WIN Tickets For You & Your Bridesmaids to The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair (To See Me Strut My Stuff on the Catwalk) + A Little Sneak Peek of My ‘Beloved’ Session with Gareth

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Beautiful invite designed by Cutture London

Yeah…longest post title ever!

As many of you already know, I have been invited to make my catwalk debut at the Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair on Monday 21st March 2011 and to celebrate this, Luella’s would like to give away five VIP tickets to one very lucky Rock n Roll Bride reader and her bridesmaids to attend the show (to support me!)

Just some of the exhibitors that will be there include:

Bespoke Events London, Hayford & Rhodes, Rhubarb Food Design, The Little Venice Cake Company, Charlotte Casedejus, Lisa Redman, Jaqueline Byrne, Caroline Atelier, Johanna Johnson, Buttonbelle, Yarwood-White, The Real Princess Company, Magpie Vintage, Jane Taylor Millinery, Rachel Simpson, Freya Rose, Emmy, Diane Hassall, Ell & Cee, Benefit Cosmetics, Beyond Beyond, Emily Quinton, The Utterly Sexy Cafe, Cutture London…and many more!

The fair is being held at the beautiful, One Marylebone in London and the Monday event is on from 4-9pm…and I’m reliably informed that there will be cocktails!

To enter, simply comment below by midday Wednesday 16th March and the winner will be announced in Thursday Treats later this week. The only term and condition I put on you is that you have to come watch me in the show and ‘whoop’ as I saunter/stroll/tumble down the catwalk!

Arrrrgh…yeah, so I’m pretty scared.

For more on the show, or if you’re not lucky enough to win but would still like to come along – info on how to purchase tickets for either the Sunday or Monday event can be found in this post I wrote about it last week.

This contest is now closed

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Help Dress My Skinny Groom!

Photography Credit: Red Heart Photography (you can see this full wedding here!)

Hi Kat,

I’ve followed your blog since I got engaged in October and after a week of commiserating on the subject, I have to reach out for help. I am making my gown and all my bridesmaid’s gowns, but we are in a dilemma when it comes to my fiance.

The wedding is at a summer camp (very bohemian) and there is to be no hint of tuxedo attire let alone renting anything, and at (skinny) 6′, 145lbs, tattooed, long haired, we are really coming up short with finding anything his size, style, and not ‘traditional’ that he would actually be interested in looking at.

Do you know of any unique suit shops or websites (not Urban Outfitters) that could help point us in the right direction? Or should we just start scouring thrift shops? Our wedding is in 8 months.

Thank you so much for any help you can give!

Rebeka & Alan

For this reader dilemma I called upon the expertise of Staggered – a wedding blog for boys! I knew they’d have the answer. Rebeka & Alan I hope these ideas can help you out!

♥  ♥  ♥

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding from all at – we thought a few of us would take a crack at this to give you a bit more of a view.

♥ First up Hannah Claire Litman the style expert…

Hi Rebeka,

First of all a big congrats to you on your impending nuptials. Your bohemian plans sound fabulous—please send pictures! I wish you had included a picture of your dress (and your groom!) but as you allude to a “gown” I am going to assume it is floor-length and bridal so with that said, though you are veto-ing the tux, I would guess that your betrothed would happily don a suit (of sorts) for his trip down to the aisle and into your happy-ever-after.

Though a bit on the pricey side, Paul Smith ( serves up some fabulous mens’ looks. Tailored to perfection, your fiancé can throw in a touch of boho whimsy thanks to Smith’s fabulous prints on shirts, ties and socks. We love them all, from his quintessential stripe to the fantastic florals. It takes a rockstar in the making to be able to rock some of the more outlandish prints but it sounds like Alan might be up to the challenge.

All items available from

Another nice twist might be to opt away from a jacket and instead go with a vest. If above your budget, why not take Smith’s looks as inspiration… Or maybe even splurge on a Paul Smith shirt and tie to pair with a more affordable suit. Just remember to keep the jacket and pants neutral and have fun with the rest of it!

If I were you, I would opt to play up your soon-to-be-husband’s skinny, “I’m in the band” look and keep tailored pieces slim-fitting. If you opt for a thrift store find or an off-the-rack suit, be sure to take it to a tailor who can fit it to his shape (though it sounds like this might be something you could do for him yourself) and give the illusion of bespoke threads.

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Anna & Ian’s Urban London Wedding

As soon as photographer Eliza Claire told me that she had a bride wearing a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress I was excited. So excited.  Anyone that knows me will know that I’m a bit of a Vivienne obsessive so I really couldn’t wait to see the wedding of the bride who was rad enough to rock it out!

Anna & Ian were married in February in London. Eliza tells us all about the day, “Anna & Ian got married at the start of London Fashion Week. So it was only right that Anna picked an amazing British Designer – Vivienne Westwood –  dress to wear.  I think you know already how excited I was about Anna & Ian’s London Wedding. Anna got ready at her gorgeous Mews home in Hackney, before heading to St Etheldreda’s, Hatton Garden for their beautiful wedding ceremony. Anna wore Vivienne Westwood’s Lily gown and had flowers from Rebel Rebel in London.”

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A Vintage Camera-Inspired Shoot

Photographer Tiffany Wayne and wedding blogger Brenda of Brenda’s Wedding Blog got together to set up a beautiful vintage camera themed shoot to celebrate their love of all things vintage, photography and weddings! I am honoured that they’ve chosen Rock n Roll Bride to share their beautiful work!

The colour scheme for this shoot was peach, brown, black and cream and featured many DIY projects in order to provide some DIY wedding inspiration. Tiffany and Brenda both got stuck into various DIY projects including the camera chocolate mold dessert favours (such a cute idea!), the floral arrangements – (they picked wild flowers from the side of the road), the cupcake film sleeves (they used real film to create cupcake holders), the candy bar bags that read “A Picture Perfect Ending – Sweet Dreams”, the roll of film for guests to take away (tied with charm “To Love and to Cherish”) and the veil created from tulle and a feather, purchased from a local fabric store.

How adorable is all this?!

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RIP Photography Friday

I bought this from Urban Outfitters while in Brighton last week. Gareth hates him bit I think he absolutely rules! Photo taken with my phone…

I have an admission to make…I SUCK at Photography Friday. Like seriously suck. I’ve had a few people ask me about the lack of these posts recently so I though I’d bite the bullet and admit my rubbishness in public.

I let these posts slip a little at the begining of the year and now I’ve realised it’s been 6 weeks since I posted anything! I love my Canon and it’s really handy to have when I need to take product shots and the like… but let’s be honest, a) I’m no pro photographer – hence I keep getting frustrated that my photos are poo and b) my life really isn’t that exciting and I actually don’t know what to take photos of!

While I’d love to take gorgeous and fun personal photos like Gala Darling, Audrey Kitching or Elsie Cake – I pretty much spend my days in a baggy jumper + leggings combo, accessoried with unwashed hair, glasses, no make up and slippers…and I sit in front of my computer writing and working my little ass off…in a slightly messy/half decorated house. Sexy huh? No one wants to see photos of THAT!

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