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Get Crazy with Assassynation Wedding Photography


Where do I even begin explaining the awesomeness that is Sassy of Assassynation wedding photography? You’ve probably seen her amazing work littered all over this blog before because, quite frankly, she pretty much exclusively shoots awesome weddings. She’s also quite bonkers which is why I love her so much. I’ve had many a raucous night out with this little lady (4 am dancing on a phallus-shaped stage anybody?!) and I just know that if you booked her to shoot your wedding, you would too.

She’s doesn’t take herself too seriously… which is abundantly clear from her ‘about me’ video!

Sassy LOVES shooting Rock n Roll weddings and she’s just so damn good at it! “I shoot people in love… okay so that sounds weird but that’s basically what I do”, she laughs. “I specialise in weddings for creative people where the style of the day is based around their creativity and personality. This generally means that they are not your normal ‘traditional’ weddings… and I LOVE that! I absolutely love being a part of my customers’ big days. It’s always such an honour and it gives me such a buzz when they get their images back.”


“I would like to think that I’d be a Rock n Roll Bride myself if I was to get married now (I wasn’t lucky enough to have such an awesome amount of inspiration when I got married). I am a little bit crazy, a little bit creative and totally in love with tattoos. In fact I am just in the process of having a huge back piece done! I am planning my own vow renewal  for the end of 2013 and I have everything crossed that me and my hubby will be cool enough to get featured..!!”

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Tattoos, Jagermeister & A Black Wedding Dress: Corrinne & Duncan

Corrinne & Duncan were married on 9th November in The Caves, Edinburgh. The heavily tattooed couple wanted a wedding that reflected them so the bride wore black, the ceremony was humanist ceremony and the personal touches were a-plenty!

“Duncan and I are quite heavily tattooed and it was important for us to to be true to ourselves on our big day”, the bride began. “We didn’t want to hide who we are. Rock n Roll Bride gave us the confidence and some of the inspiration to be us, and we wanted everyone to just enjoy the day and have fun and that was important for us. Things like the candy bar (as I have a HUGE sweet tooth), temporary tattoos and having a humanist wedding made our day great. It truly was the best day of both our lives. I’m a sucker for the little details so those were important to me – we had little Jagermeister miniatures for favours for the adults, a candy bar, matching ‘pick n mix’ cupcakes and homemade button bouquets and buttonholes.”

“We opted for a humanist wedding as we wanted the ceremony personalised to us and our family as much as possible”, She continued. “We both loved it from start to finish and we would recommend everyone to have one now! Juliet, our humanist, was truly amazing. We had a lot of faith in her and she did not disappoint. We could have had anything in the ceremony that we wanted, it really was an open book and for that reason that’s why I’d recommend it. We had one of our good friends do a reading in-between the ceremony and our other friend sang and played and an acoustic version of ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters. Everyone commented on how beautiful the ceremony was and best wedding they had ever been too. It really was overwhelming.”

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Tattoos & Toadstools: Toni & Colin

Tattoos, tears and a seriously cute couple. Toni & Colin’s wedding is what my dreams are made of. These guys are THE perfect Rock n Roll couple and their wedding slays me. Plus they had Sassy of Assassynation as their wedding photographer so they instantly go way up in the cool stakes with me!

The wedding was held at The Quay, Musselburgh, on 10th November. “Colin and I met online what feels like a life time ago but wasn’t all that long ago in the grand scheme of things”, Toni began. “We spoke for a month or so online and then he made plans to come over from Northern Ireland to visit me in Edinburgh. ‘I’ll come for the weekend,’ he said. Well, he arrived and he’s yet to leave! We’ve lived together from day one and, including the night before the wedding, we are yet to spend one single night apart. It’s a good job he makes me laugh as much as he does!”

This unconventional couple decided, along with their photographer Sassy, to do a ‘first look’. This is basically where the couple see each other before the ceremony. It’s something that a lot of couples don’t want to do, but as these photographs prove, you’ll be very emotional and what an amazing way to capture that emotion! Tony & Colin went one step further though, and actually went and got tattoos done before their ceremony too! Toni got a toad stool and Colin got a pin wheel, both of which were decor items they used in their wedding.

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A Bohemian but Urban Wedding with a 70s Twist: Mark & Ania

Mark & Ania didn’t particularly want a theme for their wedding, but what they did want was a relaxed and laid back wedding with all their friends and family. They chose Islington town hall as their ceremony venue as the north east of London is one of their favourite areas of the city. For their reception they headed to AK Rowing Club which is right on the bank of the Thames in Hammersmith.

“We went from not wanting a wedding at all to toying with an idea to run away and get married in secret”, began newlywed Ania. “But as the planning went on, the guest list grew bigger and bigger and we ended up with the project of organising a proper wedding. We really wanted for our big day to be as simple and relaxed as possible. We didn’t have any particular theme in mind when planning the day other than wanting a simple, informal day.”

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An Intimate Wedding in France & Monte Carlo: Kenna & Scott

It seems that recently not a week goes by when I don’t get a flippin’ incredible wedding submission from wedding photographer Assassynation… This woman is just a magnet for awesome weddings! It must be because so many of her couples find her through Rock n Roll Bride – not that I’m biased or anything but it is widely accepted that that Rock n Roll Bride readers are the coolest couples, like, ever. So when Kenna & Scott’s nuptials slipped their way into my inbox a few weeks ago I, as ever, couldn’t wait to get them on my blog.

The intimate wedding took place in France and Monaco. The bride & groom just bought their maid of honour and her partner as witnesses. They hand no other guests. The ceremony was at L’Abbaye in La Colle Sur Loup, in the south of France and for the reception, they hopped over the border to Monaco for a low-key meal at the four star luxury resort of The Fairmont in Monte Carlo.

“We left our families, bucked the traditions that they balked at us dropping, and did it our way”, explained Kenna. “Let’s face it, weddings aren’t cheap and when Scott and I were first engaged and I began my research, I understood immediately that we could either feed 300 people dry chicken in some generic venue or we could embark upon the adventure of a lifetime together. We spent 8 amazing days in the south of France. Your family may not get it at first, they may even be upset because it didn’t fit into what they were hoping would happen – but remember that it’s your money, memories and personality. The same people who expressed a lot of reservations and concern for Scott and my ideas later reversed their position and said what a wonderful thing we had done. I genuinely appreciated their compliments, because I knew our format had not been part of a convention they previously accepted.”

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A DIY Village Hall Wedding & A Bride Who Designed her own Dress: Laura & Mike

A village hall reception venue, a bride who designed her own dress and a groom who found his entire outfit in charity shops – oh I am so excited about Laura & Mike’s amazing wedding! Is it just me or are the low key, budget friendly and full of love weddings winning over the high-maintenance, super detail heavy weddings right now?

“I am a huge geek and one of the things I am most geeky about is design, craft and making things”, wrote newlywed Laura. ” So when Mike proposed at a picnic in Kensington Gardens just after our 6 year anniversary, the mother of all craft projects was born! We hadn’t really been to many weddings before which I think actually helped as we had very few pre-conceived ideas of what a wedding ‘should’ be. Don’t get me wrong, our wedding wasn’t hugely wacky – there was still a ceremony, some food and some dancing – but hopefully a few bits and pieces on the way made it ‘our’ day.”

“I knew I wanted to do a lot myself, because making things is what I do”, she continued, “and after some pretty soul destroying wedding venue searching, we came across Rotherwick Village Hall who hire out the venue from 1pm on a Friday until 11am on a Sunday for a bargain price – perfect! Once this was locked down, we looked for the ceremony venue.”

Not being able to find what she wanted in a dress for a price she could afford, Laura decided to design her own wedding dress with the help of dressmaker, Rosemary Pitkin. “Rosemary made my drawing a reality. I then embroidered the back and sleeves of the dress. I made my headpiece out of vintage brooches and earrings – it was my something old, and Mike’s suit was £15 from a charity shop!”

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