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A Quirky Irish & Brazilian Wedding: Andrea & Paulo

The Irish wedding of Andrea & Paulo was held at Belfast City Hall. After the intimate ceremony the couple hosted a low key reception at Made in Belfast, a quirky restaurant in the Cathedral Quarter. The couple had just £6,000 to spend but managed to make the most of their budget by making unconventional choices.

“Paulo and I met in a place called Praia da Pipa, near Natal, in Northeast Brazil” Andrea explained. “I was backpacking on my summer holiday from teaching and he was on a surfing weekend away with his friends. He is originally from Fortaleza in Ceará, Brazil, where we now live, and I am originally from Northern Ireland so it proved quite serendipitous that we were both out on that particular evening! Neither of us big drinkers, we had been dragged out to socialise with friends and I caught his eye. He plucked up the courage to come ask me my name. We started to talk, and something changed for both of us, we just clicked! Between us we spoke enough Portuguese and English to find one another curiously interesting and since then we have never looked back. We have spent four years travelling back and forward between the UK and Brazil to spend time together, juggling work, study and family commitments along the way. Paulo proposed to me on my summer holiday in August 2010, he got down on one knee at sunset on the balcony of our apartment, it was so romantic! I was leaving to go back to the UK that night so it was very emotional too, I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to leave!”

“We are both pretty soulful individuals and like to do things differently, in our own way” she continued. “So when it came to our wedding neither of us wanted to get sucked into the commercial wedding machine and waste loads of money conforming to the wedding packages on offer in most conventional venues. The most important things to us were simply getting married, eating good food and sharing a relaxed, fun day with family and friends. The City Hall in Belfast is such a beautiful building and the staff there made the whole legal side of getting married so straightforward – an important factor for us in the midst of sorting out visa and immigration paperwork! I loved the idea of photos on the marble staircase and in the halls, with the added advantage of minimal cost in terms of the venue.”

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The Story Behind the Flying Wedding Dress: Marie & Pedro

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Well just look at this dress shot – what a brave bride – and yes, it was all her idea! “I got my inspiration for the dress flying photo from a picture from the Brazilian designer Karlla Girotto,” explained Marie. “The picture was from her summer 2007 campaign and it showed a parade of her dresses hanging on balloons with the models in front of them.”


And for those of you doubters who love to scream “Photo Shop!” at every opportunity (I know you’re out there!) photographer Danilo Siqueira used super thin fishing wire to keep the dress tied to the ground and then released the balloons with the dress hooked onto them.


Wedding photographers, the bar has been raised!

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A Rainy Brazilian Wedding with DIY Details: Cecilia & Luciano

Cecilia & Luciano wanted a simple wedding inspired by their choice of venue, Pousada Estrela D’água, in Trancoso, Brazil. “My inspiration was the wedding venue”, explained the bride. “The village of Trancoso, Bahia, is beautiful and simple at the same time. That’s what I sought in all my wedding decisions. I did not want anything too pretentious. For the decorations we used photos of family and tablecloths that belonged to our great grandmothers. The decor had a bit of our history and showed a lot of our personality.”

Cecilia made her own dress from the lace of the veil that her mother-in-law wore when she married. She also designed and made the bridesmaid’s dresses. “There was no specific theme to anything really”, she continued. “We just tried to do everything as simple as possible.”

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A Brazilian Circus Wedding: Gabriela & Vinícius

Gabriela & Vinícius, from Sao Paulo, wanted to run away with the circus for their March wedding. They hired a red top marquee, had circus themed stationery and even had circus performers as their evening entertainment!

“My husband and I work with art (I’m a tattoo artist and he’s musician), and we think the circus represents our total immersion in it,” began Gabriela. “I don’t know when we had this idea, but was perfect for us! Our ceremony was more philosophical than religious, with no focus on any specific religion, only with a idea of spirituality.”

“I did all the decorating myself, I think much prettier and more fun than just buying everything done for you. I decided to reuse things where possible and to use cheaper materials. It was also important for our wedding to not harm the environment. We made our own wedding outfits and constructed flowers and other embellishments from the left over fabric. We also collected bottles and glass jars to use on the tables. In short, it was almost all DIY, with our touch and tastes.”

“We had trouble finding circus inspiration from our home country of Brazil. I had no idea that we are still struggling creatively when compared with other countries. However our online searches enabled us to find some really cool ideas!

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A Salsa Dancing Wedding in Rio de Janeiro: Tatiana & Luis

There’s something about this wedding that makes me wanna get up and dance. I’ve never been much of a salsa dancer (read: I’ve never tried it in my life) but these guys make it look seriously fun!

The April wedding of Tatiana & Luis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had a massive party vibe. Both the ceremony and reception were held at Centro Cultural Carioca, a ‘house of samba’ bar located in an old building in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple and it was full of love and especially laughter when he told funny stories about them both through out. “When the bride entered, the groom spontaneously grabbed her and gave her a great and long kiss”, wedding photographer Felipe Luz told me. “Everybody applauded.”

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A Waterside Wedding in Rio de Janeiro: Adriana & Daniel

For their November wedding, Adriana & Daniel were keen to inject as much of both their cultures (Brazilian & British) into the day as possible. The event was held at Iate Clube de Búzios, a yacht club in Rio de Janeiro. The bride designed her own dress and used handmade lace from Renda Renascença with the help of dressmaker Inês Uemura.

“Sometimes you shoot a wedding that is so amazing, that it is only when you look back on your images and film that you can actually even remember what happened,” wedding photographer Maria of Studio 1208 told me. “The whole thing is so effortless, yet it moves like a beautiful old steam locomotive, thundering past you and carrying you away into some distant land.”

“Daniel & Adriana’s wedding was spectacular, yet it was never over the top or dressy. It somehow managed to harness two cultures perfectly, and ride them along the Brazilian sun coast to a carnival by the beach. The wedding was in a tiny white and blue church, packed to the rafters, people hanging in the doors and windows, just trying to get a glimpse. The live soundtrack to the day was provided by a great composer and accordion player, Dave Thomas, whose music is featured in our film. As if that wasn’t enough, at some point in the night, an incredible Brazilian live band started to play and Samba dancers appeared in a swirl of luminous colors and shining beads, encouraging even the tamest of spectators to do a little limbo.”

“To top it all off, best man, Michael, introduced his ‘pièce de résistance’ – a video message from a guest who unfortunately could not be at the wedding. It was none other Mr. Snoop Dog himself personally telling the happy couple, ‘From big Snoop Dogg, congratulations on your wedding. Stay down, stay with each other.  Two lovers together forever.  Believe dat.’ Believe that indeed!”

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