Jessica Johnston

There is some fabulous photography over at Jessica Johnston’s website and blog.  We actually used some of her images as inspiration for our own engagement shoot so I thought I’d head back over there to see what else she’s been up to since then.  I just love this wedding, or more specifically the portraits of the couple.  Kenan and Ro are clearly both very photogenic, resulting in some truly spectacular and awe inspiring photography.  I just love them – breathtaking, romantic and tranquil.

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Groom Style – Aussie Matt

There was some great Groom Style at Tamsin and Matt’s aussie wedding this month…not to say that the Bride isn’t stunning (obviously) but I am think all the photographs of the men are just wicked! (Check out the second to last photo in detail – nakedness! I wonder if it was planned?!)

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Fancy A Snog?

Oops!  Sometimes (like right now) I have so many things in my ‘to post’ folder that I overlook some of the best ones!  Terri and Sebastian actually found David McNeil through Rock ‘n Roll Bride so it’s only fair I post these exclusive and amazing engagement photos, shot in both London and Oxford.  You all know I am am avid fan of David’s work and these just prove how very talented he is.

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It’s another gorgeous wedding by James Carson…Go check out the rest…a little bit gothy and a lot Rock ‘n Roll (and the Bride is super stunning!)


Credit: James Carson

There Are No Words…

…left to describe how much I love these photographs, and this couple.  How bloomin’ gorgeous are they both?!  I love love love the bridesmaids outfits, the Bride’s simple style and the Groom’s awesome orange tie (matching the flowers).  And it goes without saying that the photography is amazing.  James Carson is one of my newest and most awesome finds!

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Black, White & Red All Over

This wedding was sent to me by Victor Sizemore, the photographer behind the Carnival-esque wedding you all seemed to love so much.   Tanya and Joel’s wedding is surely unique – gothy and fabulous.  I love the black, white and red but the standout feature for me has got to be the rather spectacular venue!  Isn’t it just a dream come true?!

The detail of the masks is so sweet.  Tanya hand painted each mask, one per guest, which they not only wore but served as their reception placement card and favour – very personal and such a lovely idea, something the guests can enjoy on the day and will actually want to take home!


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