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Old Hollywood Glam Art Deco Wedding with a Jellicle Ball Cabaret

Tim and Lauren were inspired by a vast array of concepts for their wedding, deciding they were going to include everything they wanted to. With a Disneyland Paris proposal, the old Hollywood glam of the Tower of Terror was their starting point, and they added the colour palette and playlist from BioShock and Fallout games. They chose a cabaret as entertainment, and named their tables after Cats, inspired by the Jellicle Ball.

They managed to pack a lot into their day, with two ceremonies, a three-course meal and a two-hour cabaret. Lauren told us, “It’s easy to get stuck thinking you have to have a traditional wedding timeline and it is quite difficult to change your thoughts, realising you don’t have to do that at all. You don’t need to follow traditional timelines. You 100% will not have given yourself enough time to do things, even if you weren’t squishing in as much as we did. But on the day you really don’t mind about these things because you are just in a world of happy emotions and happy tears!”

With such a busy day, a wedding planner was a must. They explained, “Filling the day with two-hour cabaret seemed wrong but was so good on the day. It was exactly what we wanted. And although it meant there was less time for mingling, our wedding co-ordinator organised the timings within an inch of their life!”

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