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Dry ‘n Dirty

Maurice & Tasha had a fabulous photo shoot with Jagger Photography in the middle of (as described by the photographers) ‘a dry, dirty desert.’The results are anything but dry and dirty – the contract between the stark landscape and the colourful couple (and the balloooons!) is just gorgeous.

A huge thank you to Heather & Grayson of Jagger Photography for sharing these wonderful images with me.

Credit: Jagger Photography


Did you see this to-die-for-gorgeous wedding and photo shoot on Green Wedding Shoes yesterday? Well just in case…
The simply coloured scenery makes the incidental bright colours of the balloons and Joe’s tie really pop! I am crazy about these…balloons make any photo shoot look fabulous!

Credit: Jill Thomas via Green Wedding Shoes

Arizona Knows Rock ‘n Roll

David Mielcarek of Project Mad Love was lucky enough to shoot this rock ‘n roll Arizona wedding.  Tiff & David are a particularly rockin’ couple as Tiff works for a radio station and David (as in the Groom not the photographer) has been a drummer all his life. I love these guys, they are totally gorgeous and isn’t their wedding location just amazing?!

A huge thank you to Rosalie for sending these to me, and to David M for sending me all the info about this awesome day!

Banjo & Sarah – The Wedding

‘More, More!’ I hear you cry (or maybe that’s just my internal monologue) either way here it comes, behold – Banjo & Sarah’s amazingly styled, amazingly photographed hippy chic wedding.

Clicky here for more from this amazing set!

Credit: MangoRED