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Backpacking Elopement Adventure in Utah

Taking it right back to the bare essentials, Donia and Tom took a week’s holiday, getting married right in the middle of it, among the red rocks of Looking Glass Rock in Moab, Utah. They wanted to celebrate their passion of hiking, camping and exploring, without all the frills of a traditional wedding day.

Donia explained, “When we decided to get married we knew we did not want a wedding. We’d both been married before and it just didn’t interest us. I came across a link to an elopement photographer’s website and just cried – everything about the idea seemed so perfect! No chaos. No rules. So much nature. The person I love. Intention.”

“We love hiking, camping, backpacking, paddling, and just generally exploring and it just seemed fitting that we’d spend a day doing what we love and come back married! We didn’t plan much of anything for the day. We had photographers, a rough sketch of the day, and we just explored. We didn’t even have guests! We got ready in a campervan and changed into our wedding clothes outside on top of a rock!” 

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