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Book Now for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Superblogger Masterclass!


Today I have two pieces of exciting news for all you aspiring blog queens! First up, and for the second year running, I’ve been asked by those wonderful babes over at Cosmopolitan Magazine if I’ll speak on their Superblogger Masterclass panel. The event will be taking place on Monday 23rd June, from 6.30-9pm, at Altitude, London. Tickets cost just £30 each and include entry to the event, bubbly on arrival, a talk by the panel, a Q&A session and a bulging goodie bag to take home.

You can read all about my experience at last year’s event here. I also hear this years is going to be even bigger, ARGH!

To book your tickets head over to their website. I hope to see some of your friendly faces there!


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Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Superbloggers Masterclass

Cosmo Careers Blogging Masterclass 004

On a soggy Spring evening Lisa and I headed to London. It was Tuesday, and the night of the Cosmopolitan Magazine Superbloggers Masterclass. I was thrilled, honoured and damn right nervous as hell to have been asked to join an illustrious panel of experts at this prestigious event. The masterclass was a complete sell-out, with two hundred enthusiastic wannabe bloggers braving wind and rain to make it to The British Museum for the two-hour panel discussion and Q&A.

Cosmo Careers Blogging Masterclass 011

This is my nervous and ‘omg that’s a big auditorium’ face

I was cacking it. There was nothing cool about me as we took a peek into the empty auditorium and I squeaked to Lisa “Oh my god, that’s a lot of goodie bags…” We were the first to arrive and were ushered into a side room where we were soon met by the Cosmopolitan team and the rest of the panel.

Cosmo Careers Blogging Masterclass 014Cosmo Careers Blogging Masterclass 013

No pressure…

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Cosmopolitan Magazine ♥ Rock n Roll Bride (& I’m Not Afraid to Show Off About it)

I’ve been very lucky to have been featured in quite a few magazines since starting Rock n Roll Bride. But this is the biggie. The top of the tree. The one that makes you fall of your seat and pinch yourself – hard.


cosmopolitan mag rock n roll bride

I’m also mentioned on the cover! I did offer to be the cover star but they felt that Kimberley Walsh might shift more copies. I was assured I was a very close second choice though.

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Rock n Roll Bride ♥ Cosmopolitan Magazine

Please excuse me for one second because I’m about to be 100% uncool. But you know what, I really don’t care because…

I’m in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Yeah no big deal or anything, it’s only one of the biggest magazines in the world.

I first met some of the awesome girls who work at Cosmopolitan at their blog awards last year where I was crowned wedding blog of the year. I already knew what gorgeous girls they where, but when David submitted deputy editor Suzy’s wedding to me over the Summer, and then she emailed me to say how excited she was to be on my blog… well I just about died. Then, just last month, they got in touch again to ask if they could run a feature on Rock n Roll Bride (ekkk! More on this soon!) but also to ask if I could help them out with an article on tattooed brides. Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to dive on-board wholeheartedly.

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A Seaside Themed Wedding in St Ives: Suzy & Christian

When the deputy editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine gets married, you just know it’s going to be awesome right? Well Suzy & her fiance Christian didn’t disappoint when planning their summer wedding. Choosing St Ives, Cornwall as the location, what could be more apt than a seaside themed wedding?!

“We met at journalism school in London in 1999 and were friends for five years before we eventually got together,” began Suzy. “Even though we live in London (and I’m from Oxford), we never discussed getting married anywhere but St Ives. It’s the place my dad’s been to on holiday ever year since he was a baby – so the place I’ve been to on holiday every year too. It’s the most beautiful seaside town with gorgeous cobbled streets and the most spectacular beaches. It feels magical and we wanted to share it with all our friends.”

“From the off, we were agreed on one thing: that we wanted to have a legendary party that all our friends had a total blast at. We wanted to thank everyone for coming by making them feel special and part of the day. We gave as many of our mates jobs as possible (in a nice way) and personalised as much stuff as we could without having breakdowns.”

The ceremony was held at St la’s Church and the reception at Carbis Bay Hotel, right on the beach. “We wanted a seaside theme to run through our wedding,” explained Suzy when I asked about their wedding theme and decor ideas, “particularly the stationery. One of our friends, Dave, is an illustrator and has just set up a bespoke wedding invitation business, Love Illustrated. He very kindly said he’d design our invitations as a wedding present. Dave told us to be as ‘creative and out there’ as we liked. I think he may have slightly regretted that…”

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A Vegas Wedding in the Cosmopolitan Hotel Pop Up Chapel: Ashley & Jeremy

Ashley & Jeremy are wedding photographers so were in Las Vegas at the same time as I was for WPPI. After the Airplanes & Blazers party (which I was also at…!) Jeremy was sitting at a table with Patrick from StillMotion (while Ashley was off in the bathroom) and Jeremy was telling Patrick he would love to propose. Patrick encouraged him, telling him if he proposed and they got married while they were all still in Vegas, Patrick would shoot it!

When Ashley returned, Patrick proposed, right there and then by saying “Will you marry me…on Wednesday?!” So just 36 hours later, they were married in the Pop Up Wedding Chapel at the Cosmopolitan Hotel with all of their best wedding photographer friends from WPPI watching.

Ashley kindly told me all about their amazing wedding day and how, even with such a short time frame to plan it all, they were able to have the perfect wedding! “It was so amazing to see other photographers and industry professionals rally behind us to help plan our wedding. We had the little chapel packed full of other photographers and it meant so much to me to see their faces there that night. People that we knew very well and people that we barely knew before WPPI helped us with everything we needed to make sure it went off without a hitch. Jeremy and I are still in disbelief at the kindness and generosity that our amazing vendors showed to us to with our crazy timeline and last minute plans!”

“Only having about 36 hours to plan the wedding, I knew there were limited things I could feasibly take on myself. However, being in the wedding business I knew that I had to have a few things that although small, would make a big impact and really make me feel like we were having a ‘real’ wedding! The morning of the wedding, Jeremy and I took a cab to Whole Foods and purchased mini cupcakes, which I added pink sprinkles to (I’m OBSESSED with sprinkles). We also purchased a random assortment of flowers so I could create a bouquet. My intentions were to just create a bouquet for me, but after putting it together I had leftovers to make my bridesmaid’s bouquets too! I used one of my sheer scarves I had brought with me in a pale pink cheetah print to wrap the bouquet, which was a last minute touch I really liked! I also walked to the nearest convenience store and purchased gray poker chips, safety pins, and crazy glue to create the boy’s boutonnieres!”

“My business partner Jen, and two of my best friends Carly and Ashley were rooming with us, so they happily took up the role as amazing bridesmaids. They all put together their own outfits and somehow all pulled the same color scheme!! Jeremy’s business partner Nick was also on hand, and another photographer friend Ryan awesomely stepped up to be another groomsmen. All three boys had vests they had brought along to Vegas, so they also somehow managed to pull together a cohesive look!”

“As we were getting ready in our hotel room, we called to try to get several cabs to the hotel to take us to the chapel. After being told it would take an hour + to get that many cabs, we were then informed we did have the option of taking the Mammoth Limo, a F-650 limo that fits 30, complete with a full lights show and surround sound inside… although it seemed ridiculous at first, it ended up being the absolute perfect way to arrive to our Vegas wedding, with our photographers, friends, and cinematographers all piling in with us. It was so funny and really made the moment seem absolutely unreal.”

“Earlier in the week, we had had the pleasure of meeting Eric, who is part of the awesome band Norman. A few hours before the wedding, one of my bridesmaids had the idea that maybe Eric could come play at the chapel for us! After a flurry of texts, we found out he had to leave that day and wouldn’t be able to attend. However, as I walked into the chapel, I was informed there was a surprise for me. I turned around to see Eric with his guitar to help us down the aisle!! It was such a cool moment and something I will never forget. Jeremy and I are HUGE music lovers and to have that there for us was so much better than any iPod playlist.”

“We had less than two days to pull together a wedding, and we were in VEGAS!” concluded the bride. “There was definitely the easy route of finding the nearest Elvis and calling it a day, but we knew that if this wedding was going to truly reflect us, we had to make it us. Jeremy and I have never been a traditional couple. We haven’t had a normal relationship and have never followed the rules when it has come to our relationship, our careers, and our lives. We started our marriage off with a crazy adventure, and I know that we will always approach our love with the same sense of adventure and fun. So many times we are afraid to do those things we most want to do because of fear of judgement from others. For once, we let all that go by the wayside and did exactly what felt right, and what we knew was right, for us. With a borrowed ring from a friend, a Las Vegas mood ring from the corner store, hand-made bouquets and a room full of photographers, our engagement AND wedding absolutely fell together in 36 hours just perfectly.”

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Videos from the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

This Week’s Love List…

this ♥ spending a day with Shell ♥ spending a day with Charlotte ♥ vintage bargains ♥ sparkly glitter brogues! ♥ Mexican food ♥ new beauty treats ♥ MoroccanOil ♥ being able to wear tights and jumpers again ♥ furry slippers ♥ mocktails ♥ drinks with cucumber ♥ chai spiced lattes ♥ Gareth making me laugh uncontrollably ♥ clearing out old clothes and buying lots of new ones ♥ knitted mid-length skirts – cute and practical ♥ making exciting plans for a trip to Paris with my best girls next spring! ♥ early morning tweetathons with Megan & making plans to meet up in NYC next May! ♥

Bets of the Rest…

Check out this fab video filmed at the Cosmopolitan Magazine blog awards. You can see me collecting my award and being interviewed afterwards!

And if you want to see another video from the night, here’s Adam, Charlotte & I in the photo booth. I’m sure they don’t hate me really

Thanks to photobooth.co.uk for that one! You can see more photo booth photos from the event here.

Cosmopolitan.co.uk also posted some photos from the event here. Here I am collecting my award…I knew it would be a shocker of a photo!

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And the Cosmopolitan Magazine Award for Best Wedding Blog goes to…


Wow, I feel like I should be doing an over-indulgent Oscar-worthy speech right now but I literally can’t find the right words… So I’ll just say thank you a million times. Thank you for voting for me, thank you for believing in Rock n Roll Bride, thank you for your support…you get the idea.

Seriously, there are not enough thanks in the world.

Before the awards I met with photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre for a coffee and he asked if he could take a few photos of me…which was pretty handy because now I can show you what I wore to the event.

Ashton is, like, beyond amazing and his film photography makes me weak at the knees (plus he had the photos to me before I even got home – now that’s impressive!)

Ashton, these photos are beautiful. You are a god of film photography.

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Thursday Treats – 25th Feb 2010


Credit: Miss Dee Ahoy

Are you kidding me? Is it actually nearly march already? C-c-c-razy! OK Thursday Treat fans..saddle up and prepare yourself for another 7 days worth of internet pretties…

♥ First up, a little ‘toot toot’ to yours truly – did you recognise the fuschia haired chick in today’s headline image? Oh yeah baby that’s ME! This lovely little drawing was sent to me by illustrator-extraordinaire Miss Dee Ahoy and I actually nearly wet myself with excitement! Thanks to Miss Dee for the utter love. Mwah!
♥ This diy wedding is awesome to the max – mismatched bridesmaids will forever be cool in my book
♥ Secret celebrity wedding!
Ruffles, red shoes, big red heart – pop!
Sweet, outdoor wedding
Fierce engagement session (faux fur for the win!)
AMAZING rockabilly style lesbian wedding
Let’s get colourful
♥ Fashion and home design inspired by The Red Shoes
♥ A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding (these shoes are Irregular Choice – I’ve swooned over them before!)


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Under the Spotlight – Rosie Parsons

rosie thumbnail

I love sharing the work of photographers and wedding vendors that not only really really rock, but who I definitely think you need to use for your own wedding! Rosie Parsons not only fits into this category but is someone I consider one of the best friends I’ve made since starting Rock n Roll Bride! Not only is she kicking some serious ass in the UK wedding world at the moment (she was featured in the same issue of Cosmopolitan Bride as me this month – with two of her weddings being used and with her taking part in a feature about how to love the camera) but she was also the genius eye behind one of my favourite ever photo shoots (so much so I use one of the images as my profile picture everywhere!) 

Anyway, enough gushing, let’s get on with the interview shall we!?

 Rock n Roll Rosie 001

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rosie Parsons and I’m a wedding photographer who loves to shoot in a relaxed, creative and unobtrusive style.

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

We’ve just moved South Westerly from Bristol and are now based near Exeter in Devon – however I do get booked for weddings all over the country and abroad. Last year I photographed one wedding up in Edinburgh shortly followed by a week long trip to shoot a destination wedding in Lake Garda which were both lovely! I don’t charge travel costs as long as the wedding is in the UK, and if it’s abroad I’m happy to come as long as travel costs and accommodation are covered!

Rock n Roll Rosie 017

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Rock n Roll Bride Featured in Cosmopolitan Bride Feb/March 2010


Happieeee New Year!

As you nurse your sore heads I have some very exciting news to share…and what a fantastic end to 2009/start to 2010 it is. I have been featured in what is undoubtedly the best bridal magazine in the UK – Cosmopolitan Bride! Oh the excitement. I hope you Enjoy my tidbits of advice and words of wisdom all about how to plan the perfect Rock n Roll wedding. I just have to say a huge ass thank you to Gemma & Miranda at the magazine for asking me to take part and to every single reader of my little blog for believing in me because after all without you coming here to read my incessant ramblings none of this would be possible. You are all literally making my dreams come true.

So go get a strong coffee, a diet coke, a litre of water and a fry up (or whatever so need to sort your post NYE hangover out) and have a little delve into my wedding obsessed mind.


Wedding Wisdom – The Blogger

Kat Williams, 25, from Reading, started Rock n Roll Bride (rocknrollbride.com) as an online mood board of ideas for her wedding on 12 April 2008. Since then, what she describes as her mix of “quirky real-life weddings and cool photography” has rocked the wedding scene, attracting more than 60,000 visitors a month and 2000 followers on Twitter. Thanks to her experience as a bride, and seeing at least 20 wedding albums a day, Kat empowers bride to say “I do” in a so-you way.

I didn’t realise you could do things differently
When I started planning my wedding I thought you had to do the church-then-a-nice-hotel-reception thing. If I did it again I’d keep the church, as this means a lot to us, but I’d go less formal and more personal. I’ve had pink hair since I was 16 – I had pink hair when I met my husband and it was pink when we got engaged, but I went brown for the wedding to keep people happy. Looking back, I wish I’d kept it pink, because it’s pink again now and probably will be for the new few years. Brides often tell me: “I thought my ideas were weird, but now I’ve seen weddings that do things differently, it makes me feel more comfortable about having what I want.”

If a supplier doesn’t get your vision, DIY
I asked my florist for pale vintage colours. The reality? Bright Purple. It didn’t matter on the day, as I was so excited about getting married, but looking back I think, “Urgh, they’re not what I wanted,” and I wish we’d done them ourselves. Consider sourcing your own wine, too – it’s often cheaper to buy it and pay corkage, plus you get nicer stuff – and bringing in caterers if the hotel food isn’t great. It’s extra work, but so worth it.

It’s who you’re marrying – not where – that matters
When the venue cancelled three months before our day, I just thought “I want to marry Gareth. If we get married in our parents’ garden it really doesn’t matter.” After phoning lots of places, we found an amazing venue that was available, but twice the price. So my Dad (who can be scary!) rang the old venue and made them pay the difference as compensation, so we got a much better place for the same price. 

Horrible bridesmaid dresses are a crime against humanity
No one should be forced into an ill-fitting frock. Our bridesmaids chose their own nice LBDs and shoes – but often it’s the boys who let the side down. The bride spends hours (days, even) choosing a dress she feels gorgeous in, while the groom wears a hired morning suit. Get him to wear what he wants to wear, not what he thinks he should. Gareth wore a sharp custom made suit and skinny tie costing £450 and looked fab, plus he got to keep it.

Bring a Rock n Roll Bride isn’t about rock and roll
She’s someone who doesn’t conform to what other people expect of her. So if you’re really into punk rock and tattoos or deep-sea diving, then put that into your day. A wedding’s not about being cool or copying someone else 0 it’s about doing what’s right for you.

What’s new for ‘I do’? – Turn your back on tradition with 2010’s so-now W-day crazes
1. Outdoor ceremomies                                    
2. Photo booths                                                    
3. Cupcakes (still!)                                              
4. Balloons                                                              
5. Personal details                                            
6. Centrepieces instead of flowers              
7. No receiving line                                            
8. Chalkboard signs
9.  Bright shoes with a white dress
10. Engagement photo shoots
11. Grooms in Converse trainers
12. Short dresses worn with birdcage veils 
13. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses
14. Dogs at weddings
15. Fake moustaches for fun photos

You can check out our wedding pictures and more details here and on my flickr is you are so inclined! So, what would your tips for wannabe Rock n Roll Bride’s be?

Cosmopolitan Bride


As I said on Thursday in my treats, I wanted to scan a few of my favourite real weddings and fashion shoots from the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Bride to share with you all. Not just because I’m mentioned in it (hehe) but also because Cosmo is by far the coolest, quirkiest and funkiest wedding magazine in the UK. It is in fact the only one I still buy. To everyone over the pond and beyond I hope you enjoy this unashamedly girlie delve into the world of the British bride.

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