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Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

If you are a newlywed, a photographer or a wedding supplier and you would like to be featured on or in the print magazine, we would love to hear from you… don’t be shy! It is at the editor’s discretion whether a successful submission is featured online or in print, however if you have a preference, please make it known when you email us!

We favour real weddings over engagement shoots and styled shoots, but we do feature all three. Boudoir is generally not our bag but if you have something really amazing and unique then try us. We like to be proven wrong as often as possible!

For bonus points, please take the time to read this post for more tips on how to get your submission really noticed before you send it our way.

Things we really love:

Happy, smiley couples in love.
Creative and beautiful portraits.
Brides with attitude and a rockin’ sense of style.
Wicked, unique wedding details (cakes, centrepieces, flowers etc).
Pets at weddings. The more the better.

Things we don’t really love:

Selective colour. Never ever ever do it. EVER.
Dutch tilt. It makes us feel seasick.
Over-processed, inconsistently edited photos.
HUGE high res image files embedded into emails.
Super traditional, uncreative weddings.

You will hear back, usually within two-three working days if your submission has been accepted or not. If it isn’t please don’t take it to heart! We receive a huge amount of submissions everyday so unfortunately we are unable to feature every single one.

Please send your submission via email to

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

Image specifications

♥ Please send anywhere between 10 and 25 images for your initial submission. If the wedding or photo shoot is accepted I will then ask you to send me the full gallery.
♥ No watermarks please.
♥ Images should be low res for your initial submission and either embedded into the email or attached one by one. You can also send a link to an online gallery. No zip files please. If you would like submit via Dropbox please email us a direct link to the folder itself rather than just inviting us to a folder within Dropbox (as these can often be missed).
♥ Colour is generally preferred over black and white.
♥ Please include as many detail shots as possible (flowers, cake, centrepieces etc) and plenty of photos of the happy couple!


Please include the following:

♥ The couple’s names, wedding date and location
♥ A short paragraph or a few bullet points laying out why you think this wedding/shoot is perfect for Rock n Roll Bride and anything that makes it particularly stand out.

If your wedding or photo shoot is accepted you will be sent a questionnaire. Weddings can not be featured without this being filled in by the couple.


Rock n Roll Bride will only publish weddings and shoots that have not been previously featured on any other wedding blogs or magazines. Please do not submit anything that is currently pending with another publication.

If your submission is successful and published, we are am happy for you to submit it elsewhere afterwards. We only require to be the first to feature something. We do not expect the images to be held back for any specified period of time after my feature. You are very welcome to publish the images on your own blog or website.

Permission to be featured from the photographer and the couple is imperative. Please get permission from all parties before submitting a wedding or shoot.

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

Wedding supplier featured posts

If you are a wedding supplier and you’d like a featured post, we’d love to hear from you. Please note these posts are paid. Further info on blog advertising can be found here.

Please include the following information in your email.

♥ Your name(s)/company name, your location and website address
♥ What is it that you do and why you feel you are perfect for couples planning an alternative wedding

If we do not feel the product or service you offer is suitable for Rock n Roll Bride we reserve the right to decline your request for advertising. On occasion we do accept products and gifts, however this does not guarantee a blog feature. We are unable to return any products once they have been sent.

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

Guest Posts

We do not publish guest posts unless we are already BFFs or they are sponsored, however we are always looking for article submissions for the print magazine. If you have an idea for a print magazine article, we’d love to hear from you!

And finally…

Any wedding supplier featured on Rock n Roll Bride is entitled to an Approved Rockstar Vendor badge to proudly display on their own website. If you’d like one, just drop me an email!

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  1. Hey K
    I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy reading your blog- It’s very inspirational and gets my wheels turnin’. As a beginner photographer no one really cares for you and to be honest it’s sad, sigh…
    Anyway and with your blogs I get inspired whether other photographers want to help you or not- so thanks a million and please do keep up the good work- you’re helping more than you know!!!! muahhhh!!!
    Angie De La O

  2. Melinda`

    Heya! I love your site for all it’s uniqueness! I think that it is great. I love how you have totally focused on brides who don’t want all the traditional pomp and circumstance. I am a SECOND time bride, 42, will be 43 the “next time around”. So tired of all the poo-poo comments about second weddings – elope! go to the court house! ect. If you have ever gone through a divorce (after 15+ yr marraige , there are many reasons to celebrate this occasion. Yes, we will not do may things, but some things are just as impt the second time around. Now, here is my request… can you please showcase some second time brides?! All the website/blogs that I have found were all waaaayyyyy too religious or too conventional.. You would be doing a whole OTHER sector of us a huge favor! Rock On. Peace Out

  3. Post author

    i would love to show some second time brides/weddings. be sure to send me your wedding once you are married!

  4. Hi,

    I’d like to make a submission dont know where the contact you section is.
    I’ve done bridal shoot at the eastern state penintentiary in Philly and they are quite ROCKING:) they are on my website under bridal and trash the dress… let me know if I can contact you somewhere else then just comment on here!

  5. hey kat !
    your blog im actually wondering if you can recomend a photographer … in guadalajara mexico LOL
    its just that here the type of photography im looking for well there arent that type of photographers or at least none that i am aware and im getting married in feb so if you can pleeassee help i will be eternally grateful !!

    thank you 1!

  6. Hi,
    Very cool site! I was wondering if you could recomend any wedding photographers for the Tennessee area? My fiance and I are getting married in April.


  7. hi ther Kool kat,
    just got back from new york and just read the fantastic bit on thursday treats you wrote about the leopard lounge studio in sydney . your fab for doing that
    cant wait to see if i get a response thanx so much again x x xmel

  8. laura


    Just to say that – although I am NOT married and NOT engaged I loooove this site! I am, however, Bridesmaid this year three times (two of which are VERY ‘normal’ weddings, the other not [Im being a Maid of Merryment]) and all the wedding plannign with friends and family has made me realise just how same-y weddings can be. Me; I want something different – lots of nice colours and cool things and FUN. Luckily I have an off-the-wall partner who wouldnt – no – COULDNT have a regular wedding … so if I get engaged/married anytime soon…. Ill let you know 🙂

    Thank you again!

  9. PrincessCyanide

    Hiya,just been pointed to ur blog by a friend of mine who was mentioned in one of ur blogs,dresses at no. 9.this is a fantastic idea! i hate traditional weddings and ill tell u the story of my wedding.when i was a wee girl i went to a fashion show that one of my dance teachers was in,she came out on to the runway wearing a beautiful black wedding soon as i saw it i said ‘im getting married in a black wedding dress’…and i husband and i had a goth/vampire wedding(fangs included!),me in my black and red wedding dress which i made myself,hubby looking like dave vanian from the damned,black and red wedding cake and mosh pits and head banging at the reception.
    having a look around its fantastic to see that so many ppl want something different for their big,something thats so personal to thanks for sharing. laura xxx

  10. HI

    I will get married in April 2010 in a Destination Wedding that will be held In my home town…. Brazil. It will be a very elegant and in the same time modern wedding. I would like to know what I need to do in order to have the wedding published in your magazine.

    Thanks a lot.


  11. Post author

    All the answers to your question are on the very page you just left this comment on…

  12. Danielle, I am Brazilian too, cant wait to see your gorgeous pictures~

    just submitted a portrait session, so exciting! love this blog because having a hard time finding these kinds of brides in NJ and my style is edgy and funky 🙂

  13. This is a great blog- I’m just here to say hello but will be back soon with photos of a bridal shoot I am doing soon.
    Just making my entry to RnR! Love it!

  14. Megan & Nate

    We would love to be on your website … i will have to get back with you on pics because Nate is in iraq till december and im trying to plan a wedding so we are able to get married on January 1st 2011 in his best friends shop where he works on old cars of his. Its goin to be an awesome wedding and would just love to be up on your website. Thanks Megan and Nate

  15. Poppy

    Loving the blog Kat! – I just recently got engaged and was fearful of all the traditional wedding madness that would ensue, hoping for something less white and glossy and more fun!

    I’m glad to have found your website (through All Fur Coat and No Knickers), which I have been using as inspiration in planning our wedding. I’ll let you know how I get on! It’s great to know that there are many kindred spirits out there who do not subscribe to wedding norms!

    Roll on the wedding 🙂

  16. Wow I love your blog! I work down in Costa Rica doing weddings and we never see amazing weddings like this! Do you ever have people submit international weddings? I love your work and enjoy reading about the weddings from down here! Take Care!

  17. Hello!!
    Really great blog, for sure!!
    As a creator of rocknroll dresses and suits for weddings (among other creations)… I’m gonna have a closer look to all these posts…
    As soon as my website is finished, i send it to you, and if you like it, i’d really be glad to be present on your blog…
    till then, lots of rock from Barcelona, Spain!

  18. Love your blog! We are having a two-bride wedding (as in a lesbian wedding) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I got inspired and just launched my own blog (JulietandJulieta), would love to hear your thoughts. I want to make a wedding diary of the upcoming 5 months, our wedding is in May.
    Best wishes for 2011!

  19. Hi ya
    Am so pleased to find your blog and now want to get married again. Sometime later in the year, i would love to make a submission of photos of the cupcakes I took to the Brighton Tattoo Convention.

  20. I am so very glad that I found your website, and I am looking forward to submitting a wedding. Your site is just so much fun, exactly what the wedding industry needs.

  21. Sammyjean

    Hi! Loving the site, thanks for being a wedding thing which isn’t a “Wedding” thing. I’m arranging my own wedding party and am allergic to any planned sickly wedding suppliers, favours, name cards, seating arrangements, over priced shops, ivory, boring boring and just not me. I haven’t used any such item yet…so I’m really enjoying it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Hi Kat, I am going to be selling my cakes at Tattoo conventions around UK and v. excited about it too! I hope to meet people who appreciate the Alternative style of my speciality cakes and then I can be featured on your totally fab site if you like my style.
    Great to hear a blog like this is getting it’s name out there, Well Done!!
    Really, really love the photographers you feature, beautiful work xx

  23. Hey Kat!! Been meaning to leave you a message on here for a while, but as you probably know, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get around to the little things!! Anyway, as with everyone else commenting on here I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! I started a personal styling business late last year and your site and personal feedback to my blog has been so helpful, I really do appreciate what you do for us not so savvy world wide webbers out there!! I’m now starting another business (!), it’s a burlesque hen night package for ladies wishing for a night of glamour in London, the website isn’t up and running yet, but again, I’ve been referring back to your tips constantly – you are a Godsend!! Thanks doll – YOU ROCK!!! xx

  24. Kat Curzon

    From one Kat to another! Thank the stars above for your site! I thought i had a very clear idea of what my wedding next year is going to be but have to confess i’ve hardly had a thought of my own since looking at this site! Mine will be a 50’s inspired tea party theme. Me and my ginger dream man have our local town hall booked for its quirkyness and slight mental hospital feel about it, not everyones cup o tea but neither are gingers! Hope to make the cut next year!

  25. Katrina Rowley

    Hi there. I love love love Rock n Roll Bride. You’ve done such a great job. Thanks to you I really am planning the wedding that is perfect for me and my partner. We’ve had a few raised eyebrows for the ideas we want but when I’ve showed them this blog they’ve really got amongst it and even though it’s not quite two years until I get wed. I am really looking forward to putting the plans in action. Many thanks again. A great inspiration. 🙂 xxxxxx

  26. Fantastic blog with some great pics and really useful info. I love the quirkiness of it all and the way it kicks those tired old wedding formulas into touch. Nice one Kat.

  27. gingerpants

    You’ve provided us with so much inspiration for our ‘out of the box’ ceremony next month, we’ll definitely be sending you a submission!
    Keep up the good work Kat! xxx


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