

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-106h

“Although my husband and I live and breathe south and east London now, I grew up climbing trees and then later on, going to big raves and technivals in the beautiful countryside here”, Claire continued. “So it is as much my hometown as it could be. Aslam and I are basically big kids so when we had our pro pics taken we ran into the garden and climbed trees and messed around, the venue was perfect for this. The venue actually hadn’t even been built when we booked it! But for that reason we saved a lot of money. Risky, but worth it. Because they were a new venue they pretty much let us do what we wanted. And seeing as I wanted to throw a childlike homespun DIY shoe-gaze/punk/rock festival style kid’s party with bubbles and story books, masks and games as well as accommodate a naughty french bulldog – a blank canvas like this was ideal.”

Childlike DIY Motif Wedding Photography-123

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Eco-Friendly Downtown Art Gallery Wedding: Amber & Jo

Art Gallery TEY 47

Amber & Jo’s art gallery wedding was held in downtown LA. They kept things informal and low key, really wanted to focus on the ceremony and hoped to create a real community feel.

“We wanted our wedding to be a representation of the things that are important to us and that we love, so we put a lot of thought into the details of the wedding”, explained Amber. “We tried to create an experience for everyone that would be a memorable celebration of our love for each other and for our friends and family. Our venue, ArtShare, a non-profit that supports low income youth to get involved in the arts, was perfect in that it allowed us to support a great organization while also providing the perfect physical space. The venue is part warehouse (reminiscent of some of the great downtown LA parties we’ve been to); part art gallery, which created a lovely reception space; and part theater, where we had the ceremony. It also provided a great spot for photos, with the downtown LA skyline in the background and that uniquely LA combination of colorful murals, graffiti, historic buildings and palm trees.”

Art Gallery TEY 59

“For our ceremony, we didn’t want it to feel like a show or performance that our guests watched. Instead we wanted it to be more like a community gathering, where our friends and family showed their support for us and made a vow to continue to support us through any rocky times to come. Two of our best friends, a couple, officiated the wedding. We asked our guests to share with us their thoughts, wishes, advice, and hopes for us relating to love and commitment. It was a remarkable gift to us to get to hear from them. We wrote our own vows and kept things very simple.”

“We found plastic glowing orbs for the flower girls and ring bearer to line the aisles with before we walked down them. We had to search high and low for metal stands to put them on, as they came with stakes to be used in the ground outside but in the end my ever-resourceful dad helped us find table leg extensions, which he cut to be the right size. They went really well with the industrial, urban feel of the space. The orbs have since then been put to good use at parties and on group camping trips.”

Art Gallery TEY 69

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Bohemian Family Cookout Wedding: Tyler & Kristen

Tyler & Kristen were married at Camp Sky Ranch in Boone, NC. The inspiration for their day was a ‘bohemian family cookout’ with nods to the ‘flower power’ and ‘peace & love’ vibes of the 1960s. The barefoot bride wore a simple dress from Rosa Clara with vintage jewellery and a flower garland in her hair.

“I really wanted our wedding to evoke a feeling that our guests could sense as soon as they walked through the door”, explained Kristen. “I wanted them to know how much we loved each other and our beautiful son Jude, and how important this day was for us: we were finally taking the final step in solidifying our family. I think once I committed to conveying this and stopped worrying about what I thought I was supposed to do, I really had so much fun planning the wedding. The 1960s were a big part of my inspiration. I love the bright psychedelic colors, the vintage band posters, and of course the flower power hippies. I really tried to take this and give it a thrifty rustic twist.”

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Hippy Luxe at The Photography Farm

As the fourth Photography Farm drew near Lisa and I sat down with Hannah, stylist extraordinaire, to plan the shoots. I always look forward to this epic 3-day wedding photographers workshop as I know I’ll learn new things, make new friends and have a hell of a good time in the process. We do two styled shoots on the first day but the second, a bridal shoot, is always the most exciting and experimental. I’m so excited to come up with a new concept and work with the Farm dream team to make it a reality.

We first start by deciding on our model. After umming and ahhing over the people we could ask for a while (we prefer to use ‘real’ girls over professional models), it came to me – what about my sister Rachel? And yes, before you ask, we did name our cat after her!

With her long dreadlocks, nose ring and ginormous Disney princess eyes she has a really unique look… and hello? She’s effing beautiful to boot. The girls were really excited about working with her so we set to coming up with ideas to suit Rachel’s own personal style. That’s the great thing about planning shoots for The Farm. The sky’s the limit with what we can do, but we also like to start with the model and work outwards. It’s super important that whatever we come up with links back to the girl in the middle of it all, only that way does something so special and authentic result.

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A Relaxed Southern Wedding: Anton & Megan

I’m so excited to share the incredible warehouse wedding of Anton & Megan with you today. I just know you’re going to love it! It’s simple, beautiful and just the kind of celebration I’d love to be invited too!

“Anton and I have been dating since my senior year of high school,” Megan wrote to me. “We met in February 2006 at a show his band O’brother played. Neither of us expected to be those people that are highschool sweethearts but now we both feel really lucky to have found each other so soon. We can enjoy being young and married – something that doesn’t seem so common anymore – as we grow old together.”

“I’m certainly the planning, left brain person in our relationship,” she continued, “arranging and attending meetings with vendors and making the 10 phone calls a day that are required when you’re planning a wedding. Anton is the creative, right brain 100%. He made our wedding invitation that is actually a stop-motion video we sent out to our guests (which you can view here). He also created all of our centerpieces – vases filled with synthetic and paper flowers with pictures of us, friends and family from the past years attached to looming bamboo. Everyone appreciated these personal additions, and the pictorial reminder that their presence and support is important in our relationship.”

The wedding was held at The Cotton Warehouse in Monroe, GA. As soon as the couple found it they knew it was perfect. “We looked at a lot of beautiful wedding venues but didn’t really find ‘us’ until we came to The Cotton Warehouse. We were both raised predominantly in the southern United States and wanted to incorporate this, but we didn’t want to play up any artificial elegance or ‘Gone with the Wind’ persona that comes with an antebellum mansion. That’s not the south we know and love. The Cotton Warehouse embodies the simple, sweet happiness that goes along with having the ceremony in a small town, serving whiskey & coke as your signature drink, and dancing with your 79 year old grampa and 100 closest friends to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA.”

“So I guess our theme was complicated, mixing one part southern, one part Rock n Roll and one part earthy-wooden pieces. Understated, graceful and sometimes silly. Being true to what we like and being happy not to be doing the fancy, stereotypical, ballroom wedding. Enjoying our day our way, and the best party we would probably ever throw.”

Megan wore a J Crew wedding dress and Oxford brogues heels from Modcloth to which she added the blue ribbon herself. With their wedding being in February she wanted to make sure her shoes were not only stylish but practical!

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