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Business Bites: Perfect Hotels, Blogger Mansions and Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef!

the blogcademy down under janneke storm surfers paradise

So usually I open these Business Bites posts with some kind of work-related lesson that I’ve uncovered over the past seven days… but when you’re having so much fun exploring the Queensland coast there’s no time for nonsense like that!

After our surf lesson at Surfer’s Paradise we checked into our hotel for the night, QT Gold Coast. I’ll be doing a much longer post on this hotel chain at a later date because it was so damn amazing and you all need to know way more about it than I could fit into this short intro. After a blissful night’s sleep we hopped on a plane to Cairns and took the hour drive to our epic ‘blogger mansion’ (as we’ve dubbed it!) and from my Instagrams alone I’m sure you can tell that it’s pretty damn ridiculous.

And then it was time for pièce de résistance – snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef! Gala and Shauna have been feeling a little poorly this week so they stayed back at the house, but our photographer Janneke and I weren’t gonna let that stop us. Finally, yesterday we went jungle surfing in the rainforest where we were zip-lined through the trees and we all even went upside-down!

PHEW! This week has been nothing short of incredible and I can’t thank Tourism Queensland enough for spoiling us much more than we’d ever deserve!

Our first Blogcademy class is taking place in Brisbane this weekend so it’s back to the daily grind… although when you’re in Australia talking about your favourite subject it’s really not that much of a drag at all…

the blogcademy queensland janneke storm

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Thursday Treats: Blissful Spa Days, Koala Cuddles and Surfing Beach Babes!

the blogcademy down under janneke storm surfing

Photography Credit: Janneke Storm

Well, Queensland you certainly haven’t disappointed! After a 24 hour journey (London to Dubai to Singapore to Brisbane) I touched down in Australia just before 1am on Sunday morning. I was dreading having such a long flight but I need not have worried. I flew with Emirates, who I’ve never experienced before, and they were amazing! The planes not only had wifi (!!) but power outlets behind every seat… which, when you’re a computer addict like me is a total revelation! I spent most of my time in the air obsessively devouring Homeland episodes (my latest TV obsession) and writing – bliss!

I checked into The Emporium Hotel which was decked out in Asian-inspired décor. The reception was lined with bright ruby high shine walls and a giant glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. Gala and Shauna didn’t arrive until the next morning so as soon as I’d checked in I went up to my room and was out like a light in approximately 5 minutes flat! The bed was, without a doubt, the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in. The pillows were like marshmallows and the mattress more like a feather-stuffed duvet (there was even a pillow menu if you wanted something different!) It was totally heavenly and just what I needed after such a long flight.

I slept through right until 9am the next morning, when there was a rapturous knock on my door from Gala and Shauna who had just landed from LAX. There was no time to rest though as we’d been booked in for a foot rub, 30 minute massage and hour long detox facial at Endota Spa. I swear this should be a mandatory requirement after you get off a long haul flight. We felt like new people afterwards and it totally set us up for our busy week.

The following day we were booked for a morning at Dreamworld theme park where we rode rollercoasters until we threw up (quite literally in someone’s case, not naming any names!) but the real highlight was meeting – and cuddling – Brandy the Koala. That’s a life changing moment right there for sure.

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