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Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 25th March 2011

Photography Credit: via .la douleur exquise.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on last week’s post. It would appear you all like this new feature. Hurrah!

Take inspiration photos when you go to visit suppliers and make sure they ‘get you’ and your wedding vision before you book them. If you’re asking for vintage roses and they offer you bright lilac blooms then they ain’t the vendor for you (believe me I speak from personal experience. I hated our wedding flowers!)

You’re the one spending the money, don’t feel like you need to impress them with your ideas…they need to impress you!

Style your business/blog around what pleases you. If your business (and the way you portray yourself online) is a true reflection of you and what you love then the readers and clients you attract will be the like-minded awesome kind.

Do not start a business or ‘talk-the-talk’ to impress anybody else. Don’t afraid to be real – warts and all. People will love you for it, I promise.

Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 18th March 2011

Photography Credit: via all about photos via we heart it (if you know the original source of this image, please drop me an email & I’ll add it)

So Photography Friday is no more. I know some of you are still in mourning (be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook for regular and random personal pictures if you want ’em) but behold – a new feature! First off I’ve got to say thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook who helped me come up with the name for this post, I was struggling to be creative and couldn’t think of anything to call it apart from ‘Tip-day Friday’ and that was kinda rubbish…

Post-It Notes will be blogged every Friday and every week I’ll be posting two top tips – one related to wedding planning and one for business/blogging. The idea behind this being that I get hundreds of emails asking for my advice and magazines are always asking for my ‘top tips’ on different areas of wedding planning, so I thought hey, why not make a blog feature out of it? I have visions of some of you writing these out onto actual post-it notes and sticking them in your wedding planning book/inspiration folder or all around your office! That would be pretty cool.

Let me know what you think of my new feature in the comments – if you like the idea, I’ll keep it going.

Book your photographer early. A lot of the best photographers get booked out as far as a year in advance so this is one thing to not leave to the last minute and unlike some other wedding services, you usually won’t get a discount for a last minute booking.

Whatever your business, start a blog. Now. Stop putting it off and just do it…sometimes simply starting something is the hardest part.

Online Negativity and Comment Etiquette

Photography Credit: Paul Cahill & Jane Paskiewicz

One of my favourite things about being a wedding blogger is that I see so many different styles of weddings and so many unique and diverse ideas every day. From goth to vintage and from steampunk to modern –every wedding is different and every person behind that wedding is unique.  I am also lucky enough to sometimes meet the people behind these weddings (whether that’s brides or suppliers) and I consider many of them to now be friends.

The simple fact is that you are not going to like everything you see on my blog. You are not going to agree with everything I say or everything I post on these pages, but that’s OK. In fact that’s what makes Rock n Roll Bride so ace and so different to most of the other wedding blogs out there. I don’t only publish the pretty or the popular and not everything will be for everyone.

Some wedding will be budget and some will be extravagant and expensive. A wedding costing more than average doesn’t make it any less Rock n Roll. People’s financial situations are different and just as most of you would never dream to criticise someone for only spending £2000 on their wedding; similarly you shouldn’t criticise someone for spending what you see as excessive. At the end of the day IT IS THEIR WEDDING and they are allowed to spend whatever they damn well please.

Photography Credit: ümit gündüz

Another lesson I’ve learnt through running this business is that everyone you see featured on these pages is a real person, with real insecurities and real feelings. That might sound like a strange thing to say (of course they are a real person) but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s oh too easy to see someone online and forget that behind that computer screen is a human being, with emotions and feeling that can be hurt.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Blog Love ~ an e-course for bloggers

Today’s Sunday Kind of Love is going to Elsie Flanningan. I featured her awesome 1960’s flower brooch headband tutorial yesterday, and today I wanted to continue the love-in by bringing her Blog Love E-Course to your attention.

As well as brides-to-be’s I know a lot of my readers are also bloggers. Whether that be bride bloggers, photographer bloggers, professional wedding bloggers or personal/lifestyle bloggers. Our blogs are our babies and we all want our babies to flourish and grow don’t we? Elsie’s course is here to do just that.

Elsie’s currently runs two successful blogs, A Beautiful Mess, and her new wedding blog, Le Wedding PartyA Beautiful Mess alone gets between 20,000 – 30,000 visitors a day! In this e-course Elsie shares her hits, hips and tricks to building a better blog – everything from finding your voice, getting more readers, taking on sponsors, finding time to blog, dealing with drama (!), photography for bloggers and much much more! (full run down here)

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Best of Blogs – Issue 14 ~ Jasmine Star

I couldn’t believe it when Jasmine Star first emailed me. I got a little bit fan-girly and squealed down the phone to my friend a little bit. So needless to say when it came to writing this month’s Best of Blogs article there was only one lady I wanted to write about. I am literally honoured to have her on these pages with me. The woman is such and inspiration and I heart her. A lot.

My virtual love affair with Jasmine Star began this summer when I watched a video recording of a seminar she’d held which was called ‘The importance of branding and its vitality in the wedding industry.’ After watching it, the way I viewed by own brand and business was literally changed forever. A dramatic admission maybe, but that’s how motivating her one-hour teaser video was: I ended up blogging about it, and I thoroughly recommend that you take a look. http://www.rocknrollbride.com/2010/06/a-sunday-kind-of-love-jasmine-star-being-free-to-succeed

For my part I immediately started to make big decisions about how and where to move forward with my own business. I was so blown away in fact, that I just had to email her right away and tell her.

I’d heard about this ‘Free to Succeed’ tour (available to purchase in full, on DVD from http://getit.davidjay.com) on a photographic forum and was encouraged by everyone’s positive comments to check it out for myself. Initially I was sceptical. I’ve never been one to sign up for training courses or be swayed by motivational speakers, however within the first 10 minutes I was hooked. Jasmine spoke with such passion and with such an infectious style, that even though the talk was directed towards photographers and their branding, I was finding myself relating everything she said to my own business.

So how does this bring us to talking about Jasmine Star the blogger? Well as many of you may already know, she not only markets herself as a photographer, but as a professional blogger too – her blog, her website, her personality and her photography are all critical to the Jasmine Star brand. All of these aspects work together to create brand “J*”, and in such a natural and organic way that you actually don’t see how it happened. This is something we can all learn from.

“I have been persuaded to believe that if a person wants to become a brand, the first place to start is with him/herself, “ she explains. “The cornerstone of a boutique brand relies on a strong sense of self-identity – who a person is both professionally and personally.  When the foundation of a brand is based on an identity, it becomes easier to build the brand and attract the type of clients a photographer prefers.”

Jasmine started blogging in early 2006 and shot her first solo wedding in October of the same year. As a self-confessed newbie, who had no idea what she was doing and who simply wanted to learn to take beautiful photographs, she admits to starting the blog to “document her failures.” This humble and honest approach is something she hasn’t lost over the years, and with all her ‘fame’ (although she’ll kill me for saying that!) within the worldwide photography community, she continues to remain humble and oh-so grateful to everyone who reads and comments on her blog, attends her workshops  and of course books her to shoot their weddings.

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Rock n Roll Party Report

You may have heard that I held a little Rock n Roll party last week for some kick ass, killer UK wedding suppliers. I basically wanted to a) drink cocktails and eat cupcakes b) meet some awesome people and c) bring those awesome people together into one ginormous big sparkly melting pot of joy… and I think I actually managed to pull it off!

I met my lovely friend Emma Case earlier in the day and we went and got our hair done by Elbie Van Eeden. I had to make sure the skull tiara was perfectly positioned for it’s first official outing of course. Elbie was fabulous as ever. Love her! We then popped in to see our girls at Fur Coat No Knickers to get changed and ready to party (shhh! it was totally just an excuse to hang out in their beautiful shop and look at their gorgeous vintage dresses.)

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