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Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow.

It’s still snowing here in England. 

I am going to sound like a big old killjoy, but it sucks!  For me, the novelty has most defiantly worn off…however here’s a sweet looking snowy wedding day that makes the snow a little easier to appreciate.

Credit: Rebekah Westover

A Wet, White Wedding

Remember this gorgeous image of a Bride and her bridesmaids in – shock horror – white?  Well there’s a new all-white wedding on the block and it’s just as stunning.  Having your bridesmaids wearing the same colour as you really does make for some dramatic photographs.  My only concern would be does everybody know who the Bride is in the picture?

Credit: A Bryan Blog

Vow Renewals – Yay or Neigh?

Call me controversial, but I’m not sure I agree with vow renewals…unless the couple is like 80 years old and have been married 60 years…in that case I find I it touching, sweet and full of sentiment.  I love the fact that a couple who’ve been together that long are still so totally head over heels in love with each other that they want to re-tell the world. 

However when a couple who’ve only been married 5 or so years do it, it does make me think, ‘well maybe they just wanted another party?’   See, told you I was controversial.  Tell me what you guys think..and please do..come on don’t told back!  Am I a heartless bitch?

However, as you know, I’m all about the beautiful images and even though this is a vow renewal, I can’t help but post them – I adore the Bride’s dress (I wonder if it was a new one or the one she got married in before) and I love the dramatic shots with the red umbrella.

Credit: Laura Ryan

Not For The Faint Hearted


There are some seriously sexy fetish photographs in this post!  I actually ummed and arred a little bit about posting these but I figured it’s Rock ‘n Roll Bride for goodness sake I need to have some balls…it’s wedding related and certainly not something you’d find on the knot or wedding.tv!

Credit: Fetish Model

And The Bridesmaids Wore White

Who says wearing white to someone elses wedding is a huge faux pas?  I personally wouldn’t have cared if someone showed up in white…as long as they weren’t wearing a wedding dress!  I think these white bridesmaid dresses look just fabulous alongside the Bride in her white wedding dress.  Classy, elegant and chic.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that balloons will be the new big thing is weddings in 2009.  Just as 2008 was the year of the cupcakes and the fake moustaches, 2009 will be much more helium filled.

To illustrate my point, aren’t these photographs just fantastic? And don’t get my started on the Bride’s black dress..LOVE IT!

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