A Quintessentially British (slightly) Royal Tea Party

The royal wedding is kind of a big deal…people worldwide are gearing up for the ‘show’ and even London has gone all patriotic for once. Union Jack flags hang above Regent St and pretty much every shop window is littered with red, white and blue tat. I however, am not so excited about the whole thing. I’m not averse to two people falling in love and getting married…far from it in fact. I’m more than a little bit thrilled that William and Kate are getting married. I love marriage and I couldn’t be happier for them!

However it’s the media charade that surrounds the whole thing that kills me…and the fact that, as someone that works in the wedding industry, this is supposed to be some ‘once in a lifetime experience’ for me…and seriously, if you’d been sent as many irrelevant royal wedding-related press released as I have, you’d be pretty over it too. Yaaaawn. Most un-Rock n Roll wedding ever. Fact.

As you can well imagine, since the announcement of the wedding I’ve been sent a whole host of snooze-inducing royal wedding inspired photo shoots. None of which I’ve really given the time of day. However this shoot by photographer Adam of  Viva Wedding Photography really stood out to me. Mmm… tasty tea and scones and vintage styling – all with a hint of quintessential Englishness but without screaming “Check me out I’m a royal wedding photo shoot!”

I approve.

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Jessica & Jason’s Halloween & Horror Wedding

Jessica & Jason were married at Grand Island Mansion in Sacramento. They both adore horror and so their Halloween themed wedding was held on the 30th October.

Their home is decorated with Halloween decorations all year long including a life size pirate that talks when you walk by him (!) so they actually brought a lot of items from their home to decorate the venue. They played Phantom of the Opera as the bride walked down the aisle and the majority of their guests dressed up for the reception party!

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Stav & Danielle’s Engagement Session on Wheels

Stav & Danielle met she brought her car into her local garage to be fixed, where Sav happened to work. Needless to say the couple have their mutual love of cars to thank for their relationship!

Being a mechanic, Stav has a passion for old cars and restoring them. Danielle adores all things retro and loves the aesthetic nature of vintage cars, so using them in their engagement shoot was a no-brainer really. For the shoot, the couple were lent a collection of vintage cars from some of Stav’s clients including a classic Mercedes, a clasic Woody, a classic Corvette and a classic Ford truck.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Happy Easter

I don’t like chocolate.

I know right? Weird. So although I won’t be scoffing Easter eggs today, I still don’t want to be missing out in all the fun.  So in celebration of this fine holiday, here are some gorgeous Easter (non calorific) related treats for you to coo over.

♥ Bunny Ears Fantasy Fur Hat, Was £26.00 Now £13.00

♥ Set Of 6 T-lights Easter Chicks, £6.95
Dot Com Gift Shop

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The List – The Writing’s On The Wall

It’s been a little while since the last post from guest writer Charley of London Bride, so I thought it was high time to get her back into the fold and sharing her gorgeous finds with us. This week, she shares her obsession with all thing typography…

The Writing’s On The Wall

Nothing says personalised quite like initials, so where possible add your touch with cute letter forms, written details or monograms.

♥ Lollipops are the new cakepops. Use these delicious looking lolly letters for place names tied with a bit of ribbon.
Letter Lollipops – VintageConfessions on Etsy

♥ You can never have enough tags! Use these initial tags as escort cards or add them to your honeymoon luggage so you don’t lose them!
Letter Tag – Temptation Gifts

♥ Add these soft fabric Bride and Groom tags to your chairs for the meal. Then hang them up in your flat after the wedding!
Bride & Groom Fabric Tag – 30one on Etsy

♥ Give this small and pretty initial heart necklace as a gift to your bridesmaids to wear on the day. The same, but different.
Initial Heart Giftcard – Urban Outfitters

♥ Initials inscribed on cute heart pins make the most romantic statement as a boutonierre.
Birch Bark Heart Pin/Boutonniere – AprilHilerDesigns on Etsy

♥ You’ll have some happy hens if each of the girls has an initial tote bag!
Initial Tote Bag – Alphabet Bags

♥  Say it with a statement – this Mr & Mrs mini bunting is the perfect decoration to top the cake.
Mr & Mrs Bunting – atcompanyb on Etsy

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